Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives

Strategic Plan

Kentucky Department for Libr​aries and Archi​​ves
Plan 2015

Goal 1: Expand access to information: Discovery, Delivery & Innovation 

Complete move to new State Rec​​o​​​​rds Center

  • acquire necessary software and convert to automated tracking system
  • continue to shelve boxes that have been moved to new State Records Center
  • purchase additional shelving to increase records storage capacity
  • work with state agencies to add additional records
  • weed and move braille to State Records Center

Develop the e-Archives as the primary preservation and access point for permanent electronic records created by state agencies

  • add records from the e-archives to the Preservica preservation system/integrate with Dspace
  • continue to work with COT to manage Dspace, an open source institutional repository, and investigate alternative management systems
  • expand Archive-It harvest to gather and store information from additional state government web pages

Explore new tools and technologies for statewide discovery and delivery of library service

  • migrate catalog to OCLC WorldShare Management Services

Goal 2: Build Foundation for sustainable growth and strength 

​​​Promote planning for libraries

  • focus on technology planning
  • encourage quality current website development
  • develop and promote public library standards
  • encourage use of community engagement model
  • assist libraries in developing network of local support

Develop library staff and trustee resources

  • offer CE on topics identified through assessment and trends
  • focus on compliance and transparency
  • promote board development (certification/recruitment)
  • roll out part-time staff certification program

Strengthen business mod​​el for imaging

  • acquire additional equipment and replace and upgrade current equipment
  • plan for transition of KDLA transportation section staff to KDLA building after implementation of KAVIS
  • work with COT to market centralized imaging services to state government

Maximize third floor for state archives s​​torage

  • continue to acquire shelving until space is exhausted
  • microfilm or digitize appropriate records in the archives, then remove from archival storage

Complete agency reor​​ganization

  • fill necessary positions
  • obtain legislative approval
  • complete KDLA IT consolidation through completing procedures and centralizing IT contacts

Goal 3: Support targeted programs and services 

​Records management

  • prioritize state and local government agencies most in need of new or revised retention schedules
  • train state/local government employees in records management, particularly electronic recordkeeping and statutory/regulatory compliance
  • develop retention schedule for local government special districts
  • update administrative regulation
  • work on implementing security breach responsibilities

Records management summit in 2015-6 – state assembly to f​​​ocus on records management issues

Kentucky Talking B​​ook Library

  • reorganize recording program and upgrade equipment
  • continue move into digital environment by weeding taped books and making digital copies
  • enhance outreach efforts

Library Constru​​ction

  • assist libraries in starting projects funded in 2014
  • determine need for future state funding for library construction

Expand outrea​​ch through social media 

Jan. 13, 2015​