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Board Meetings

Board Meetings

Library boards are required by law to meet once each month. (KRS 173.060; 173.350(1); 173.500;
173.735). Board meetings are the heart of a trustees’ job because all library business must take place during these meetings.  The information to follow will provide many details, but in general, trustees will approve the meeting minutes and financial statements, hear reports on various library issues and updates, and handle any business that requires a decision for action to be taken.

While most regular meetings will not take an extended amount of time to handle the library’s business, there will be times when there are issues or projects that require extra time to absorb detailed reports and permit thoughtful discussion. Construction projects; hiring a new director; adopting, reviewing, and updating policies; strategic planning; trustee training; and advocacy events will require more of the trustee’s time – and longer meetings.
For some projects, such as new construction, there may be many
special meetings required to handle the many decisions that require board approval.

The board meeting is where decisions are made that are central to the smooth and successful operation of the library. Being a trustee is an extremely important job and through the decisions made at board meetings, the library will continue to grow and be an essential community asset.



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