Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives

Construction Grants

​​The Public Library Fa​​cilities Construction Fund (PLFC)

​​ ​​

KDLA occasionally off​ers construction grants when funds are available. Grants are awarded through a competitive process and awardees receive a payment every year to be used to help pay down construction borrowing over 20 years. Public Library Facility Construction Fund grants may not be used to pay any design or construction cost directly. They can only be used to pay down loans or bonds.

A Brief Overview ​of the PL FC Process


  • Is your library legally established?
  • Does your library provide free countywide services, without discrimination, to the citizens of your county?
  • Is the director certified by the Kentucky Board for the Certification of Librarians?
  • Determine your building's requirements .
  • Does your library have a current long-range plan?

Hire an Arch​itect

  • Construction must be designed and supervised by an architect who is registered in Kentucky and approved by KDLA.
  • The architect must prepare a feasibility study including a basic floor plan idea and rough cost estimate.
  • Create a construction budget including all architect and design fees, bidding costs, legal fees, construction costs, and furnishing expenses.

Find Fund​​ing

  • Consult with a financial advisor to determine the combination of cash, loans/bonds, revenue, and grants (including PLFC grants) that will be needed to pay for the project.
  • Don't overestimate the amount of money you will receive in donations.

Apply for KDLA Fu​​nds

  • Submit the Notification of Intent along with the required documents (Floodplain Assessment, flood Insurance eligibility and building permit)
  • Contact the construction consultant.
  • Have the site approved by the construction consultant – it must be owned by the library or have confirmed 20-year usage.
  • Submit a State Public Library Construction Program Application.

Grant Awa​​rds

  • If selected, attend a grant recipient meeting.
  • Sign the Memorandum of Agreement.
  • Establish a separate bank account to deposit all PLFC funds. PLFC funds cannot be commingled with any other construction or library funds of any kind.


  • Have the architect complete all design work and bid documents.
  • Have the plans approved by the Construction Consultant before advertising for bids.

Advertise f​​or Bids

  • After the Legislative Research Committee approves the Memorandum of Agreement and the KDLA Construction Consultant approves the plans, the library can advertise for bids.
  • Comply with bid laws.
  • Comply with prevailing wage laws.

Awarding the ​​Contract

  • Generally, the architect will handle the opening of the bids and inspection of each to ensure that all requirements of the construction bid specifications are met.
  • The architect will make a recommendation based on his/her assessment of the bids received.
  • There are strong legal reasons for accepting the lowest bid.
  • The Board will officially accept the bid, keeping in mind the provisions of KRS 45A.365

Borrow Money/Sell Bon​ds

  • If selling bonds, do so after you get a firm bid.

Building & Inspe​​ctions

  • Have the Construction Consultant inspect the work when the foundation is completed.
  • Have the Construction Consultant inspect the work during roofing.
  • Note items that need to be included in the punch list, before the architect checks the building.


The following required grant reports should be submitted to the following email:

    • A 3-page report is submitted to the Grants Coordinator every six months until construction is complete and audited. The first Semi-Annual report is due July 31st and includes information from January 1 through June 30. The second Semi-Annual report is due January 31 and covers information from July 1 through December 31.
    • A 1-page report is submitted to the Grants Coordinator every year until the grant ends. Annual reports are due January 31 of the following year and include information from January 1 through December 31 of every year.

Final Ins​​​pection

  • Have the Construction Consultant complete the final inspection by attending the punch-list meeting.
  • Submit final report.

Project Closeo​ut

  • An audit of the construction project must be completed no later than 18 months after construction is complete and submitted to KDLA,
  • The library continues to submit the semi-report to KDLA until the audit is submitted to KDLA.
  • The library continues to submit the required annual report until the debt is retired.

Grant Cl​ose-Out

  • Submit the final report along with the final bank statement showing the closure of the PLFC account.

Continuing Obligat​​​ions of Grant Recipients After the Grant is Closed

A library building constructed using PLFC funds has the following obligations:​

  • Employ appropriately qualified library personnel,​​
  • Remain open to the public,
  • Continue to own and operate the building as a library twenty years after the construction of the building is completed,
  • Maintain PLFC documents and files according to the retention schedule set by KDLA.

Further Inform​​​​ation

For Construction Grant information contact Dena Ratliff Warren at or 502-564-6152.