Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives

​Local Records Emergency and Disaster Assistance Gra​​nt



Who is elig​​ib​​le to apply: 

Any Kentucky local government agency that has suffered damage which endangers public records or access to those records as a result of an emergency, disaster, or ongoing climate crisis.

Use of fu​​​​nds: 

Grant funds may be used for the recovery of damaged or at-risk local public records from disasters or ongoing emergency issues so that the local governmental office can continue or resume operations. Priority will be given to the preservation, conservation, restoration of permanent and/or vital records. Grant funds will not be used for non-urgent items that may be funded by the Local Records Grant Program. Emergencies can include burst pipes, failed climate control, or discovery of mold. Examples of disasters include fire, flood, tornado, mudslide, severe storms, windstorms, or lightning. Climate crisis can include at-risk records due to increased and sustained changes in climate. If you have any questions, please consult your Regional Administrator (RA).

What is ​eligib​​le: 

Eligible items or services include but are not limited to: services such as freeze drying, storage, transportation of materials; supplies including acid-free boxes and folders, storage cartons, dehumidifiers, climate control monitors, cleaning materials, plastic milk crates, and protective gear; or professional services acquired to mitigate damage, including preservationists, conservationists, or restorationists. Other items or materials will be considered on an individual basis and an eligibility determination made by the Local Records Branch and the Commissioner.

Amount of funding available: 

Awards are subject to available funds and project urgency. Each local agency may request a maximum of $40,000 per application. The exact amount available to each awardee will be determined as grant applications are evaluated and approved. Applicants should submit an application to the Local Records Branch. Once reviewed, awards will be made by the Commissioner.

Disbursemen​​t of f​​​unds: 

Once the award recommendation list has been generated, the requests for payment will be processed through the Kentucky Finance and Administration Cabinet.


Recipients will be asked to provide a brief narrative outlining the use of the funds, a listing of funds expended, and if available, any photos of the tangible items or space.


The Application is available online. If the Applicant has any issue with accessing the application, they should contact the Local Records Branch. Applications will be accepted as needed. Applications can be submitted by email, mail, or courier, and must be signed by appropriate agency official.  Click link below for Grant Application.​

Local Record​​​s Emergency and Disaster ​​​​Assistance Grant Applicatio​n


​Contac​t your Local Records Branch Regional Administat​or​ if you have any questions.