• KDLA Celebrates Abraham Lincoln's Birthday


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    In 1853, Abraham Lincoln was sued in Fayette Circuit Court by the business partners of Robert Todd, his deceased father-in-law, who alleged that Lincoln had collected a debt on behalf of the firm but had not remitted the money.  Lincoln represented himself in the suit, and won.
    This case file is held by the State Archives and includes at least one document in Lincoln’s own handwriting and with his signature.

  • Library Lovers Month is a month-long celebration of libraries of all types. Visit your library and thank a librarian for the unique institution that...

    • Promotes unrestricted access to information;
    • Provides enduring connections to the past and future;
    • Provides entry to important research about health, economics, housing, the environment and countless other areas;
    • Supports a competitive workforce with basic literacy programs, computers and other resources;
    • Offers a variety of programs to benefit people’s personal and professional lives.

    For specific ways to contribute to your library, visit How to Love Your Library.

      • KDLA Celebrates Black History Month

        Civil Rights Bill 1964


        Martin Luther King, Jr. and baseball great Jackie Robinson met with Governor Edward T. Breathitt in March, 1964 to urge passage of a civil rights bill under consideration by the Kentucky legislature. The Kentucky Civil Rights Act did not pass until 1966, when King said it was “the strongest and most comprehensive civil rights bill passed by a Southern state.” More information and other photos are available in the KDLA e-Archives.


        W.P.A. Packhorse Librarian


        Neither snow-covered hillsides nor lack of roads daunts the "bookwoman".

        Source: Work Projects Administration Photo Collection, Archives and Records Management Division – Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives. ca. 1940.


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