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Form 470 Competitive Bidding Examples

​These example Forms 470 were created by the KDLA Technology Consultant to demonstrate possible ways to bid for some commonly-requested eligible services on the Form 470 for Funding Year 2021. The fictional library system listed on these forms has a main library, branch library, and bookmobile. Please note that multiple requests and categories may be listed on the same Form 470. The type of requests, quantities, and narrative should be tailored to your library’s specific needs. Kentucky libraries may submit draft Forms 470 to the KDLA Technology Consultant for review prior to certification.

KDLA makes no representations, guarantees or assurances that submitting a Form 470 with these or similar service requests or narratives will result in E-rate funding for your library. The E-rate approval process is complicated and the criteria for funding approval may be difficult to understand. These examples are provided solely for the use of libraries in the Commonwealth in crafting their own E-rate applications, and no warranty of suitability for any particular situation or purpose is expressed or implied.​

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​This project is funded in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services​.