Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives

Circulating Audiobook Program Procedures

  • ​​Each library can select the number of audiobooks (from 10 to 40) and the variety of genres they would like to receive in their collection.
  • The audiobooks will be in compact disc format and/or MP3 disc format, according to the library's profile.
  • The audiobooks are checked out to the library for a period of 4 months.
  • A detailed packing slip will be e-mailed to the library.
  • The audiobook collection will be sent through the KYVL Courier and should be sent back to the State Library via the KYVL Couriernear the end of the circulation period. Please do not send the audiobook collection through the U.S. Postal Service.
  • Each individual audiobook is considered an interlibrary loan, and your library will be responsible for replacement charges for any lost or damaged audiobook.

What to do when I receive my collection . . .

  • When a new collection is sent, the library will receive an email that includes a detailed packing slip for the new collection, and if applicable, a list of any audiobooks the library still has from the previous collection.
  • When the new collection arrives, please be sure that you have received all of the audiobooks in your collection.
  • The audiobooks have barcodes that may be used in the library’s system.
  • When readying the audiobooks for use in your collection, please do not use anything that adheres to the audiobook cases (barcodes, stickers, pockets, etc.) or use permanent markers on the cases.

What to do when it is time to send back my collection . . .

  • You should receive an email reminder at least 1 week before the collection is due.
  • When it is near the end of the circulation period, gather the audiobook collection together.
  • If some audiobooks are still checked out to your patrons, please return the rest of the collection as scheduled and notify the State Library of the missing audiobooks. As those audiobooks are returned to your library, they can be sent back to the State Library through the KYVL Courier.
  • Please inspect all audiobooks before returning the collection to the State Library. Be sure that all discs are in order, in the audiobook sleeves and in the correct audiobook cases and that all cases are closed before boxing them up to be shipped.
  • If your patron loses or damages an audiobook, please let us know and we will send you an invoice for replacement costs. In turn, you can charge your patron for the lost or damaged audiobook.
  • If you patron loses a disc from an audiobook, please return the audiobook to us with a note explaining the situation. If your patron loses 2 or more discs, please let us know and will send you an invoice for replacement costs. In turn, you can charge your patron for the lost discs.
  • Box up the audiobook collection an send it back to the State Library via the KYVL Courier.

What happens when my collection is late returning to the State Library?

  • Having some overdue/lost materials does not impact participation in the program as long as materials are returned, materials are paid for or replacement costs have been negotiated.
  • If the collection is not returned before it is due, you will receive an overdue notice. The State Library does not charge overdue fees, but does charge replacement costs for items not returned. The overdue notice is merely another reminder to return the collection.
  • If the collection or parts of the collection are overdue for more than 28 days, you will receive an invoice for replacement costs unless some other provision has been made. All replacement costs will be waived if materials are returned to the State Library.



To sign up, you just need to fill out a Participation Form (PDF) ​and return it to the Audiobook Coordinator.


For additional information, please contact Deborah Hibbard at