Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives

Volunteer for the KTBL Recording Program

KTBL produces approximately 40 audiobooks a year on Kentucky related topics: Histories, Biographies, Kentucky Fiction, Kentucky Authors, and books on Kentucky and Appal​achian culture. These titles would otherwise be unavailable to our Kentucky patrons who wish to read about their home, history, and culture.

The KTBL studio depends on volunteers to help us produce these books. Volunteers work in our studio in Frankfort between 9:00-5:00 Monday-Friday, typically once a week for one to two hours, although more hours are possible.

All volunteers receive on-the-job training and support from KTBL staff. If you have basic computer skills, we can train you to use our audio software.

KTBL has three roles that potential volunteers can consider:

man sits at computer with headphones on another man is in a soundbooth reading into a microphoneNarrator:

Works with a session Monitor to read books aloud in a recording booth.

Critical Skills: a pleasant speaking voice, good pronunciation, familiarity with literature and audiobooks, willingness to prepare beforehand for sessions.

Visit this website to hear a sampling of our Kentucky narrators: KTBL Narrator Montage


Operates the recording computer and functions as the producer for the recording session.

Critical Skills: Attention to detail, basic computer skills, able to communicate and give feedback to Narrator to improve performance.

smiling woman wearing headphones sits in front of a computer with a wave file on the screenProofreader:

Listens to recordings to check for accuracy, uses computer audio software to take out errors and make corrections.

Critical Skills: Attention to detail, basic computer skills, familiarity with literature and audiobooks.

To Apply:

For more information, contact the KTBL Studio Coordinator at:​ or call 800.372.2968 (in-state toll-free) or 502.564.5791 (local)