Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives

Content Management Systems (CMS)

More than just a static page, library websites deliver dynamic content and information.  To manage the variety of services and resources that could be made available (such as an events calendar, access to downloadable materials and databases, etc.), more libraries are turning to content management systems (or CMS’s).

A CMS is a web-based service that allows creation, customization, and administration of websites with no coding experience required.  CMS’s range in complexity from relatively simple blogging platforms like Wordpress to powerful open source solutions like Drupal.  Other CMS platforms popular in the library community include Plone and Joomla!.  A complete list of CMS options can be found on Wikipedia.

The Webjunction website includes a good brief article comparing several free platforms: Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla!, and Plone. 

The Logan County Public Library has an excellent website built on a Wordpress theme.  The Massachusetts Library System website includes a helpful guide to Wordpress.  Marshall County Public Library in Benton, KY uses Joomla! for their library website, and Henry County Public Library in Eminence uses Drupal.

A CMS can also be delivered from an outside vendor.  Library CMS is built on the Drupal platform, and is designed and administered by professionals.​