Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives

Library Laws

​​There are many laws that impact the way libraries are governed.  It is important to be aware of the statutes that impact many of the legal requirements involved in conducting library business.  Many federal, state, and local laws apply to library operations and personnel.

It is impossible to provide a comprehensive listing of every law that impacts library operations as nearly every aspect of running a library has some legal requirements including:  protecting copyright and patrons’ privacy; the appointment of board trustees; application of personnel laws, such as ADA, FMLA, etc.; purchasing goods and services; and certification of library staff, to name just a few.

An abbreviated list of Kentucky Laws for Libraries: Abridged References (PDF) ​is provided to highlight some of the key statutes of which a library director and library trustees should be aware.  There are many more than can be listed here.  KDLA consultants can provide some direction in which laws may impact the way in which various issues and procedures are handled.  However, pointing out statutes cannot substitute for legal advice and if you or the library board trustees need legal advice you need to contact an attorney.