Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives

Kentucky Public Library Trustees

​Library boards have been created by law to act as the governing body of the library. Members of the library board are called library trustees and are public officials with powers delegated to them as a public trust. On this page you’ll find KDLA resources to aid trustees in fulfilling their role in serving their community.


​​​​​Trustee Nomination Form

Kentucky Public Library Trustee Certification Prog​ram

Monthly Report​ - a newsletter distributed to directors and trustees in Kentucky's public libraries

Trustee Manual (PDF)

Important Documents

Directions for Going Into Executive Session (PDF)

Library Trustee Self Assessment (PDF)

Library Board Profile Worksheet -- Individual (PDF)

Library Board Profile Worksheet -- Summary (PDF)

Trustee Oath of Office (PDF)​

Trustee Application: Example 1 (Word); Example 2 (Word); Example 3 (Word)

Trustee Recruitment: Example Ad 1 (Word); Example Ad 2 (Word); Example Ad 3 (Word)


If you have other questions regarding Kentucky public library trustees, contact Nikole Gieske ​by email at or by phone at (502) 564-1730.​​