• Remembering a great Kentuckian

    Civil Rights Bill 1964

    Wendell Ford, 1924-2015
    Governor, U.S. Senator,
    and WWII veteran
  • Drive Safely!

    slick road

    During the winter months, it is important to take appropriate steps in driving, and to prepare for contingencies if you have a winter related issue while driving. The Kentucky State Police provides helpful information on its Winter Driving webpage.

    Because the leading cause of deaths during winter storms are transportation/automobile-related issues, it’s an excellent time to review the key points of defensive driving in winter conditions with your family or staff. The State Library has a Recommended Resource List for Driver Training. The DVD titles listed are appropriate for individual and group training. To check out one of the DVDs, follow the instructions on the safety list or call the State Library at 502.564.8306 or 800.928.7000.

  • January is Braille Literacy Month

    Braille is the system of raised dots that makes it possible for people who are blind to read and write for themselves. January was chosen for this celebration because it is the birth month of Louis Braille, the inventor of this system.

    To learn more about the availability of Braille materials at KDLA, visit the Kentucky Talking Book Library webpage.

  • May I Help You?


    Each KDLA employee now has a unique 7-digit phone number—no more extensions! Need to contact a KDLA employee? Find that employee’s new telephone number in the Staff Directory.

  • New State Records Center

    All State Records Centers holdings are located at our new facility, 1425 Leestown Road, Frankfort.  For additional information, please visit the State Records Center webpage.

    The KDLA main building address has not changed. 


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