Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives


​​​About th​​​e Kits

The State Library offers numerous adult and youth book discussion kits, as well as programming kits, in a variety of genres and themes.

Book discussion kits include copies of the book (up to 15 for adult kits and 20 for youth), an audiobook when available, and a discussion guide. Some youth book kits also include a large print and/or Spanish copy of the title.

Programming kits encourage kids and adults to explore, create, and learn at the library and at home. These kits contain many developmentally appropriate materials—books, CDs, DVDs, electronics, games or toys, and resource guides​. For more specific information on these kits, please visit Programming Kits​.

Reser​​ving a Kit

Reservations are handled through a scheduling system called Kit Keeper. Please include your name in the Patron Notes field and whether you are scheduling for a public library program or outside patron (such as a school). 

Please be aware that all State Library kits are shipped using the KYVL statewide courier service and can only be used in Kentucky. If your library does not have a courier route, please contact, 502-564-8378 to make other arrangements for shipping. ​​

​​​​​Reserve a Kit​​​

Large Print Book Discussion Kits Genre List​​ (PDF)​

KDLA Youth Resources @ Your Public Library​ flyer (PDF)

KDLA Resources for Book Clubs and Programming generic flyer​ (PDF)

Kit-iquette​​ (PDF)

Introducing Kit Keeper: A New Way to Make KDLA Kit Reservations (recorded webinar), Introducing Kit Keeper​​​ (PDF)​


Who can​ reserve a kit?

Anyone residing in Kentucky can make use of our kits, including schoolteachers and school librarians, homeschooling parents, and community book clubs.  However, all kits must be reserved by a local Kentucky public library staff member.  If you need help determining who to contact at your local public library, please email

When will I get m​y kit?

When scheduling, please allow at least two weeks for delivery.  Choose a “reserve" date two weeks prior to the date you need the kit.  If you don't receive your kit on time, please contact us ASAP at so that we can make other arrangements.

How long can I ke​​​ep my kit?

Kits check out for a nine-week period from shipping date to due date.  If you need longer than the standard check out period, or need an extension on the due date, please contact 502-564-8378

What happe​ns if items are lost or damaged?

Kits are treated as interlibrary loans and are subject to fees for lost or damaged items depending on the situation.  Any items declared lost but later returned will have the charges reversed.  Youth book discussion kits will not be subject to charges for lost or damaged items unless the total cost exceeds $100.00.  Please contact, 502-564-8378 for more information.

Have a kit suggestion or po​ssible kit donation?

If you have a suggestion for a kit title or have kits you would like to donate to the State Library, you can send that information to us with this Materials Suggestion form . Suggested titles can also be sent to​.​