Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives

Records Destruction


Legal Fram​​ework

  • KRS 171.420 (3) gives the State Archives and Records Commission the authority to review and approve schedules for retention and destruction of records submitted by state and local agencies.
  • KRS 171.670 gives the State Archives and Records Commission the exclusive authority to decide whether or not the record or group of records are to be destroyed.
  • 725 KAR 1:030 establishes the procedures​ for agencies in scheduling and disposing of records.
  • KRS 519.060 (1) (b) makes tampering with public records a Class "D" felony.

Guidance Docum​​ents

  • Destruction Guidelines provides sound, practical advice on physical destruction of records, regardless of format for personnel in Kentucky state and local government agencies who are responsible for arranging for the authorized destruction of records.
  • Records Destruction Certificate