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State Historical Records Advisory Board


The State Historical Records Advisory Board (SHRAB) is the central advisory body in the state for historical records planning and for those projects in Kentucky funded by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC). The SHRAB serves as a coordinating body to facilitate cooperation and communication among historical records repositories and information agencies within the state and as a state-level review body for proposals as defined in the Commission’s grant program guidelines.

It is composed of members who have experience or interest in the collection, administration, and use of historical records and are dedicated to the preservation and use of Kentucky’s documentary heritage. The SHRAB is part of the State Archives and Records Commission, with members appointed by the State Librarian and staff support provided by the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives. As specified in 36 CFR Part 1206, a majority of the members must have recognized experien​ce in the administration of government records, historical records, or archives. The State Historical Records Advisory Board is coordinated by the Archives and Records Management Division, Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives.


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The SHRAB is the central advisory body for state projects and historical records planning in the state, and it exercises leadership to promote better records administration. In this role, and with the help of NHPRC funds, the board sponsored a 1982 assessment of the condition of historic records in the state. Another key role of the Board is to encourage and review grant applications from Kentucky submitted to the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC). In this role, it makes funding recommendations to the NHPRC concerning records grants applications from institutions and organizations in Kentucky.

The Board is concerned with the identification, preservation, and availability of the state’s historical records, both public and private. Records from the public sector document significant activities of state, county, municipal, and other units of government. Records from the private sector document personal, family, organizational, and corporate activities and are collected and maintained by historical societies, libraries, churches, businesses, associations, and other organizations. The Board recognizes that historical records comprise not only traditional paper documents like correspondence, scrapbooks, ledgers, minutes, and office files but also recording media like photographs, video and motion picture film, sound recordings, and computer-generated magnetic media.

The Board encourages applications from historical societies, libraries, colleges and universities, local governments, and other institutions and organizations that collect and maintain historical records.

The National Historical Publications and Records Commission ( was created by law to encourage efforts by private organizations and government to preserve and make available for use those records that further the understanding and appreciation of American history. It accomplishes this mission through a direct grants program and through its support of records projects to promote cooperative efforts among institutions and organizations, and to improve the knowledge, performance, and professional skills of those who work with historical records.

The Commission is composed of members appointed from three branches of government and various historical and archival associations. Upon application, the Commission awards various types of financial support.

For additional information on the NHPRC grants program guidelines, please see the NHPRC website​.

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For SHRAB meeting minutes, please visit the Kentucky State Digital Archives.

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