Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives


  • ​​ Regular (at least monthly) progress meetings are held with the owner, architect, and contractor.
    • The architect prepares progress reports.
  • The contractor prepares applications for payment for completed portions of the work and for materials delivered or stored for the project.  The architect certifies the Applications for Payment and delivers them to the owner.


Completion and Closeout

  • Substantial Completion:
    • Owner may use the building.
    • Warranty period begins.
    • Final payment, less retainage, is made.
  • Punch list:
    • A list of items to be corrected for final payment.
    • Payment of retainage is contingent upon completing all punch list items.
  • Certificate of Occupancy:
    • Inspection by governing authority.
    • Owner may move into the building.
    • Punch list completion may still be in progress.
  • Turnover Items:
    • As-built drawings, owner’s manuals and instructions, warranty information, etc.


Final Completion:

  • All work is finished and all payments have been made.


11th Month Review:

  • Compile a list of any problems that occur during first 11 months of use and make sure they are reported before the warranty period ends.