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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do I do with the records that someone left after retiring or leaving for a new position? 
Can I just toss these out? Not until you have identified what type of records you will be disposing of when you do. It is true that often these records are simply notes for reference or convenience copies that duplicate documents officially filed in a central location. In that case, yes, the records could be disposed of as informational and reference material (M00018 on the General Schedule), no destruction certificate needed. However, if the person was responsible for filing any agency records, then those records should be identified and the responsibility transferred to another staff member. Further consideration should also be given to the employee’s email account and any electronic records that exist on their assigned work computer or server space. 

2. What about records that we scan into eMARS? 
eMARS is the Finance and Administration Cabinet’s account reporting system; it is not a document management system. An agency is still responsible for managing their own records and following the records retention schedule for documents such as agreements, contracts, procurement, payment, etc. The majority of financial record retentions can be found in the Fiscal section of the General Schedule for State Agencies.

3. These publications are on our website; can’t you just get them from there?
Due to the vast size of government, there is a great of volume of information that is sent out to the public. In the past, what would’ve been produced in an agency publication or summary report now might be posted to the agency’s website. However, even with the best intentions our ability to capture all the publications across every agency becomes stretched. It is best practice to continue following the retention schedule for Publications (M0007), Annual or Summary Reports (M0022), Special Studies and Reports (M0042), and other related documents by forwarding a copy of these when they are published.