Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives

Improving Your Current Facility

​Easy Solution - Eliminate clutter:

  • Don't use too many signs to replace public service interactions.
  • Don't display every flyer available.
  • Don't use unprofessional or sloppy signage.

Intensive Solutions:

  • Update the general appearance of the building. Your building is an advertisement for the library.
    • How does the building look at night?
    • Improve signage.
    • Screen the dumpster.
  • Use prison industries to repaint shelving and end panels and to reupholster furniture.
  • Improve ADA accessibility.
  • Get a new book drop.
  • Improve parking.
    • Add spaces.
    • Improve lighting.
  • Improve interior lighting.
    • Change fluorescents to electronic ballasts and high-efficiency grills.
  • Update HVAC.
  • Update wiring.
  • Repaint.
  • Replace carpet.
  • Replace ceiling tiles.
  • Replace furnishings.
  • Improve acoustics.
  • Add natural light that won't increase glare.
  • Replace artwork.
  • Consider reevaluating the library’s current layout and space usage. Moving shelving and furniture into new configurations can improve and open up the look of your library.