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State Records Direct Services

The State Government Records Branch provides records management assistance to all state government agencies in all branches of government. Records Analysts provide direct, hands-on assistance. To find the contact for records management at a specific agency, please click here.

​The services Records Analysts provide include:

  • Assistance in drafting Records Retention Schedules and presenting them to the State Archives and Records Commission.
  • Assistance with the use of the appropriate Records Retention Schedule and the destruction of obsolete records.
  • Providing guidance for the creation of records management programs.
  • Providing records management consultant services, including advice on the use of new technologies.
  • Providing records management training through workshops.

These services are provided free of charge.

State Records Center

The State Records Center (SRC) provides storage and retrieval services for records with a limited retention period and for permanent records that are still in frequent use. SRC is located at 1425 Leestown Road in Frankfort. 

Agencies storing records at SRC should use boxes available through Cardinal Office Supply. The Order Number is AKXCAR151210.  

Agencies storing records at SRC should use labels provided free of charge through the State Records Branch. 

Agencies storing records at SRC should complete and submit a Records Transmittal before the records are transferred.  

Records storage at SRC costs $0.43 per box per month. That price includes:

  • Easy access to all forms needed to initiate a records transfer (records transmittals, box labels, etc.)
  • Records pickup within Frankfort
  • Records shelving, storage, control and tracking
  • A copy of the Records Transmittal that specifies the location of each box
  • Retrieval of specific records by file, folder, box or multi-box shipment
  • Re-filing of specific files, folders, or boxes
  • Interfiling of records into shipments already at the State Records Center 
  • Destruction of records stored at the State Records Center when their retention period has expired. The State Records Center cooperates with the recycling program of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Cabinet. If records are deemed confidential, special shredding measures are available which assure the privacy of that material.

The State of the Records

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For questions about State Government Records, contact Cathrine Giles at (502) 564-​1702 or via email 

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