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​Kentucky Public Library Standards

The KPLA Standards Committee evaluates and revises the Kentucky Public Library Standards. The Committee devises and implements an annual awards system using the Standards. Every effort has been made to make it as easy as possible. This 5th edition of the Kentucky Public Library Standards required quite a bit of updating. This has put the Standards back to a three-year cycle, making this a revision year. The first year of submission will be November 2014. The second year will be November 2015. To review the new Standards you can go to Kentucky Public Library Association Standards, 5th edition, 2016-2017.​

  • “Enhance Your Library” can be used to identify ways to increase a library’s score on the 5th edition of the Kentucky Public Library Standards prior to submitting in November. “Enhance Your Library” places each of the standards into one of three categories of options to improve your score: “no-cost”, “low-cost” and “as budget allows”.

If you have questions regarding Kentucky's ​public library standards, contact Susan Dunman by phone at (270) 767-0334 or by email at