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Where to File E-rate Forms


​E-rate Produc​​​​​​tivity Center (EPC)​

E-rate Productivity Center (EPC)

Most E-rate forms are filed through this portal, including the Form 470 for competitive bidding, the Form 471 to apply for discounts, the Form 486 to release funding for invoicing, and other post-commitment requests such as the Form 500, appeals, SPIN changes, and service substitutions. Invoicing deadline extensions must be requested through EPC. USAC, the organization that administrates E-rate, has more information on applying for E-rate through EPC and also offers training videos on various E-rate topics.​​​

BEAR Onl​​​i​​ne

BEAR Online

The legacy invoicing portal requires a Personal Identification Number (PIN) and is used for filing the Billed Entity Applicant Reimbursement form (also called the BEAR form or Form 472).


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