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School Ready Libraries Link Up Webinars

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The following webinars, modeled on the popular “Library Link-Up” programming series, highlight public agencies and individuals working with families and children across Kentucky, with an emphasis on children cared for in the home and children with disabilities. These webinars provide practical examples ​of library collaboration and services opportunities.


Introduction to KDLA’s School Ready Librarie​s​​

Introduction to KDLA’s “School Ready Libraries” is sponsore​​​d by the IMLS Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program Grant. What does a “school ready” public library look like? How are public libraries best suited to meet the kindergarten readiness needs of children and families throughout the Commonwealth? What educational opportunities are available for Kentucky public library staff to increase their knowledge and skills to be effective community partners in school readiness? Explore these questions and more as KDLA debuts a 3-year intensive project described by the Institute for Museum and Library Services as an “innovative and holistic approach to early childhood literacy and services in public libraries”. The regional "Storytimes for Everyone" early literacy workshops, led by early childhood consultant and expert Saroj Ghoting, are sponsored by funding from the "School Ready Libraries" initiative. This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Service; visit

School Ready Libraries Link-Up: Introduction to Sch​ool Readines​s​​​​

What does it mean to be “school ready”? How are public libraries best suited to meet the kindergarten readiness needs of children and families throughout the Commonwealth? Explore these questions with KDLA Youth Services Consultant, Krista King-Oaks, and Mary Howard, Subject Mat​​ter Expert for School Ready Libraries, and Associate Director of Early Childhood Projects at the Human Development Institute at the University of Kentucky, as they preview the online early childhood training modules to debut in Spring 2016. KY School Readiness Definition | KY Standards Crosswalk | LB21 Library Link-up - February 2016

School Ready Libraries Link Up: Introduction to First Steps​​​​​​

First Steps is a statewide early intervention system that provides services to children with developmental disabilities from birth to age 3 and their fa​​​milies. Learn more about First Steps with Melissa Hardison from the Early Childhood Development Branch of the Kentucky Department of Public Health, and best practices for library partnerships with Amy Schardein, Early Childhood Librarian from the Covington Branch of Kenton County Public Library. (5-5-16) First Steps Slides (PDF) | Point of Entry Contacts (PDF)

School Ready Libraries Link Up: Introduction to Nemours and Partner​ship for a Fit Kentucky​​​​

Kentucky is waging a war on childhood obesity by improving the quality and access of healthy foods and beverages, screen time limits, physical activity and breastfeeding in early care and education centers. Learn more about preventative wellness initiatives with Rebekah Duchette, Early Care and Education Project Coordinator with the Kentucky Department of Public Health, and best practices for library partnerships with Lisa M. Se​​nsale Yazdian, Ph.D., Youth Services Outreach Manager from the Boone County Public Library. Discussion will explore how libraries can support healthy behaviors through their environment, programs, and community partnerships. (9-1-16) Nemours Slides (PDF) | 5-2-1-0 Booklist (PDF)

School Ready Libraries Link-Up: Introduction to​ HANDS​​​​

Lynn Baker, former early childhood public librarian and current credentialed early childhood trainer, will present practical strategies for reaching new and expectant parents through a collaborative partnership with the He​​​alth Department’s HANDS program. Lynn will share information from her experience training HANDS home visitors on implementing the best practices of the Every Child Ready to Read early literacy program. Amber Green, Clark County Health Department HANDS Supervisor, will share an overview of the HANDS program… Who are we? What can we offer families? Why is it important for us to partner together? (4/6/2017) HANDS Notes Slides (PDF) | HANDS Parent Resource Card (PDF) | HANDS Brochure (PDF) | HANDS Local Contacts (PDF)

School Ready Libraries Link Up: Special Issues in Local Housing & WIC Partnerships​​​​

This webinar features the "Play, Grow, Learn​​" outrea​ch program that the Twinsburg Public Library (OH) brought to children and families living in subsidized housing. In partnership with the Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority, the library developed a program for 0-5 year olds that included story time, crafts, and free play, to take place at the apartment complex. The Kentucky Housing Corporation will also present information on low-income housing residents in Kentucky, including ways to reach out to the residents and provide services where they live. (2-2-2017) Resource List

Conversations Around Early Literacy with Saroj Ghoting, Part 1​​​​

As a follow up to storytime training with Saroj a year ago, here is an opportunity to strengthen sharing early literacy information with parents and caregivers throu​​gh early literacy tips. Share your concerns and challenges with others as we work toward making this technique more comfortable for you. ***This webinar is passcode-protected and viewing is limited to Kentucky public library staff only. Please send an email to to request the passcode.*** (3-2-2017)

School Ready Libraries Link Up: Introduction to F​RYSCs (Family Resource & Youth Services Centers)​​​​

In this webinar, three Kentucky public libraries will describe their involvement or partnerships with their local Family Resource & Youth Services Centers (FRYSC). A representative from​​ the Division of Family Resource & Youth Services Centers will also join us to present information on what FRYSCs do, what kinds of partnerships they've built, and the types of services they provide to young children. (9/7/2017) FRYSCs Full Slideshow (PDF) | Working with Family and Youth Resource Centers - Boyd County (PDF)

School Ready Libraries Link-Up: Best Practices for Early Childhood Council Collaboration & Kindergarten Readiness Programming​​​​

Join us for the fina​​l webinar in the School Ready Library series. Learn how to connect with other early childhood professionals and advocates in your community. Content will focus on best practices around partnerships, community and family-focused programming, grant writing, and expanding the reach of your library’s mission and resources.


  • Bookie Wilson, Youth Services Librarian, Woodford County Public Library
  • Erinn Conness, Youth Services Coordinator, Franklin County Public Library
  • Holly Daugherty, Youth Services Librarian, McCreary County Public Library

3/1/2018 | 1 ho​​​ur, 5 mins. | GOEC Slides and Resources (PDF) | Franklin Co. Slides (PDF) | McCreary Co. Slides (PDF) | Woodford Co. Slides (PDF)

Fund​​​ed by IMLS Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program Grant

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