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​​​​​35 Arts Programs in 60 Minutes

Art workshops are a great way to build communities with and between teens! Our patrons want arts programming, but sometimes it can feel like we're doing the same craft over and over. Come chat about new ideas and new approaches to library crafts that also foster critical developmental assets and the social-emotional needs of modern teens. ⦁ Presenter: Jessy Griffith, Teen Librarian, Kenton County Public Library.

February 20, 2019|1 hour|

​​​​​​​​​​The Accidental Facilities Manager

Now more than ever, the care and feeding of library buildings, from historic to new, demands greater attention. With occupant health and safety in mind, common issues, such as cleaning, plumbing, or HVAC systems, take on new urgency. Many library directors and staff become facilities managers by default, with no formal training. Thi​s webinar offers a primer on building systems and issues, along with tools for preventive maintenance, energy assessments, optimizing ventilation and filtration, and more. Presenters share what they learned the hard way, in large and small libraries, so that you can be more prepared and self-assured.

January 25, 2022|1 hour|

​​​​Adding It Up: Budgeting for Public Libraries

Don't let numbers get you down. Learn what you need for a library budget and how to stay on track so that you, your Board, and your community don't have too many money worries!

December 8, 2017|1 hour|

Advocacy: It’s Not a 4-Letter Word

Advocacy is telling your library’s story, making it real, making it easier for stakeholders – legislators, elected officials, school partners – to engage with all of the wonderful things you’re doing for your community. It’s also a way to make sure that libraries and the good work we’re doing is top-of-mind when it comes to decisions that affect libraries, at the state and local level. Advocacy is an integral part of our responsibilities as library employees, it’s not just the director’s job.

Join Dave Schroeder, director of the Kenton County Public Library, and Jean Ruark, director of the Paul Sawyier Public Library in Frankfort, to learn what issues may be on the legislators’ radar in the next legislative session, and the why and how of advocacy.

September 28, 2021|1 hour|

African American Fiction Readers' Advisory

In honor of Black History Month, we are going to look at African American fiction and some title and author suggestions for your patrons.

February 27, 2018|0.75 hours|

After-School Programming: Public Library/School Partnerships and Beyond

After-School Programs seem like a no-brainer when it comes to Youth Services, but what happens when what you’ve planned is not generating enough interest or participants? From the frustration of program fails comes an opportunity to think outside the box, and discover new ways to connect with the youth in your area when it seems like you’ve tried it all. We’ll go over how the Covington Branch of the Kenton County Public Library has partnered with local schools to present programs during their after-school programs as well as strategies and tips to increase in-house program participation. Presenter: Lauren Brandstetter, Children’s Programmer, Kenton County Public Library.

August 14, 2019|1 hour|

All About Audiobooks

This session explores various aspects of audiobooks from publishing to collection development.

March 23, 2018|1 hour|

​​​​Almost Painless Politics; or, How to Conduct a Civil Candidate Forum

In 2018, Estill County had over 70 local candidates on the May Primary ballot. To encourage voters to make informed choices, the public library began working with local news media and other community partners to plan and host a series of candidate forums leading up to the primary. In this webinar, we will focus on guidelines and practical ideas for conducting political forums that allow candidates to outline their own platforms without trashing their opponents.

May 21, 2019|0.75 hours|

Alternative History: Is it History? Is it Historical Fiction?

Have some history buffs needing a good historical fiction novel or a patron who can't get enough of the alternate history books? This webinar explores how to give these patrons good reader's advisory on historical fiction and alternate history fiction.

|1 hour|

American Civil War Ancestor Research

Precious family heirlooms (i.e., letters, diaries, photographs, family bibles, etc.) may suggest that a male ancestor served in the military during the American Civil War. His disappearance from State tax rolls (ca. 1861 – 65) or the 1870 Federal Census may corroborate this. In this webinar, we will discuss important dates surrounding the Civil War as well as a variety of State and Federal records (in Book, Microfilm and Online formats) that can reveal rewarding information of historical and genealogical value about your patron's Civil War ancestors.

September 19, 2015|1 hour|

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 & the Amendments from 2008

This workshop will provide information from the perspective of the employer in regards to understanding who is covered by the ADA and how to handle a request for an accommodation. Additionally, service animals will be addressed in the presentation.

April 20, 2022|1 hour|

Animal Programs

Join us for an hour long webinar as we hear from KY public libraries about some animal programs that they have done!

April 4, 2019|1 hour|

​​Architect Hiring & Preliminary Design

This session covers options for the architect hiring process. It also discusses early planning for construction and the design process.

November 7, 2017|1 hour|

​The Art & Science ​of Managing Difficult Patron Interactions

Bad patron interactions happen to good librarians every day. In this webinar, we will explore the role of expectations in our dealings with patrons; how to turn a negative experience into a positive one; and what to do if, despite our best efforts, safety becomes an issue.

May 24, 2017|1 hour|

​​​​​​​Astronomical Outreach: Collaboration Across Our Library System

Bringing together a wide array of exciting programming opportunities that will inspire and motivate you, this presentation is, at its heart, all about bringing the various departments and individuals within your library system together in concerted collaboration! Join us to reinvigorate, get new ideas, gain inspiration, and learn about collaboration!

April 12, 2019|1 hour|

Avoiding Ransomware on a Budget

Learn about the Daviess County Public Library’s battle against ransomware and the tools they implemented to protect them against future attacks. The speaker will also offer tips and best practices for avoiding infections. Presenter: Wesley Johnson.

June 8, 2023|1 hour|

Basics of Kentucky Public Library Certification

Does certification make you want to pull your hair out, or maybe just bury your head in the sand? KDLA’s CE Section is here to help! We’ll calm your nerves and pique your interest with an overview of the certification levels, annual summations, and the application process. Learn tips and tricks from the certification pros, and bring your questions, too!

August 30, 2022|1 hour|

“Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.”: An Overview of the Horror Genre

Some librarians avoid reading horror because they think it’s too scary or violent. So how do you help your patron find horror books that match their preferences? By learning about the basics of horror in this one-hour session! We’ll talk about the history and appeal of horror, cover some of the most popular subgenres, and discuss how to match readers with their preferred level of gore. The horror genre is here to stay, so get comfortable with your fears and learn why this genre is growing in popularity.

February 8, 2018|1 hour|

Be an Expert on the Top Genres

Patrons wanting a book or author recommendation rarely have twenty minutes to spare for a chat at the readers’ advisory desk. People want to get in and out, with something to ready, and they’re looking to you to be the expert. This session explores a strategy to manage this without reading everything you can get your hands on, twenty-four hours a day.

February 17, 2017|1 hour|

Be Nike: Just Do It!

We all remember Nike's motto, but by embracing it, our library opened the door for other community agencies and members to change their views and follow us. We have good relationships with our school staff, the tourism board, and many other agencies around the county. We have had 3 programs, in one year, with over 500 participants each in a county of 12,500 people. We have become the go-to place for partnership opportunities. By being flexible, we have changed how we look at programs.

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November 28, 2018|1 hour|

Be Your Own Graphic Designer

Using free online tools, participants can create professional looking graphics for print and social media. Tips for design, crafting a message, and using the rules for specific media will also be covered.

April 4, 2017|1 hour|

Beyond Ancestry: Genealogy Resources and Strategies that Beginning Researchers Need to Know

Ancestry is often the first resource that genealogy researchers use, but then where should they go? After briefly covering the differences between the library edition of Ancestry and a personal subscription, we discuss the newly renovated HeritageQuest Online; finding obituaries; ward maps and other census tools; and the (free!) riches of the Family History Library, along with several other resources. We will also share search strategies that can help to uncover difficult-to-find records.

March 4, 2016|1 hour|

Bookmobile Basics

Rhonda Kendziorski of the McCreary County Public Library covers bookmobile basics and tips that she has learned in the nine years she's driven their bookmobile. This webinar is geared toward new bookmobile drivers. Topics include recruiting customers, planning routes, selecting materials, story time outreach, etc. Vehicle selection and maintenance are covered briefly.

October 29, 2019|0.75 hours|

Break the Boredom, Not the Bank: Teen Programming

Middle school and high school aged students deserve to have exciting and fun activities for them at our libraries just like the Elementary aged students that come through our doors. Keeping teens interested in library programming does not have to be all high spending and gizmos. All it takes is some brainstorming, some imagination - a little pixie dust if you have some handy - and a willingness to try, create, and have fun with it.

* The Star Wars video mentioned in the recording had technical issues and was deleted. The YouTube video mentioned at the end is available here:

March 11, 2020|1 hour|

Building Your Board: Trustee Recruitment

Sometimes finding good trustees can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack, even more so in today’s environment. How do we find people? Should we use an application process? What qualities should we look for in potential trustees? Join the conversation and pick up some tips from libraries large and small on how to build a great board.

March 15, 2023|0.75 hours|

Caped Crusaders and Comic Books: A Primer on Modern American Superhero Culture

With the recent proliferation of movies, TV shows, and video games, superheroes are at their most popular since the late 1950s and early 1960s. Comic books are an ideal medium to get kids interested in reading, but with more than 60 years of continuously published material, where does one even begin? Join Doug Wilkinson as he sorts through the piles of back issues and finds the ones that will get your kids’ eyes off the TV screen and into​​ a good book!

***This is a repeat session from the 2014 Summer Reading Programming Conference.***

April 22, 2015|1 hour|

Collection Assessment and Diversity Analysis

Collection Development Librarians from the Campbell County Public Library will discuss methods and resources used to assess CCPL collections. Beth Eifler, Collection Services Coordinator, will discuss CCPL’s biennial collection assessment process. Sarah Geisler, Collection Services Librarian, will talk about CCPL’s first collection diversity analysis on the young adult collection.

April 6, 2023|1 hour|

Comics & Libraries: A No-Fear Graphic Novel Readers’ Advisory

No need to fear!!! Graphic novels are here!! One of the growing trends in library collections is the increasing popularity of the graphic novel. This 90-minute session discusses the appeal, benefits, and characteristics of graphic novels for children, teens, and adults. We’ll also take a look at some of the prominent titles, authors, and series and examine some resources for graphic novel collection development.

February 23, 2017|1.5 hours|

Communicating with the Homeless Customers in Your Library

Homelessness is an issue that affects libraries throughout the country, and there are many different ways that libraries have been addressing it. In this session, learn how one library, over the last 17 years, has been working with those in their community who are experiencing poverty and/or homelessness. Learn tips for approaching and engaging customers, best practices for gathering resource information in your community, how to create your own resource sheets, and why this work is important.

September 24, 2019|1 hour|

Connecting with Your Local Community Action Agencies

There are 23 Community Action Agencies with outreach offices in every Kentucky county. Collectively, we work to empower individuals and families to attain greater economic stability and long-term success. Community Action Agencies offer programs and services tailored to meet the individual needs of the communities they serve. During this webinar, you can learn about the wide range of services provided by Community Action Agencies and ways to create partnership between CAAs and the libraries.

November 17, 2022|0.75 hours|

Conversations Around Early Literacy with Saroj Ghoting, Part 1

As a follow up to storytime training with Saroj a year ago, here is an opportunity to strengthen sharing early literacy information with parents and caregivers through early literacy tips. Share your concerns and challenges with others as we work toward making this technique more comfortable for you. *Part 5 of an 8-part Library Link Up webinar series.

*** Viewing of this webinar is limited to Kentucky public library staff only. To request the link, please send an email to ***

March 2, 2017|1 hour|

Crafting Special Needs-Focused Programming

Too often, individuals with special needs may struggle to find their “home” within the library environment. Feeling out of place in adult programming where the topics may seem too complex, but also a sense of awkwardness in youth settings where their presence can be a distraction to other attendees, the struggle for fostering an appropriate setting continually challenges libraries everywhere. In seeking a solution to this dilemma, Warren County Public Library established our Adult Activity Hour. Working with dedicated organizations and facilities within the area as well as a special needs advocate, this monthly program has been extremely well attended and praised by area caregivers. We welcome the opportunity to share our insight, including trials and successes, with anyone interested in creating a similar program in your own library.

March 4, 2021|1 hour|

Creating a Historic Walking Tour Program at the Library

Each year the Kenton County Public Library offers a popular free historic walking tour program. In this webinar, Cierra Earl will share tips and ideas on how to plan, research, and share the rich past of your community.

March 15, 2018|1 hour|

Customer Service for Adults with Autism

Adults with autism are often drawn to the library as a safe place where they can explore their interests, develop their skills, and interact with others in their community. We will discuss some of the common joys and challenges of serving adults on the autism spectrum. With awareness and training library staff can ensure that autistic adults have positive experiences in the library and community. *This webinar is a repeat from SPOKcon2015*

February 3, 2016|1 hour|

The Digital Toolbox: Lending Mobile Hotspots and Laptops

Mobile hotspot lending is a growing trend to provide Internet access through cellular data for patron use at home. If you aren’t sure how to start this service at your library, this webinar is for you! Learn about McCracken County Public Library’s Digital Toolbox pilot program to loan mobile hotspots & laptops outside the library and teach digital literacy skills for effective use of those devices.

February 6, 2018|1 hour|

Disaster Preparation and Recovery for Public Records

Records can be damaged or lost due to a variety of factors. Disasters can be small and contained, like a water leak, or large and overwhelming, like tornados or floods. Either way, loss of public records should be prevented to the extent possible and in instances where loss or damage is inevitable, mitigation and recovery efforts should look to salvage records or limit data loss. This training will provide a basic overview of disaster prevention and recovery techniques for records using recent disasters and scenarios as examples. The training should serve as a basis for any staff or employee to understand basic disaster planning and the first steps to creating and implementing a plan within a given office or agency.

April 26, 2022|1 hour|

Disaster Preparedness and Rapid Response Tools for Libraries

A library should be prepared to restore services as quickly as possible in the aftermath of a disaster, however, helping your community return to normalcy requires planning and adaptability to the crisis at hand. This webinar will introduce you to a number of disaster preparedness resources for the library and for the community designed to be concise and easy to complete. These include:

  • One-page Continuity of Operations Plan
  • Incident Action Plan
  • FEMA's Community Tabletop Exercises
  • A Seat at the Table with Emergency Management Worksheet

A prepared community is a resilient community, and the library plays an important role in helping people recover from a disaster as quickly as possible.

March 27, 2022|1 hour|

Discord at the Library: A Harmonious Implementation

If you or your library are looking for a new way to engage with your online community, Discord could be the next step. This “place to talk and hang out” offers a wealth of features that can help reach teens, new adults, and early adults. However, many libraries worry about implementing Discord, and staff have raised concerns about safety and feasibility. In this session, Cindy Butor of the Paul Sawyier Public Library will address these concerns, discuss how they have implemented Discord at their library, what programs they have done, and what they hope to do in the future.

December 14, 2022|1 hour|

Disney’s Approach to Employee Engagement

According to the Disney Approach to Employee Engagement, "engagement is the extent to which employees commit to something or someone in their organization, how effectively they work, and how long they stay as a result of that commitment." Upon completion of this training, managers will be more informed as to:

  • How engagement is rooted in the culture of an organization
  • What motivates employees to provide desired behaviors
  • How desired behaviors are a sign of the organizational culture
  • The four elements of an organizational culture

|1 hour|

Does Your Library Need Some Friends?

Kentucky's public libraries are entering a new period with many challenges. If the need is for an additional stream of revenue, a 501c3 organization, more volunteers, or advocates on the local level, a Friends chapter may be the answer. Participate in this discussion about the benefits and issues of creating or revitalizing a local Friends chapter.

May 5, 2022|1 hour|

Dolly Parton Imagination Library: Best Practices from KY Libraries

Join us for a fun and informative session all about Dolly Parton's Imagination Library. You will hear from Dolly's own Regional Director, Christy Crouse and library directors with Dolly's Kentucky program affiliates. The webinar will provide you with the practical tools to start a program in your community, such as identifying funding sources and partners. The Imagination Library is a unique opportunity to inspire a love of reading among your community's children. Presenters: Christy Crouse, Regional Director, Dolly Parton Foundation; Charlotte Keeney, Director, Pulaski County Public Library; J.C. Morgan, Director, Campbell County Public Library

October 9, 2019|1 hour|

Don’t Be Passive About Passive Programs @ Your Library

Programs are a great way to get people to come to your library and raise the door count and attendance statistics. They also take time and money, which are precious resources. Passive programs are an additional method of engaging with your patrons. Done correctly, your library users will be delighted and looking forward to what they will find on their next visit. Gain practical ideas and useful tips on how to put together a selection of passive offerings that will deliver something for everyone.

May 18, 2017|1 hour|

Don’t Push the River: How to Go with the Flow When Presenting Outreach Programs to People Experiencing Dementia

Have you ever noticed that some aspects of traditional library programming fail to meet the needs of people with dementia? Fear not! Using a creative/improvisational approach when working with people experiencing moderate to advanced dementia leads to a more relaxed and joyful programming experience for all involved. We will examine various techniques such as improvisational storytelling, using random ephemera, and sensory exploration. We will also discuss how to change the flow when things go awry and most importantly, how to take care of ourselves so that we can give our best to this unique population.

March 31, 2017|1 hour|

Edge Of Your Seat: Suspense/Thriller Readers’ Advisory

This one hour webinar will discuss the difference between the suspense and thriller genres, as well as provide information about the multitude of thriller sub-genres.

November 15, 2018|1 hour|

Email Etiquette

Learn the basics of email etiquette in this fast-paced webinar.

September 25, 2018|1 hour|

E-rate Form 470 for Category One

A step-by-step guide to filing the Form 470 for Category One service requests, including internet access for library buildings and hotspot service for the bookmobile. Includes a live demo of filing the Form 470 for competitive bidding in the E-rate Productivity Center. Recommended for all filers.

December 1, 2022|1.5 hours|

E-rate Form 470 for Category Two

E-rate Category Two funding can save your library thousands of dollars on costly upgrades for networking equipment (Internal Connections), equipment maintenance (Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections), and managed services such as managed Wi-Fi (Managed Internal Broadband Services). Learn about Category Two budgets, using RFP documents, handling vendors, and more. Includes a live demo of entering Category Two requests on the Form 470 in the E-rate Productivity Center.

December 15, 2022|1.5 hours|

E-rate Form 471 for Category One: Funding Year 2022

All libraries must file the Form 471, also known as the E-rate application, to request E-rate discounts on services selected through competitive bidding. This webinar will show you how to file the Form 471 for Category One funding requests, including internet access or data transmission services for branch buildings and hotspots or smartphone data for the library bookmobile. Includes a live demo of filing the Form 471 in the E-rate Productivity Center.

February 1, 2022|1.5 hours|

E-rate Invoicing, Part 1: Funding Commitments, Form 486, and Post-Commitment Changes

Part 1 of 2 on handling your library’s committed E-rate funding. This webinar will cover the Funding Commitment Decision Letters (FCDLs) that libraries receive after their Form 471 applications are reviewed; the mandatory Form 486 for making a certification regarding compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), general information about E-rate invoicing options, and post-commitment changes that can be made after receiving an FCDL. Recommended for all E-rate filers.

May 6, 2021|1 hour|

E-rate Invoicing, Part 2: BEAR/Form 472 for Reimbursement and Form 498 for Direct Deposit Information

Part 2 of 2 on handling your library’s committed E-rate funding. This webinar will provide examples for completing the Form 472 (aka Billed Entity Applicant Reimbursement or BEAR form) which some libraries file in order to receive E-rate refunds via direct deposit. Instructions for filing or modifying the Form 498 to provide the library’s direct deposit information will also be covered. Recommended for E-rate filers that use BEAR forms to invoice all or part of their E-rate discounts.

October 7, 2021|1 hour|

Every Hedgerow has a History: Using Archives to Discover Local Heritage

Trace Kirkwood, Local Records Branch Manager at KDLA, guides us through the archival research process he used to discover the history of a particular hedgerow in Shelby County, KY. This session is unique in that Trace will provide step-by-step instructions for researching the historical aspects of a tract of land. *** Please note, this session is a repeat from the 2016 Kentucky Archives Institute.

September 9, 2016|1 hour|

Everything You Wanted to Know About Youth Services, But Were Too Scared to Ask

Ever wonder what other youth services library people do about policies and procedures around difficult topics such as disruptive unattended children or adults who frequent your teen space without accompanying children? How do other youth services staff keep up with cutting edge trends in programming, collection development, and outreach? We answer all your questions and more in this freestyle webinar driven by YOU!

May 3, 2018|1 hour|

Families Learning and Serving Together through the Library

The National Center for Families Learning (NCFL) works with partners across the country to engage families in learning together. Through NCFL Family Learning, programs in libraries, schools, and community organizations help parents build their own skills to support their children’s learning, spend time learning with their children, and work together to address challenges they identify in their communities. This service of communities is accomplished through NCFL’s six-step Family Service Learning process. In this webinar, NCFL will share the process in conjunction with staff from San Mateo County Libraries, who will provide context for how they work with families in the library setting.

January 18, 2018|1 hour|

Family Literacy in a Food Pantry

The Cazenovia Public Library in central New York State has successfully teamed up with their local food pantry to provide early and adult literacy programs at the pantry. What started as a small outreach aimed at increasing early literacy ballooned into much more. The Library now provides adult GED tutoring, ESL classes, summer reading programs, Dolly Parton Imagination Library sign-ups, and health literacy initiatives - all on a small budget. Join Betsy Kennedy, Director of the Cazenovia Public Library, to learn how to turn your local food pantry into a center for family literacy.

May 4, 2016|1 hour|

Fandom Events

Fandom events are taking libraries by storm! These subculture celebrations of comic books, TV shows, movies, and more are great ways to bring new patrons to your library and invigorate your existing users. In this month's Library Link Up, we'll hear from five Kentucky libraries on fandom event planning, logistics, failures, and successes. Join us and get your geek on!

April 7, 2016|1.5 hours|

Filling in the Family Tree: Kentucky’s Birth and Death Records

Learn more about the state's official birth and death records and how to find them.

October 16, 2019|1 hour|

Filling Your Library Board Vacancy

Join KDLA for a step-by-step overview of the process for filling a library board vacancy. We will discuss the procedures for filling expired and unexpired board terms, the alternative appointment process and eligibility requirements for trustees.

November 7, 2023|1 hour|

Finding a Past: First Steps in Researching African American Roots and Resources

A recent Pew study (2013) noted that “African-Americans and Hispanics are especially tied to their libraries and eager to see new services” and that “African-Americans are more likely than whites to say they visit to get help from a librarian.” One of the outreach services African American patrons seek is assistance with family history/genealogical research. Many of these users may be pursuing this information as a hobby or passion, brought about by the popularity of television programs such as Finding Your Roots and Who Do You Think You Are But many are seeking heritage, adoption or medically essential data. The staff of libraries may not be knowledgeable about the many types of resources that the AA genealogist must use. This webinar introduces the information professional on the front lines, to the types of records available and how to help the patron in formulating successful research strategies.

February 25, 2014|0.75 hours|

Finding and Interpreting Census Records

Census records are vital to genealogical research, but sometimes researchers miss all that these complicated records have to offer. Katherine and Rosemary, librarians at Western Kentucky University, will share practical search strategies for finding and understanding federal and state census records and other census data.

July 26, 2016|1 hour|

Flight Into Fantasy

Dragons and witches and wizards, oh my!!! Join us on a webinar quest to discover the key to readers’ advisory for fantasy fiction. On our journey, we’ll look at characteristics and sub-genres of fantasy and a treasure-trove of series and author suggestions for your patrons.

May 1, 2017|0.75 hours|

Following Founders: Research in Kentucky before 1850

Historians and Genealogists often find research in Kentucky before 1850 to be challenging due to the lack of census information and vital statistics. This presentation will explore the other records types and methods that researchers can use when venturing into the Kentucky history between statehood and the late Antebellum Era.

September 12, 2017|1 hour|

Forget Me Not: Connecting with Dementia Patients and Their Caregivers

With one in three seniors dying with Alzheimer’s or other dementia-related illness, providing resources for them and their caregivers is crucial, especially for rural areas that might lack other support systems. Learn about how the Effingham Public Library (Ill.) developed partnerships and low-cost resources to support this critical need. This webinar is a repeat from the 2016 Association of Rural and Small Libraries (ARSL) Conference.

February 21, 2017|1 hour|

FRYSCs - How Can We Work Together?

FRYSCs can be important partners for KYACers. Learn what FRYSCs are, what they do, and how they work with Public Libraries already; also, we'll dream about what more we can do together.

March 1, 2022|1 hour|

Fun on the High Seas: Adult Programming Ideas

Patrons can chart a course to your library, where an ocean of titles are waiting. Adventurous true and fictional stories, seaworthy DVDs and lilting songs of the sea can provide the basis for programming ideas for older teens and adults. So, drop anchor and experience some high seas adventures!

June 6, 2017|1 hour|

The Fundamentals of Researching Kentucky Land Patents

Learn how warrants, entries, surveys, and grants are used to convey title in the commonwealth. Accessibility of patent files on the Kentucky Land Office website will also be discussed. Instructor Kandie Adkinson will also provide tips for researching Kentucky land patents including the usage of Kentucky Tax Lists to determine patentees.

April 26, 2019|2.5 hours|

Gamify Reading with Reading Dragons

Studies have shown the benefits of adding an element of gaming to reading challenges and initiatives. With this in mind, the Dover Public Library developed an eight-month reading initiative called Reading Dragons, in the style of popular collectible card games. This session explores how the Casey County Public Library remixed this program for their rural setting. This includes tips for successfully implementing the program, as well as many pitfalls to avoid and lessons learned along the way.

May 12, 2023|1 hour|

The Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science: A Program for Gifted Teens

The Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science is a residential program at Western Kentucky University for gifted and talented juniors and seniors in high school. Rather than finish their last two years of high school at their home high school, students move to WKU to be full-time college students at no cost to them (that’s at least 60 college credit hours for FREE). Join the webinar to learn how you can share this program with your families!

September 27, 2023|0.75 hours|

Geek Chic

The board gaming community spent 700 million dollars on games, cards, and merchandise in 2013. In the last five years, it has seen a huge resurgence in popularity among teens and adults in their twenties. This presentation looks at how to incorporate board gaming into adult and children’s programming. It will survey Clark County’s first “ALA International Game Day”, how to incorporate board games into book clubs, and resources for buying and starting your own board game programs.

March 25, 2016|1 hour|

Getting Started with Genealogy Basics

This session will cover the steps to begin genealogical research, commonly used records, research tips and online resources. We will also explore challenges found when doing historical research and review some Kentucky specific resources that may be of use to your patrons.

December 12, 2017|1 hour|

Girls Who Code: Launching a GWC Club at Your Library

Learn about the growing movement to bring free after-school Girls Who Code Clubs to Kentucky public libraries. Hannah Simon Goldman, Regional Partnership Coordinator for GWC, will discuss the free, expanded curriculum available to help libraries facilitate clubs for grades 3-5 or 6-12—even for library staff with little or no coding background. She’ll also describe additional grant funding opportunities available to Kentucky public libraries. Shantel Richardson, the STEM Education Specialist for Jessamine County Public Library, will share how her library successfully started a GWC Club for teen girls earlier this year.

September 11, 2018|1 hour|

Go Fish(ing)!

Do you have an avid group of people in your community who like to fish, does your community have ample access to waterways, or are you interested in offering more items in your library’s Library of Things collection? In this webinar you will hear from a library that circulates fishing pole kits to their customers, and you will learn from a Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife representative how libraries can partner with them to offer fishing poles at their library.

October 13, 2022|1 hour|

Graphic Novels 101

Why do graphic novels matter? What are the educational benefits of graphic novels? What are best practices for collecting graphic novels at the library? Take a crash ​course in history, terminology, ratings, review resources, and more in this introduction to the evolving world of a wildly popular format.

October 11, 2016|1 hour|

Growing Our Garden

With the blessing of their board, the Marion County Public Library took on a reading garden project. With the backing of their Friends of the Library, they not only raised funds through a barn quilt project but also found out how much their patrons appreciate them! Through a community recycling project, a partnership with the Area Technology Center, and donations, the project has come to fruition. Planned by the library, designed and built by students, and funded by all, the garden belongs to everyone.

February 13, 2017|0.75 hours|

Harness AI in the Library

In this webinar you will learn some practical ways to integrate AI into your library's day to day operations, get a list of AI-driven apps and programs, and take a look at some of the concerns and ethical considerations surrounding AI in libraries.

June 27, 2024|1 hour|

He Blinded Me with Science ... Fiction

Science fiction is more than Star Trek and Star Wars, so join us for this webinar that discusses science fiction and its many sub-genres. Even if you are not a fan of science fiction yourself, a look at the history and characteristics of this genre as well as some of the prominent authors and series will expand the universe of your readers’ advisory service.

May 1, 2017|1 hour|

Helping Homeschoolers at the Library

Topics included in this presentation:

  • How learning at home is different than learning in school.
  • How new homeschoolers’ needs may differ from experienced homeschoolers.
  • Different approaches to homeschooling and how homeschool style affects resource needs.
  • Challenges faced by homeschool families including COVID related challenges.
  • Library resources homeschoolers need most.
  • Recommendations for different grade levels.
  • Creative, low cost, options for programming and other services to help homeschool families.
  • Internet resources for homeschoolers.
Presented by Barbara Hettle, an independent educational consultant who works with public, private, and homeschooled students from across the US.

September 2, 2020|1 hour|

Horror That Isn’t Stephen King (or Dean Koontz)

Are you a librarian who’s noticing your horror section is a little too Stephen King heavy? Granted, he’s what many might think of when they think of horror, but there is plenty of horror out there. James Gardner, librarian, horror reviewer and creator of the blog The Foreboding Home of the Scary Librarian, offers up some different options for Readers’ Advisory so your horror-reading patrons can discover all sorts of new authors, maybe even their new favorite. Plus, learn about some authors who could potentially be just as famous as the current king of horror.

September 21, 2023|1 hour|

Hosting a Health Fair at Your Library

Have you wanted to offer a setting where different healthcare providers and other community partners that promote wellness can be available to your community members? Are you interested in learning more about what a health fair is and how you can coordinate one? If you said yes to either question, you’ll want to join this session to learn more about hosting a health fair at your library.

September 12, 2023|1 hour|

How to Build Community Partnerships

Our rural library is constantly seeking ways to expand our programming and outreach in our community. In this session, attendees will discover how a variety of community partnerships can help with fundraising, programming, and funding for various programs and events. We will offer an extensive list of our community partners and encourage you to brainstorm your own list to take with you. This session will cover how to enhance successful collaboration and simplify communication. We will also talk about various programs we have been able to offer by partnering with local organizations and businesses while stressing affordability, viability, and communication.

May 4, 2022|1 hour|

“I Couldn’t Get a Ride”: Serving Teens when your Library isn’t Walkable

If they can’t get to the library, how can a library still help its teen service population? Does the physical library need to be the center of teen services? Jessy Griffith, Teen Services Librarian at the William E. Durr Branch of the Kenton County Public Library, shares her methods and ideas for being the friendly neighborhood librarian and removing barriers to access for one of the most traditionally underserved populations.

September 27, 2016|1 hour|

Innovative Genealogy Programming

Crowdsourcing Genealogy with Tea and Sympathy -Where can I plant my trees? Traditional vs. digital family trees -Book-A-Librarian Appointments -What to do when is available -Genealogy Seminars in the Public Library

August 4, 2016|1 hour|

Inside Interlibrary Loan Lending and Borrowing with OCLC WMS and the KYVL Courier

Learn the ins and outs of using OCLC WorldShare Management to request items for your patrons and lend your materials to other libraries. This webinar will cover developing interlibrary loan policies and procedures, how to use the WMS borrowing and lending modules to process requests, copyright issues, and more! As an added bonus, we will be joined by Ilona Burdette, of the Kentucky Virtual Library, to learn how libraries can utilize their courier service to send and receive materials statewide. If you have questions about the KYVL courier, such as how to fill out courier forms and generate barcode tags, packaging issues, tracking materials, or any other courier-related questions, be sure to join us!

May 1, 2024|1.5 hours|

Internet Filtering: CIPA Compliance

The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) applies to libraries that receive funding through federal programs such as E-rate, the Emergency Connectivity Fund, and the Library Services and Technology Act. This session covers the basic components of CIPA, including filtering options, internet use policies, and public hearings. While this session is geared towards E-rate applicants, other library staff may benefit from understanding internet filtering in order to answer patron questions.

October 27, 2021|1 hour|

Introducing Kit Keeper: A New Way to Make KDLA Kit Reservations

KDLA has implemented a new kit reservation system called Kit Keeper which will go into effect Tuesday, 9/6. It will make scheduling programming and book discussion kits much easier! Kit Keeper allows you to see which kits are available for a particular date and reserve titles yourself. Join me for this 45 minute webinar as I introduce the ins and outs of this new system.

August 31, 2022|0.75 hours|

Introduction to Cataloging

In this webinar, participants will gain an introduction to the subject of cataloging by examining the different aspects of the cataloging process and some of the reasons why cataloging is important.

November 10, 2022|1 hour|

Introduction to Genealogy

Are you stumped when it comes to genealogy questions? Or maybe you just want to learn more about your own family’s history. Join us for an introduction to family history research, learn research strategies, and gain an understanding of the records available – at your local library and beyond!

June 22, 2023|1 hour|

Introduction to Kentucky Court History

Genealogy research is time-consuming and complex, especially for researchers who are trying to find missing pieces to their family puzzle. For genealogists looking to expand their research beyond the basics, and the library staff with questions, court records can open up new avenues to locate information. From inheritance squabbles to murder charges, court records can reveal more about the lives of our ancestors, their relationships, and even personalities. Join us for an overview of Kentucky’s court history and how to begin accessing these types of records either in your local area, at KDLA, or beyond.

March 16, 2023|1 hour|

Introduction to Kentucky Land Records

This session provides an overview of Kentucky Land Records.

March 8, 2016|1 hour|

Introduction to Kentucky Probate Records

This session provides a brief overview of Kentucky Probate Records including Order Books, Administrator and Executor Bonds, Appraisals and Inventories, Settlements, and Wills.

February 16, 2016|0.5 hours|

Introduction to Kentucky Workforce Innovation Board

The Kentucky Workforce Innovation Board (KWIB) serves as an advisory board to the Governor on workforce training and development issues. The KWIB is charged with creating a statewide vision and plan for workforce development and adopting a plan to move Kentucky forward through workforce training and development. Melissa Aguilar, Executive Director of KWIB, will be joining us to discuss KWIB’s many initiatives and the labor market information that drives their decision making process. Additionally, she will also talk through the responsibilities​s of the Kentucky Workforce and Education Collaborative w​hich was created in July 2020 by executive order (EO) from Governor Beshear. The Collaborative is responsible for implementing the WorkReady strategic plan as well as the directives of the EO.

September 14, 2020|1 hour|

Introduction to Kentucky’s World War I Records

Learn more about Kentucky's World War I records available for research at the Kentucky State Archives.

June 23, 2016|0.75 hours|

Introduction to WIN Learning System's Essential Soft Skills & Career Readiness Courses

In this webinar, you will learn about two free software courses from WIN Learning: Essential Soft Skills Course, which covers customer service and professional behavior topics, and WIN Learning Career Readiness Course, which includes courseware to train and evaluate core workplace skills to help job seekers.

August 19, 2021|1 hour|

Is Readers’ Advisory for Nonfiction, Too?

Nonfiction readers advisory work is generally regarded as a newer area of work than readers advisory work in fiction. We examine the aspects of the nonfiction readers’ advisory service that can build a bridge from the library’s fiction to compelling and increasingly popular nonfiction in order to encompass the library's entire collection.

August 31, 2017|1 hour|

Job Seeker Resources

Learn how to assist job seekers who are using your library! This webinar from the Kentucky Career Center that will help you navigate the many resources available to your job-seeking patrons.

December 19, 2018|0.75 hours|

KDLA Grants to Know: Prime Time Family Reading


  • Kathleen Pool, Kentucky Humanities Council
  • Shelia Stovall, Director, Allen County Public Library
PRIME TIME FAMILY READING TIME is a six-week reading, discussion, and storytelling program held at public libraries or schools. A university scholar and a storyteller (who act as discussion leaders) conduct weekly storytelling and discussion sessions based on award-winning children's picture books. Participants are elementary age children and their families.

What does PRIME TIME do? It reinforces the role of family as a major social and economic unit; it trains parents and children to bond together around the act of reading; it teaches parents and children to read and discuss humanities topics such as fairness, greed, honor, and deceit; it encourages low-literacy, low-income parents to enter or continue their own educational programs; it helps parents and children learn how to select books and become active library users. Prime Time is a powerful tool to stimulate communication between children and parents.

For more information and application,

September 11, 2019|1 hour|

KDLA’s New Certification System

Have you heard about the new certification system? All the requirements are the same, but now you can do everything in the Learning Portal! Join us as we show you how to submit paperwork, contact hours, and even how to pay online!

June 21, 2023|1 hour|

Keeping Up with the Creepy Crawlies: Handling Bugs in the Library

Bugs, bugs, bugs! This webinar covers a wide variety issues and concerns related to handling bugs in the library. • What are the warning signs • What to do when they are discovered • How to prevent infestations • Catching bugs immediately • Inspecting and cleaning items • Tools for containing • Preventative monthly treatments • Creation of a Bug Policy • and much more!

April 25, 2017|1 hour|

Kentucky 1792

This webinar will be an official look of sorts at Kentucky in the years 1792-1794. The presentation will include Marriages, Wills, Deeds and Tax Lists and well as other county clerk and circuit court records from the period.

January 31, 2018|0.5 hours|

Kentucky Career EDGE

Kentucky Career EDGE is a web-based platform, freely available to all who live in Kentucky, that offers career development, life-skills training, and a full Toolkit. Users will have access to assessments, a Resume Builder, an interactive interview Simulation Trainer, professional correspondence templates, and more.

February 10, 2022|1 hour|

Kentucky Moms MATR (Maternal Assistance Towards Recovery)

Learn about the Kentucky Moms MATR program and how your library can partner with KY Moms staff to support the families in your com​munities.

May 12, 2022|1 hour|

Kentucky’s Council of Defense in the Great War

This webinar provides an overview of the Kentucky Council of Defense records. The Council of Defense was created in 1916 at first to record the nations participation in the Mexican Border Campaign. In 1917, the Council of Defense at the state and county level began recording civilian organizations and military participation in the First World War. After the end of the War at the Treaty of Versailles, The state and county histories were published as well as a series of service cards for military personnel. The county histories were generally held by the county clerks offices.

April 6, 2017|0.5 hours|

Kentucky’s Rapid Response Program

Learn about Kentucky’s Rapid Response Program, how it connects job-seekers with employers who are hiring, and how your library can partner with the local Workforce Rapid Response teams to disseminate employment information to your patrons.

April 24, 2021|1 hour|

KET Community and Learning Resources

Sesame Street, Downton Abbey, Doc Martin. Is this what you think when you hear “KET”? You’re right! But KET is so much more. With educational resources for preschoolers through adults, KET offers engaging, interactive learning experiences you can view, stream, and print. Join us for this webinar to learn how to find and use these materials at your location.

March 4, 2020|1 hour|

KET Workplace Essential Skills

Join us to learn about Kentucky Educational Television’s Workplace Essential Skills Job Search module, which contains videos and activities related to preparing résumés, cover letters, and for interviews. Find out how your patrons can utilize the Job Search module and templates within it to create their own career documents, like a résumé or job application.

July 26, 2021|1 hour|

Keyword Signing: A Method to Communicate with Adults Who Have Speech Impairments

Are you looking for a way to communicate with library customers who have trouble communicating verbally? Do you want to connect with some of your outreach customers who are unable to speak? In this webinar you will learn about a course that teaches you the benefits of keyword signing and some basic signs that you can use with your customers. Presented by Sally Dannenberg, Research and Development Associate Human Development Institute University of Kentucky.

August 4, 2022|1 hour|

Kits 101

Learn all about KDLA’s kits, both book discussion and programming, for adults and youth. We’ll cover the types of kits available, as well as how to discover and schedule kits, and much more.

December 8, 2021|1.5 hours|

Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge transfer is defined as the practical problem of transferring knowledge from one part of an organization to another. It seeks to organize, create, capture or distribute knowledge and ensure its availability for future users. This session will provide a general overview of current Knowledge Transfer practices and trends that may help you in your current work environment.

April 30, 2019|1 hour|

KYSTATS: Family Resource Simulator and Students Right to Know

The Kentucky Center for Statistics, KYSTATS, has several resources that your library customers can use. Two of these resources include the recently updated Family Resource Simulator and the Students Right to Know. Learn about these KYSTATS resources and how your library customers can use them.

October 27, 2022|1 hour|

Legal Reference for Public Librarians, Part 1

Legal reference can be tricky and complicated. How much can you say? Where do you start looking? Join us for this 2-part webinar series featuring the State Law Librarian to get tips and tricks to make it easier. In Part 1, you'll learn how to find cases and forms, and how to use the Court of Justice website.

November 16, 2017|1 hour|

Legal Reference for Public Librarians, Part 2

Legal reference can be tricky and complicated. How much can you say? Where do you start looking? Join us for this 2-part webinar series featuring the State Law Librarian to get tips and tricks to make it easier. In Part 2, you'll learn about statutes, using the Legal Aid website, and other helpful Kentucky government websites.

November 30, 2017|1 hour|

Let’s Explore E-rate FY 2024!

Changes are coming to E-rate, the federal program providing discounts on internet access and networking equipment to over 100 Kentucky libraries each year. This session will provide a general overview of the E-rate funding cycle from competitive bidding to selecting providers and applying for discounts. We’ll also cover upcoming changes to Category One internet access, Category Two competitive bidding & cost allocations, and E-rate invoicing. Recommended for both new and experienced E-rate filers for Funding Year 2024 (July 1, 2024 to June 30, 2025).

September 13, 2023|1 hour|

Let’s Talk: The Readers’ Advisory Interview

This session discusses the basic steps involved in a readers' advisory interview. This process involves engaging library patrons in conversations that elicit information about reading interests and habits. The ultimate goal is to establish a connection with your readers so they come back again and again to talk about what they are enjoying.

September 14, 2017|0.75 hours|

Library Community Campaigns

Library Community Campaigns are a great way to get involved in your local communities. Join us to learn more about successful library community campaigns such as Drop Your Drawers and many more!

February 1, 2018|1 hour|

Library in the Middle: An Intro to Tween Psychology and Development

Young people in the 'tween,' 'preteen,' or 'preadolescent' ages - a group as diverse as the names by which we call them - are experiencing a time of rapid growth and transition. The challenges of puberty are frequently accompanied by big questions about themselves: "Who are they and how do they fit into the world?" How does their background, life experience, family, race, religion, sexuality and gender identity shape their lives? What kind of person do they want to be, and how can they grow into that role? Learn about how tween brains work, and how we can use this understanding to improve our services, practices, and relationships with tweens in the library.

October 19, 2022|1 hour|

Library Link Up: Best Programs of 2022

Need some fresh programming ideas? Then join this webinar to hear about the best programs of 2022! Learn about Allen County's Touch a Truck, Henry County's Farmer's Market, Casey County's Reading Dragons, and Oldham County's Cupcake Challenge!

December 6, 2022|1 hour|

Library Link Up: Library of Things

Does your library want to create a Library of Things, but you're not sure where to start? Join this Library Link Up to hear how three libraries started their collections, what they include, pros and cons, and more!

January 12, 2023|1 hour|

Library Link Up: Makerspaces+

Join us in our continuing Library Link Up series as we see what some public libraries are doing with their makerspaces and new services they have added.

September 2, 2021|1.25 hours|

Library Link Up: Outstanding Staff Days!

Are your staff days boring? Tedious? Cookie-cutter? Then join this webinar to learn how to spice things up! In our famous Library Link Up-style, you'll hear from three libraries that do their best to keep things interesting! Come and be entertained, inspired, and ready to share your great ideas!

February 2, 2023|1 hour|

Library Link Up: Programs for Men

Join us for this Library Link Up webinar where we will discuss library programs geared towards men.

March 7, 2019|1 hour|

Library Link Up: Small But Mighty Kentucky Libraries

These libraries may be small, but they're definitely mighty! You'll hear about one library's new mobile printing service, a community garden program, and a highly successful concert series. Get inspired and share your library's own successes!

May 3, 2018|1 hour|

Library Link Up: Workforce Development Partnerships

Join the next Library Link Up to hear what other Kentucky libraries are doing! Get great ideas and tips on the best ways to develop and sustain workforce related partnerships, while making the library look really, really good.

June 7, 2018|1 hour|

Library Patrons' Psychosocial Needs: How Social Work Collaborations Could Help in Kentucky's Public Libraries

This presentation will focus on the growing psychosocial needs of library patrons, such as needs related to mental health, substance use, and poverty, reasons for this shift in patrons' needs, and how these needs affect libraries and library staff. The role of the public lib​rary social worker will be discussed, including examples of social work and public library collaborations in smaller or rural libraries.

Presenter: Beth Wahler, PhD, MSW, is the Director of the School of Social Work at UNC Charlotte and founder of Beth Wahler Consulting (

June 16, 2022|1 hour|

Live, Love, & Life Skills

Join the Perry County Public Library as we present various ways to incorporate life skills in everyday programming. Programming can show your patrons how to make various items on a limited budget, how to demonstrate ways to cook homemade meals worthy of a restaurant, and ways to be frugal in the ever fluctuating economy; this will be a guide for you and your library. "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."--Maimonides.

November 1, 2017|1 hour|

A Look at KYVL’s AGRICOLA and GreenFILE

This class provides an overview of the KYVL databases AGRICOLA and GreenFILE. AGRICOLA is a hub for information on all aspects of agriculture and related fields. GreenFILE provides information covering the human impact on the environment.

January 24, 2018|0.75 hours|

​Loose Parts Play

The possibilities are endless when you introduce loose parts play into your library programming! Learn about the importance of this type of play, what you will need to get started, and a chance to share experiences that will work for a library of any size. Presenters: Kate Schiavi & Erin Nevitt, Louisville Free Public Library.

April 15, 2019|1 hour|

Low-Cost Outreach Ideas for a Big Impact

As the need for library outreach grows, librarians will have to reevaluate traditional programming models. Learn to design simple, low-cost, high-impact outreach programming for youth, from toddlers to teens.

January 21, 2016|1 hour|

Mainstream Fiction: The Non-Genre

Just as white is the absence of color, Mainstream Fiction is the absence of genre. But without genre characteristics, how do we recommend books to our patrons? Instead of looking at Mainstream Fiction through the lens of genre, this webinar will examine its four “appeal characteristics.” Once you learn their ins-and-outs, you’ll be able to help your patrons find books they love in this non-genre.

November 8, 2018|1 hour|

Making Your Library a Green Dot Spot

Green Dot is a nationally recognized strategy focused on preventing power-based personal violence which includes sexual violence, intimate partner violence, child abuse, bullying, and stalking. Research has shown that Green Dot reduces perpetration of sexual violence by 21% and perpetration of intimate partner violence by nearly 40%. The Kentucky Association of Sexual Assault Programs (KASAP) has been implementing Green Dot in high schools and communities across the Commonwealth for over a decade. Attend this training to learn more about Green Dot and how your library can be part of the movement to create a violence-free Kentucky by becoming a Green Dot Spot.

Presenter: Astraea Howard (she/her) is the Prevention Coordinator at the Kentucky Association of Sexual Assault Programs (KASAP) and has been working to end sexual and intimate partner violence for over 7 years. In her role at KASAP, Astraea coordinates all statewide prevention initiatives and works closely with local prevention educators to ensure effective program delivery. Astraea received her Bachelor of Arts in Latin American Studies and Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies at William & Mary.

March 24, 2022|1 hour|

Mandated Reporting in Kentucky Public Libraries

The DCBS social service specialists, Sydney Lawson and Chelsea Harrod, will give an overview of information relating to how to make a report, the policy and criteria about what would meet the threshold for a child welfare intervention in Kentucky, and some different things to watch for on a virtual platform (as well as in person contact) with families. They’ll also give information about what happens once an investigation is completed.


  • Knowledge and understanding for Kentucky Child Welfare dependency, neglect, and abuse reporting requirements
  • Knowledge and understanding of how to observe concerns and red flags of abuse and neglect through a virtual platform
  • Knowledge and understanding of the steps during CPS intervention

January 13, 2021|2 hours|

Matchmaking Librarians: Pair Your Readers with the Perfect Romance

Do you inwardly cringe when a patron asks for romance reading suggestions? Fear not! Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a KDLA webinar dedicated to Cupid’s genre. In this crash course, you will learn what’s hot in romantic fiction, the keys to making insightful recommendations, and how to create a more romance-friendly library.

February 14, 2018|1.25 hours|

Murder & Mayhem: Presenting the Dark Side of Your Regional History

Do murders fascinate your patrons? Ours too! Murder & Mayhem has been a successful program at our library over the years. Gathering research from our local history collection as well as stories from our patrons, we have found a unique way to generate interest in our history, albeit a much darker side. We will discuss planning strategies, as well as the program's successes and failures, in hopes of inspiring you to bring a new adult program to your library community.

August 16, 2018|1 hour|

Mystery Reader's Advisory

Have mystery lovers looking for the next best mystery book to read? Need a little background information for the mystery genre? If the answer is yes then you are registering for the correct webinar!

October 25, 2018|1 hour|

Mythbusting! Ellis Island

Many people believe that their ancestors' names were "changed at Ellis Island," either through carelessness or contempt, but that idea is an urban legend. We take a close look at contemporary images and federal documents, and analyze federal laws pertaining to immigration processing, in order to establish the truth about this bit of American history. Those name changes did happen, but they did not happen at Ellis Island or any other immigrant processing station.

August 4, 2015|1 hour|

Navigating the Intersections between Libraries and the First Amendment

This presentation will cover how libraries must consider First Amendment protections when setting policies relating to meeting rooms, presentations, and content. We will discuss how libraries can provide an open forum for the free exchange of ideas while maintaining an appropriate environment where the community feels safe and welcome.

October 31, 2019|1 hour|

A New Reality: The Opioid Epidemic & Kentucky Public Libraries

According to the CDC, Kentucky ranks 5th in the U.S. in drug overdose deaths, while the number of Kentuckians addicted to opioids grows every year. And although many may not realize it, Kentucky public libraries are deep in the trenches of the epidemic. But just how are we to respond? In this webinar, you'll get Kentucky-specific information and resources from experts in the medical, law enforcement, and substance abuse prevention fields. We'll hear why Kentucky is so affected by this epidemic, the pros and cons of administering Narcan, where to get assistance in your area, and much more. Our goal is to help you be more informed about all aspects of the opioid epidemic so you'll be able to make the best choices for your library and your community.

January 26, 2018|1.75 hours|

Not Garth Brooks / Internet Based Scams

This live webinar will discuss the history of internet-based scams, what they look like today, and how to help you and your patrons avoid them.
Presenter: Wesley Johnson, Daviess County Public Library

May 9, 2024|1 hour|

Office Etiquette

Office etiquette is much more than just making a good first impression. It is an essential part of creating a productive and pleasant work environment. This training session will analyze various workplace situations as we review the do’s and don’ts of office etiquette. From basic pleasantries to romantic dalliances, this session covers it all!

January 17, 2018|1 hour|

Oral History 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Community Projects & Conducting Interviews

Are you interested in starting a community-based oral history project or growing the holdings of an existing oral history archive? Kentucky Historical Society Oral History Administrator Sarah Schmitt will take you through the life cycle of an oral history interview and share tips and tools for finding interviewees, conducting interviews, caring for recordings, and more.

November 7, 2019|1.75 hours|

Organizational Management Methods…Like a VIKING!

Are you going berserk managing your library? Embrace your inner Viking and join JC Morgan and King Simpson as they discuss methods, programs, and workflows that have helped them conquer their management issues!

March 21, 2023|1 hour|

Over the Rainbow and Under the Radar: LGBTQ+ Services and Resources

Is your library welcoming to LGBTQ+ youth (children and teens) and their families? Does your library offer engaging youth programs inclusive of the diverse LGBTQ+ community? Do you understand the informational needs of LGBTQ+ youth? What are important considerations in developing and defending collections representative of this cultural group?

October 20, 2022|0.5 hours|

Overview of Early Kentucky Tax Records

Created annually, these records may help fill in the gap where other historical records may not exits. Researchers have found these records to be very helpful with pre-1850s Kentucky research.

August 18, 2016|0.5 hours|

Overview of Kentucky Divorce Records

We will review the various types of divorce records that can be found in Kentucky while doing historical research.

January 20, 2015|0.5 hours|

Overview of Kentucky's Works Progress Administration (WPA) Collection

Learn more about Kentucky's Works Progress Administration collection. One of the most unique collections at the Kentucky State Archives.

May 4, 2016|1 hour|

Patrons with Legal Questions: An Introduction to the KY Court of Justice’s Self-Help Portal

Do your library customers come to you with legal questions? Would you like to point them to a reliable resource that can help with legal needs? The Kentucky Court of Justice and the Administrative Office of the courts have created a Self-Help Portal, which is designed to assist Kentucky residents and self-represented litigants with their legal needs, and you can learn more about the portal during this webinar.

October 3, 2023|1 hour|

Pawsibilities Unleashed in Public Libraries

Christy, with assistance from her dogs, will share her experiences as a therapy dog handler helping children improve their reading skills, become more confident readers, and have fun with dogs through library reading programs.

October 22, 2022|0.75 hours|

Podcasting Demystified!

So you'd like to offer podcasts to your patrons, but need help getting started? In this webinar, you'll get expert advice from Kentucky public library staff with podcasting experience. We'll pull back the curtain on podcasting to help you with this entertaining and valuable service!

February 4, 2021|1 hour|

The Power of Play: Understanding the Role of Process in STEAM Education

Children are some of the smartest human beings on the planet. They absorb and interpret information on a scale that we as adults can’t even comprehend. In this session, you’ll learn ways to unlock that superpower in children so that they can become discoverers of knowledge instead of merely recipients. You’ll gain some practical skills to help facilitate STEAM learning on a day-to-day basis, as well as take a look into the potential future of early childhood education. In addition, we’ll explore some of the ways in which we, as adults, can use our latent ability to learn like we did when we were younger to be more creative and improve our critical thinking. And we will definitely play.

October 22, 2022|1 hour|

Powering a Makerspace for Your Community

This webinar will go over some hard-won lessons in public library makerspaces, and share some ideas for ensuring your makerspace services meet the needs of your community. Shannon will share both her personal experience as the director implementing the first public library makerspace in the state of Wisconsin in 2012, and extensive research on makerspaces in many libraries. The webinar will offer a handy tool for assessing makerspace success and ideas for remediating “fails,” based on the idea of sharing power with the users of the space. It is intended as a conversation, so come ready to share your own ideas, successes, and failures in makerspaces.

December 9, 2022|1 hour|

Preliminary Planning for Construction

This webinar is a brief overview of the earliest steps in the process of planning for a facilities construction project. Basic facility needs forecasting, the construction process, and financing options will be covered. If you are preparing to start preparing for facilities planning, this program is for you!

April 25, 2019|1.5 hours|

Presenter: You!

Have you ever wanted to present at KPLA or another conference, but didn't know where to start? Or do you have great ideas for a presentation, but are just too scared of standing in front of other people to actually do it? This session will give you the tools and skills you need to propose and deliver a successful presentation.

May 2, 2023|1 hour|

Preventing Suicide in Kentucky

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for youth and young adults in Kentucky. Learn risk factors, warning signs and behavioral clues around suicide risk, and how to reach out to help someone who may be considering suicide.

March 1, 2016|1 hour|

Preventing Violence Together 101

This introductory webinar addresses how teens are affected by the issues of bullying, dating violence, and sexual assault among teens. It includes discussion of the issues, but the webinar’s focus is introducing and discussing techniques and strategies to incorporate into programming and partnerships that reduce rates of violence and change the culture around violence in our communities. Strategies and concepts include: Green Dot, developmental assets, social emotional learning, risk & protective factors, and youth leadership and empowerment.

April 30, 2018|1 hour|

Privacy in Public Libraries

Privacy is an ethical responsibility of libraries, but the rise of digital services has dramatically changed how libraries meet patrons' needs. This session provides an overview of the current privacy landscape and explore ways for libraries to support privacy, both in the use of library services and in everyday life, just in time for Choose Privacy Week (May 1-7).

April 16, 2020|1 hour|

Program and Structural Accessibility in Public Facilities

This presentation will explore why a public entity may not deny the benefits of its programs, activities, and services to individuals with disabilities because its facilities are inaccessible. A public entity's services, programs, or activities, when viewed in their entirety, must be readily accessible to and usable by individuals with disabilities. This standard, known as ‘program accessibility’, applies to all existing facilities of a public entity. Participants will learn about options that can be used to achieve program accessibility and will be given examples of those options that can be applied to their individual programs.

October 19, 2022|0.75 hours|

Programs in the Park

Campbell County Public Library, Parks and Rec., and Cooperative Extension partnered to provide summer learning opportunities at AJ Jolly Park in central Campbell County, basing their work on a successful program from Kenton County Parks. In our first summer we averaged 175 patrons in the park per event. Learn from our mistakes and successes and see how you can take the library outdoors, and take it to patrons outside your service area.

February 7, 2017|1 hour|

Promos That Pop: Photoshop Basics for Librarians

Learn how to set your library’s promotions apart using Photoshop basics with Tammy Blackwell from Marshall County Public Library. This presentation will demonstrate Photoshop techniques for creating web images & flyers and is geared toward users who have little or no experience with the program. Topics will include image resolution, color modes, working in layers, changing/matching colors, and using other common tools.

June 14, 2018|1 hour|

The Proper Care and Feeding of Presenters and Performers at your Library

Working with presenters and performers from your community is a great way to expand your program offerings. Learn the best way to work with your presenters and performers so they continue to return to your library year after year. A positive programming experience results in high quality programming your community will love to attend!

May 16, 2017|1 hour|

Providing Notary Public Service in Public Libraries: How Scott County Administers This Service

This session is a quick overview of the Notary Public service. Staff from the Scott County Public Library will discuss important points for management to consider before beginning the service, the impact it has on staffing, and the benefits it provides to the public.

March 28, 2018|1 hour|

Providing Services to Kinship Families

9% of Kentucky children are raised in kinship care; no state has a higher rate. 96,000 children are being raised by kinship caregivers. In the workshop, learn about the complex issues and needs of relative caregiver families and the resources and services you can provide.

January 20, 2022|0.5 hours|

Public Library Trustee Certification

Learn the basics of the voluntary Kentucky Public Library Trustee Certification Program.

September 29, 2022|0.5 hours|

Putting Positive Energy into Patron Interactions

Research has shown that workgroups with positive to negative interaction ratios greater than 3 to 1 are significantly more productive than teams that do not reach this ratio. How does your library team stack up? Learn ways to increase positivity in your organization and work toward increasing productivity!

February 13, 2020|1 hour|

Reading BeTWEEN the Lines: How to Reach and Serve the Tweens in Your Library

Tweens are one of the toughest demographics to reach in the library—between storytimes and teen programs they are often forgotten and slip through the cracks. Not to mention they can be daunting to work with for many children’s librarians! Jill Frasher, Children’s Librarian at the Erlanger Branch of the Kenton County Public Library, will discuss how she has implemented successful tween programming at her library. She will share development strategies, program successes and failures, and her tips and tricks for working with these often-underserved patrons. Presented by Jill Frasher, Children’s Librarian, Kenton County Public Library.

February 27, 2019|1 hour|

Reading Is for Everyone!

Reading is for everyone, even if you are blind, have low vision, a reading disability, or a physical disability that makes it hard to read regular print. Whether your patrons use audio or braille, prefer delivery by mail or by smartphone, the Kentucky Talking Book Library can provide free, tailored library service. Learn who is eligible, what is available, how it is accessed, and what might be coming in the near future.

February 22, 2022|1 hour|

Records Management and Practical Applications

Every office creates records, whether in paper, film, electronic, or some other format. The Local Records Branch at Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives is tasked with assisting and consulting with all local government agencies to understand the management of those records, including retention, destruction, storage, and preservation. This training will provide an understanding of the basic fundamentals and principles, as well as some practical applications, needed to manage public records. The training should serve as a basis for any staff or employee to understand what records are and how they should be managed within the local agency.

April 12, 2022|1 hour|

Re-entry toolkits: one way to support pe​ople impacted by incarceration

During this webinar you can learn about McCracken County Public Library’s re-entry toolkits: what they include, how they were developed, and what the staff have learned since they began offering the kits.

May 24, 2022|1 hour|

Reimagining School Readiness Virtual Workshop with Ryan Henry (Daviess County Public Library) and Amy Olson (KDLA)

Do you wonder what research really says about how to support school readiness? In a nutshell, it is so much more than just the BRIGANCE assessment. The Reimagining School Readiness (RSR) Toolkit is a suite of research-backed resources created for library staff to help families prepare children ages 0 to 8 for success in school and in life.

Through an interactive presentation with creative hands-on STEAM activities, this training will introduce library staff to the research, practical implications, and resources offered in the RSR toolkit. Participants will understand key findings from current cognitive and developmental psychology research, reflect on the implications of those findings for their daily work, gain practical ready-to-implement ideas for activities (designed by the Bay Area Discovery Museum), and receive resources for staff and parents/caregivers.

You will benefit from this workshop if you work with children ages 0 to 8 and their families and would like to learn more about how to offer research-backed programming in your library.

This training is offered free of charge through a generous grant from IMLS as part of a broader effort to disseminate the toolkit nationally. The toolkit was developed by the Bay Area Discovery Museum in collaboration with the California State Library and the Pacific Library Partnership.

Outcomes: Introduce library staff to the research, practical implications, and resources offered in the RSR toolkit.

April 20, 2021|3 hours|

Researching at KDLA: Overview of the Kentucky State Archives

The Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives maintains a vast number of Kentucky's permanent records. These include court cases, vital statistics, and local records (deeds, marriages, wills, taxes, etc.). Our holdings are an important source for genealogical research within Kentucky, and we would like to provide you with an overview of our collection and services in order to help you with your research or to better assist your customers.

October 11, 2018|0.75 hours|

Researching the Civil War Governors of Kentucky

The Civil War Governors of Kentucky Digital Documentary Edition (CWG-K) launched "Early Access"—the first stage of accessibility—in June 2016, allowing users to browse and keyword search over 10,000 documents. The next step—"Annotation Beta"—is to deliver approximately 1,500 documents, annotated and set within dense social and geographic networks. This presentation will demonstrate how CWG-K will shape the ways researchers, students, and teachers will explore the past in the future.

October 14, 2016|1 hour|

Retaining Employment and Talent After Injury/Illness Network (RETAIN)

The RETAIN program is designed to help persons who have a non-work related illness or injury stay at their job, find a new job, or find employment in a different career. Find out how you can connect those in your community to the RETAIN staff and the many resources they offer.

July 15, 2021|1 hour|

Rethinking Summer Reading: Our Journey from Ordinary to Outstanding

Summer Reading at the Henry County Public Library became Summer Learning in 2017 and has expanded to include writing, science, math, engineering, art, and more to combat summer slide. Participants in our program complete special activities to earn badges like the Storyteller and Henry County Hero. In this session, Suzanne and Tess will talk about the journey to begin this program, currently in its second year, share the how’s and why’s of the program structure, and discuss the many successes and a few failures. Presented by Suzanne Banta & Tess Valentine – Henry County Public Library.

January 31, 2019|1 hour|

The Role of Libraries in Community Recovery Following Mass Tragedy

Kevin Becker and Rainey Tisdale will discuss how library staff can prepare - practically, mentally, and emotionally - for responding to a mass tragedy in their community. Tammy Blackwell, from the Marshall County Public Library, will share their experiences following the recent shooting at their local high school. Topics covered will include patron needs and libraries as "second responders," ad hoc collaborations with local organizations, managing a public memorial, and staff self-care.

April 25, 2018|1.25 hours|

S3: Strategies for Serving Seniors

In this webinar, participants will generate ideas to better serve the senior population in their community. Attendees will discover how to enhance relationships with senior patrons and staff at senior facilities; effectively market and increase awareness of their outreach program; better select, develop, and promote items of interest to senior patrons; effectively incorporate technology into their senior outreach program; and prepare for the growing senior population and demographic in their community. Learn from the experiences and successes of staff at the St. Charles Public Library.

April 13, 2017|0.5 hours|

Safe Harbor: Cultivating Felt Safety in the Library

How do you know when you feel safe? Who is around you? What resources are nearby? How do you feel, physically? The Covid-19 pandemic and related societal challenges have been hard on all of us, children included. Data demonstrates rising levels of mental health and trauma-related symptoms among youth in the United States. As public libraries consider new ways to meet changing community needs, we have an opportunity to create refuges for young people experiencing ongoing challenges. This session will examine the emotional and mental consequences of the collective traumas of recent years, introduce the concept of felt safety, and provide tips for increasing felt safety among children and youth in libraries.

October 20, 2022|1 hour|

School Ready Libraries Link Up: Introduction to FRYSCs (Family Resource & Youth Services Centers)

In this webinar, three Kentucky public libraries will describe their involvement or partnerships with their local Family Resource & Youth Services Centers (FRYSC). A representative from the Division of Family Resource & Youth Services Centers will also join us to present information on what FRYSCs do, what kinds of partnerships they've built, and the types of services they provide to young children.

September 7, 2017|1 hour|

Services from UK Libraries

The University of Kentucky Libraries offers numerous resources and services to community patrons both within its local community and the state at large. Professionals from UK Libraries will present on what these services include and how we can work together to best meet the needs of our Commonwealth residents.

February 28, 2023|0.5 hours|

Serving Public Library Customers in the Midst of the Opioid Epidemic

Opioid abuse continues to be part of our reality in Kentucky, and the situation has evolved since our 2018 webinar on this topic. Join us for an updated webinar with experts from across the state to learn about current statistics, programs, and resources, including Kentucky Moms MATR (Maternal Assistance Towards Recovery), that can benefit your library and your community.

April 11, 2023|1.25 hours|

Skillbuilders: Programs for Those Navigating Life Changes

Skillbuilders is a series of educational and support programs designed for those who are going through life changes due to the loss of a loved one, aging issues, change in living locations or other transitions. Because of these changes, decision-making can be difficult. Skillbuilders programs provide practical information on financial and legal issues as well as personal subjects such as adjusting to singleness, medical fitness and family dynamics.

March 2, 2018|1 hour|

Social Work Interns in Public Libraries

Is your library interested in hosting a social work intern? Would you like to know what is involved with a social work student doing their practicum at a public library? If you answered yes to either question or if you are interested in learning more about social work students in public libraries, check out this webinar to learn more.

March 3, 2023|1 hour|

Sprout Your Own Seed Library!

So you want to sow a Seed Library but all the work makes you want to bolt? Join Jennifer Mattern from the Clark County Public Library as she covers all aspects of this popular topic! She'll walk you through starting your library, where to get your materials, tying in programming, problems and resolutions, and much more! This webinar will have you ready to sprout a Seed Library faster than you can say acclimatization!

February 16, 2023|1 hour|

Started from the bottom, now we’re here: Implementing new teen programming

Introducing teen programming? Join Laura Beth Fox-Ezell and Veronica Rainwater as they discuss their experience planning teen-driven programs including implementing a Teen Advisory Board! They'll share their development strategies, program performance, ideas for future teen program plans and more.

October 3, 2018|1 hour|

Starting a Teen Science Cafe

Run by teens for teens, Teen Science Café is a series of free, fun events for high school students to talk with local scientists about current cutting-edge ideas in health, science, and technology over food and refreshments. Learn how to start one and about the support available from the Teen Science Café Network.

October 20, 2022|0.5 hours|

Straight from the Horse's Mouth: Making Oral History Interviews Accessible

Oral history interviews are a primary research source that can provide library users with valuable historical and family information that otherwise would be difficult or impossible to obtain. The presenters will introduce viewers to the vast breadth of oral history collections available in Kentucky, focusing on the Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History at the University of Kentucky Libraries, and demonstrate how these collections can be accessed by researchers and the public.

July 23, 2015|1 hour|

Strengthening Communities through Child Abuse Prevention and Resources

Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky’s (PCAK) mission is to prevent the abuse and neglect of Kentucky’s children through advocacy, awareness, education, and training. PCAK recognizes and appreciates the important role libraries play in the lives of the patrons they serve. This session will explore the ways in which PCAK and libraries can partner to strengthen the families and children in their local communities through awareness, education, and resources.

October 19, 2022|0.75 hours|

Stronger Together: Developing School and Library Partnerships

Wondering how to initiate a partnership with your local school system? Join Bookie Wilson, Assistant Youth Services Librarian at the Woodford County Library, as she shares tips and suggestions to initiate or grow a successful collaboration with your schools and school system. Presented by Bookie Wilson, Youth Services Librarian, Woodford County Public Library.

January 30, 2019|1 hour|

Suicide prevention training: S.A.V.E.

S.A.V.E. stands for signs, Ask, Validate, and Encourage and Expedite, and this training is designed to help staff be prepared to assist a veteran who is in crisis or experiencing suicidal thoughts. While the S.A.V.E. training is designed to help prevent veteran suicides, this training can be applicable to other adult suicidal ideation situations.

August 29, 2023|1 hour|

Summer Food Service Program (SFSP)

The Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) bridges the summer nutrition gap for children who depend on school meals from September through May. In 2022, the SFSP shifts back to the pre-pandemic program which is familiar to many communities and families. This will include recognizable and trusted meal sites like the public library. We look forward to working with the public libraries again and hope for continued growth in meal and library services for children in need.

May 3, 2022|1 hour|

Summer Reading in Rural Libraries

In a county of 17,000, the library had between 300 and 400 children participate in their latest summer reading program. Join the presenters to learn how to run a successful summer reading program on a budget in a rural county, and how it can be adapted to fit other communities and demographics. No fear, as summer reading topics from start to finish will be discussed including strategic planning, scheduling staff and programs, tracking statistics, marketing and promotion, as well as bookmobile and outreach partnerships.

Presented by Holly Daugherty, Youth Services Librarian, and Rhonda Kendziorski, Bookmobile Librarian, McCreary County Public Library.

January 23, 2019|1 hour|

Summer Reading Partnership: A Story of Cooperation between the Boone County Schools & Public Library

Boone County Public Library's partnership with area schools to support summer reading has grown and changed over the past two years. How do you get the schools on board, build a One Book, One Summer program, or even become an AR testing site? How do you measure success? Hear what we tried, what worked, where we are going, and share some of your own experiences. *This session is a repeat from SPOKcon2015.* (Technical issues caused the sou​nd to cut out near the end of the live webinar.)

February 4, 2016|1 hour|

Superheroes 101: An Introduction to the Marvel and DC Universes

Can you not tell the difference between Hawkman and Hawkeye? Do you not know what kryptonite or gamma rays are? Never fear! This presentation will give you the basics of the world's two most popular superhero universes as well as programming ideas for a variety of age groups. ***This is a repeat session from the 2014 Summer Reading Programming Conference.***

May 14, 2015|1 hour|

Surviving Challenging Behaviors in Children

Surviving Challenging Behaviors is a discussion about behaviors you might find challenging to handle within the library setting. What are strategies that you can use to encourage positive behavior? How do you support the needs of one or two children without taking away from the other children in attendance?

October 19, 2022|0.75 hours|

Tapping into US Government Information

There are literally hundreds of thousands of US government and government-related websites online today, and it can be overwhelming (to say the least!) to find what you are looking for. In this session, we examine top United States government sites that you need to know about, that offer the best user experience, helping you to find what you need quickly, easily, and efficiently.

August 3, 2017|1 hour|

Telling a People's Story Exhibit

The Miami University Art Museum (MUAM) in southwest Ohio is pleased to bring the content of the original exhibition, Telling a People's Story: African-American Children's Illustrated Literature, to public libraries (and schools) across the country via the Traveling Panel Exhibition. This first-of-its-kind introduction of educational resources and programming opportunities, surrounding the contextualization of African-American children’s picture books, offers a lens into the cultural, historical, and social makeup of an African-American identity.

September 23, 2021|0.25 hours|

Think You Know Your School Library? Building a Partnership in Summer Reading and Beyond

Struggling to make contact with your school librarian peers? Looking for new ideas to take your summer reading partnership to the next level? Join KDLA Youth Services Consultant, Krista King-Oaks, and colleague Kathy Mansfield, Kentucky Department of Education School Library Consultant, to dispel myths around lexiles, summer reading lists, and more, and learn what a day in the life of a school librarian really looks like.

January 31, 2017|1 hour|

Time Management for Library Supervisors

Join us for a discussion of techniques for managing time, space, and schedules geared specifically for library supervisors. Time management is a system and philosophy on how to approach your work tasks—one that can improve everything from workflow to personnel management. Different time management theories will be presented, but the emphasis will be on practical application.

March 28, 2018|1 hour|

Trauma-Informed Practices for Working with Youth

In this session, participants will learn about different types of traumas and their impacts. Participants will be guided to think reflectively about how they have seen trauma show up in their own work and the role that libraries can play as sites of transformation and healing.

October 20, 2022|0.75 hours|

U.S. Federal Census Records: What They Can Tell Us About Our Nation and Our Ancestors

Finding information of genealogical value on U.S. Federal Census records can be incredibly fun and rewarding - for patrons and librarians alike! An understanding of the history and development of the Census record itself, however, adds important historical, social, economic and even political context to our ancestors who are found on this most valued resource. Log-in, learn… and enjoy!

May 18, 2016|1 hour|

Uncharted Territory: Taking Programs into the Unknown!

"Live the full life of the mind, exhilarated by new ideas, intoxicated by the romance of the unusual."—E. Hemingway. Be inspired and intoxicated by new, outside of the box programming ideas. In a fast-paced world, where attention spans are shortening, it is imperative that we adapt and be creative. Reaching out to our communities, enticing new patrons to participate in programming requires creativity and innovation. Let's start a movement, romance the public, and travel into the unknown!

September 17, 2015|1 hour|

Unscripted: Fostering a Film Community at Your Library

The Daviess County Public Library hosts a showcase for regional filmmakers once a year called Unscripted: An Indie Film Experience. In 2013, after a successful introductory year, a film school component was added to the series; patrons & filmmakers teamed as part of it to make movies at the library. DCPL’s Wesley Johnson will discuss the library’s partnership with the local filmmaker who created Unscripted and how they made it all happen.

May 25, 2023|1 hour|

Up Lit and Gentle Reads: Readers’ Advisory

Find out what UpLit is and how you can provide reader's advisory services for patrons looking for UpLit and Gentle Reads for that next great book!

November 28, 2018|1 hour|

Using DNA for Genetic Genealogy

As DNA testing companies such as 23 and Me, Ancestry DNA, Family Tree DNA, etc., become more and more popular, library patrons are increasingly interested in this process and how it can be useful to help solve genealogy questions. This presentation gives an overview of the different types of DNA for genealogy tests, how to interpret the results, and how the presenter used DNA evidence to solve a 100-year mystery in his family tree.

October 3, 2019|1 hour|

Using Library Resources to Supplement and Promote Workforce Development in Your Area

Avoid duplicating the job hunting/job preparation services of other organizations in your community. Instead, find out where the weak links are with your community partners and educate them about library resources that can fill their voids. Learn how to help educate job seekers and career changers about resources available to them at next week’s webinar!

October 10, 2017|1 hour|

Using Practical Strategies and Programming to Include Patrons with Intellectual Disabilities

Practical strategies, new programs, visual and aural accommodations and modifications for children’s programming, and community partnerships to address the unique needs of youth with intellectual disabilities and their families.

October 19, 2022|0.75 hours|

Using Staff Picks to Promote NoveList

For this promotion, the Paul Sawyier Public Library’s marketing strategy hinged on making staff picks more personable. They wanted to hook patrons in with recommendations from their favorite genres (and favorite library employees!), and then push the focus to NoveList. They put a face with the staff picks, created colorful marketing content, and used multiple social media platforms. This webinar covers the ideas behind the initiative, roll out, and if/how the NoveList usage statistics changed after the first quarter.

October 18, 2017|0.75 hours|

Veteran Resources and Career Explorer Tool

The Kentucky Workforce Innovation Board (KWIB) serves as an advisory board to the Governor on workforce training and development issues. Melissa Aguilar, Executive Director of KWIB, will join us to discuss workforce resources for veterans and to demonstrate the Kentucky Career Explorer tool.

August 14, 2020|0.75 hours|

We Are All Library Advocates! Frontline Advocacy for Public Libraries

This session will focus on how all of us, regardless of our role in the library, can advocate for our future. Libraries are experiencing increasing content challenges and pushback from certain public interest groups. Learn about strategies to address these challenges in a productive way and to defuse situations before they become problematic. Also, discover ways to build relationships with your local and state government officials – like it or not, libraries have become political, and we need to be ready!

October 22, 2022|1 hour|

Weed What?! Streamline Your Collection

I know, you don't want to do it. You think if you let that book sit there for just one more year it may finally get checked out-if anyone can tell it is a book through the layers of dust. Let me bring you over to the delightfulness of weeding your collection. Learn why you really need to do it and ways to go about it.

November 14, 2017|1 hour|

Wellness for the New Senior: From Herbalism to Journaling and Beyond

The Senior Wellness Series is one of Madison County Public Library's premier senior service programs. In this presentation, Outreach Services Coordinator Brandon Thompson will discuss the research and information-gathering that lead to understanding and developing wellness initiatives for the 'new senior,' and will offer lots of specific details about the development and progression of the ongoing Senior Wellness Series at MCPL!

August 22, 2018|1.25 hours|

What You Need to Know about Partnering with County Cooperative Extension Agents

Learn about what Kentucky’s cooperative extension agents do, how you can partner with them, and what resources are available to you and your patrons. Presenters: Kimberly Henken, Director, Extension Engagement and Administrative Initiatives Mark Mains, Extension Director of Workforce and Equity Initiatives, University of Kentucky

April 28, 2022|1 hour|

What’s This Worth? Library Appraisal Programs

Do you ever get asked, "How much do you think this old book is worth?" Or, "Do you know if this old painting is valuable?" If so, you might need an appraisal program at your library! In this webinar, we'll hear from a Kentucky public library with a successful, long-running, in-person appraisal program. We'll also hear from a Michigan public library with a new-but-still-successful virtual appraisal program. View this webinar and learn how to help your patrons discover the value in their "treasures!"

April 6, 2022|1 hour|

When We Connect: An Introvert Looks at Community Outreach

Here's a problem with outreach: it takes extra energy, and I'm tired. Join Community Outreach Manager, Courtney Stevens, in a practical discussion on what it takes to plan and execute a thriving strategy for youth in your community, particularly if you're an introvert or an extrovert who is currently exhausted. We'll look at the strategy itself, as well as personal restoration and celebration.

October 20, 2022|1 hour|

Who’s in Charge Here? Harnessing the Power of Homeschoolers While Fostering Relevancy with All Students

How is your interaction with homeschoolers? Are you doing too much, not enough, not sure? I homeschooled for 10 years before becoming a librarian, and even I tend to shake in my boots when they come in the door. This training session focuses on library services for homeschooled students within the framework of the K-12 population as a whole. In addition to discussing the sensitive topic of serving one student subgroup without alienating the others, I’ll cover root issues of librarians' negative perceptions of homeschoolers, identifying behaviors that enhance negative perceptions, developing proactive services and policies, and building win-win relationships with all students and parents.

May 11, 2016|1 hour|

Women’s Fiction

Ever wonder what exactly is Women’s Fiction? In honor of Women's History month, sign up for this Reader’s Advisory webinar and find out that and a lot more about women’s fiction.

March 15, 2018|1 hour|

Workforce Access at the Library: Becoming a Kentucky Career Center Access Point

What is involved in becoming a Kentucky Career Center access point, and what are the responsibilities of libraries that serve as Kentucky Career Center access points? Join us as we hear perspectives from two Kentucky Career Center One-Stop Operators and three public library staff about what it is like for a library to serve as a Kentucky Career Center access point.

May 23, 2023|1 hour|

Working Effectively with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Library Patrons

Right now, in the United States, there are about 50 million individuals with a hearing loss, ranging from mild to profound. This webinar from the KY Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing will better prepare you to more effectively work with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Patrons.

October 22, 2022|1 hour|

You Are Welcome Here: Serving Conservative Children, Teens, and Tweens

This presentation is designed to help public library staff learn about why conservative youth may be hesitant about looking for materials in their own public libraries or might feel frustrated about the current materials available to them. You will learn what kinds of concerns these youth have in common with each other, strategies for building friendly displays for all youth, as well as strategies for conducting book clubs that are sensitive to the needs of conservative patrons but don’t turn off others.

September 4, 2015|1 hour|

Your Program Might Suck; Or, How to Fail and Survive

Ever had a program that just didn't work? Or maybe you had a slam dunk that just fell apart and you don't know why. Part presentation and part therapy session; we'll focus on how to cope with an event that misses its audience, and how to avoid that situation in the first place. Participants will also have a chance to share some of their own trials and tribulations in library world.

August 25, 2015|1 hour|


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