Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives


​KDLA’s Storytelling Collection, ​​est. 2021​

storytelling.jpgThroughout our world in every culture, we find evidence of storytellers and tales that have been guarded throughout time. Because of the wisdom of our predecessors, today we are able to not only enjoy those historical treasures, but are able to go forth and create our own wonders to share. In 2020 KDLA began the steps toward the creation of this Storytelling Collection in hopes that through study, practice and performance the artistic treasure of storytelling will be preserved for generations to come. We encourage all Kentucky public library staff to delve into these amazing resources, to learn and hone their storytelling skills, thereby helping others to discover and experience the power and wonder of storytelling.

All Storytelling Collection titles are listed in the KD​LA Catalog. To locate the Storytelling Collection materials, type “KDLA Storytelling Collection” (quotes included) into the search box.​


Not sure where to start? Sit somewhe​​re cozy, kick back, and en​joy listening to these best-of-the-best storytellers:

Shelia Kay Adams
Regi Carpenter
Willy Claflin
Donald Davis
Carmen Agra Deedy
Bill Harley
David Holt
Dolores Hydock
Andy Offutt Irwin
Kevin Kling
Bil Lepp
Syd Lieberman
Tim Lowry
Barbara McBride-Smith
Bobby Norfolk
Connie Regan-Blake
Minton Sparks
Ed Stivender
Jackie Torrence
Kim Weitcamp

Ready to work on building and honing your storytelling repertoire? Try searching these authors:

Rob Cleveland
Pleasant DeSpain
Elizabeth Ellis
Lyn Ford
Heather Forest
Martha Hamilton & Mitch Weiss
Margaret Read MacDonald
Paula Martin
Sherry Norfolk
Padma Venkatraman
Silke Rose West & Joseph Sarosy

We hyperlinked all the Performers and Authors above to their personal or publisher’s webpages so you are able to find even more information out about them.​