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Summer Reading Program


​Why is Summer Reading impo​​rtant?

Programming, materials, and activities for elementary-aged children should be a core part of every library’s offerings year-round. Traditionally, summer reading programs are designed to encourage elementary-aged children to keep reading during summer vacation. Preventing the “summer slide” continues to be the main objective of summer reading programs. For many families with elementary-aged children, the public library is the only community space available during the summer months where they can access free educational and cultural enrichment activities and programs.


​​​​​ ​ ​ ​ ​The benefits of summer reading progr​a​mming for children​​

Children are motivated to ​read.​​

Children d​evelop positive attitudes about reading, books, and the library.


Children maintain their reading skills during summer vacation.

Children have access to experiences that further their sense of discovery.

Children have access to experiences through ​which they can learn to work cooperatively.


Summer reading initiatives have long been pivotal in ensuring that children and teens stay immersed in literature and continuous learning, even during the leisurely summer months. For a vast majority, the local library isn’t just a repository of books; it's a unique community sanctuary offering complimentary, enriching educational and cultural experiences. Here, children and teens can dive deep into tales, broaden their worldviews, experience wonder, and share joyful moments — making the library a cherished venue for familial bonding. By tracking the hours your child devotes to reading or the myriad of books they've ventured through during summer, you'll find that participants of the library’s summer reading program remain intellectually stimulated. Come fall, these young scholars reenter school not merely ready to absorb new knowledge but primed for academic triumph.​​


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