Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives

Public Access Standards


​Standards provide a guide to excellence, and help define the public library services that should be available to all Kentuckians. The Kentucky Public Library Standards​ were developed by members of th​e Kentucky Public Library Association’s (KPLA) Standards Committee. The Standards are revised every few years, and contain a section devote​d to technology. 

To meet the Essential Level, library computer hardware and software is up-to-date and reliable, and adequate network protection is provided with firewalls and ​​anti-virus software. Equipment is regularly maintained by trained personnel (library staff or consultants), and funding is allocated for staff technology training. Files are backed up regularly, and network equipment (such as servers and routers) is kept in a secured area. Inventories of all computer equipment and software licenses are conducted on a regular basis. At least one public computer is provided per 2,500 residents. 

In addition to hardware, the Essential Level also requires the library to provide access to the Kentucky Virtual Library (KYVL). Access to the catalog is offered through an Integrated Library System (ILS) with an online catalog. An Internet Use Policy is in effect, and if the library chooses to filter Internet access, procedures are in place to lift the filter in response to legitimate requests for information. At least one publicly advertised email address is monitored during the library’s hours of operation. 

For the full standards, including requirements for the Enhanced and Exemplary Levels, please see the KPLA​ or KDLA websites.