Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

​ The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), enacted by the federal government in 1990, addresses issues related to accessibility in various areas: employment, programs and servic​​es, website access, and building regulations. For information on ADA requirements unrelated to building compliance, see other pertinent sections of the KY Public Library Administrators’ website.

ADA Building Complia​​nce

Since the passage of ADA legislation, public agencies like libraries were required to develop a plan to attain compliance with accessibility requirements and should have already completed that plan. There is no "grandfather clause" in the ADA. As public agencies that want to provide service to their users, libraries often embrace the ADA guidelines as a way to make their building accessible to all. For more information, visit:

Architectural Contracts and Plan ​​Review

  • Make sure that the architectural contract specifies that the building must be ADA compliant.
  • The architect's errors and omissions insurance should cover ADA problems.
  • Check plans at the 50% completion stage.
  • Recheck plans again at the 100% completion stage.

Here are some simple ideas to improve access at ​​your library:

  • Build compliant wheelchair-access ramps.
  • Improve access at the front door:
    • Adjust doors.
    • Add curb cuts.
  • Replace signage for doors, elevators, etc.
    • Office supply companies carry compliant signs at a reasonable price.
  • Create accessible public-access workstations with large text monitors.
  • Replace faucet handles.
  • Replace door knobs with lever handles.
  • Add restroom grab bars.
  • Add pipe insulation.
  • Upgrade emergency warning lights to include strobes and audible warnings.
  • Remove privacy panels from bathrooms that have only one toilet.

Kentucky’s Office for the Americans with Disabilities Act provides additional helpful information. In addition, KY provides an ADA Coordinator who can help you with questions regarding ADA compliance. To contact the ADA Coordinator, you may call 502-564-1835.