Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives

Technology Planning

​​A technology plan describes the ways the library will use technology to accomplish its mission. A template can be found in the Technology section of the KDLA website.

To meet the Essential Level of the Kentucky Public Library Standards, technology plans must be board-approved and address the implementation and maintenance of all hardware, software, and network equipment. Plans must also include a Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Plan and provisions for the proper disposal of used equipment. Plans typically cover a three-year period.

The goals in your technology plan can be leveraged as a communication tool. Numbers and comparisons help stakeholders visualize impact. For example, "adding 3 new computers meant 50 additional people took workforce training classes last year" has a greater impact than "class attendance is up."​ Quantifying library return on investment is critical, and begins with planning.

For assistance with technology planning, please contact the Technology Consultant, Lauren Abner, at or 502-564-1728.