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Kentucky Website Archive

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Kentucky Website Archives

The Kentucky Website Archives contains historical web pages for constitutionally elected officers of the Executive Branch of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  The Website Archives also contains historical web pages of the Legislative Research Commission (Legislative Branch) and the Administrative Office of the Courts (Judicial Branch).  The Website Archives currently contains archived websites dating back to 1997 and is updated regularly.  For more information see the About the Website Archives page.

Disclaimer:  The records and publications listed in this archive are historical materials, “frozen in time.”  These archived pages are not up-to-date and do not reflect current information.  Therefore links to other sites and e-mail addresses may not work. In addition, the archived pages within this site may not reflect current web standards, including compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Collections in the Website Archives

(All links will redirect to the KDLA Archive-It website)

Executive Branch- Includes all the Executive Branch websites.

    • Office of the Governor - Harvested quarterly, this collection consists of all sites related to the Governor's Office, including the Lieutenant Governor, First Lady, and associated social media sites. 
      • Governor (KDLA harvests) - This page links harvests completed by KDLA prior to joining the Archive-It service.  There are copies of these harvests in the Archive-It repository.  These harvests are deeper, however, and contain additional records.  This page also links to records extracted from the Governor's website and displayed individually, such as records related to the KY Derby, Photos (pre-Flickr) and Speeches.  
      • Lieutenant Governor - All sites related to the Lt. Governor, including social media sites.
      • First Lady - All sites related to the First Lady, including social media sites.
    • Secretary of State - Harvested annually, this collection includes sites related to the Secretary of State and includes social media sites.  NOTE:  These harvests capture the look and feel of the site and the documents found on it.  Harvests do NOT include searchable databases such as the Kentucky Land Office databases.  For access to these databases, please visit the Secretary of State's live website:
    • Attorney General - Harvested annually, this collection includes the sites related to the Attorney General's office.
    • Auditor of Public Accounts - Harvested annually, this collection includes sites related to the Auditor of Public Accounts.
    • Treasurer - Harvested annually, this collection captures the State Treasury website.
    • Department of Agriculture - Harvested annually, our goal is to capture the office of the Commissioner of Agriculture.

Legislative Branch - Harvested annually, this is the site of the Legislative Research Commission and contains most of the Legislative Branch websites.

Judicial Branch - Harvested annually, this is the site of the Administrative Office of the Courts and houses most of the Judicial Branch websites.