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KTBL Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us by mail at:

Kentucky Talking Book Library
PO Box 537
Frankfort, KY 40602

Please do not put a note in with a book you are returning.  We do not have the staff to open books when they are returned, so notes will not be found or given to your librarian.  Putting a note in with a book voids the free matter shipping. 

Contact us by phone:

If you are calling from Kentucky, please call our toll-free number 800.372.2968.

If you are calling from outside of Kentucky or from the local area please call 502.564.5791.

Contact us by email:

For general inquiries about the service please email and your message will be directed to the appropriate person.

If you are already a member of the library, please email your librarian directly.  KTBL has three librarians, and our patrons are divided among us by last name.

If your last name begins with the letters C - I, contact Susan McGinnis at

If your last name begins with the letters B, J – Q, contact Janet Chisman at  

If your last name begins with the letters A, R – Z, contact Tracey Mania at

What are your hours?

We are available to assist you 8:00 am - 4:00 pm (Eastern Time Zone) Monday – Friday.
Please see the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives website for notification of holiday or other closings.  If you call and reach our voicemail, please leave a message and your librarian will get back to you as soon as possible.

What does this service cost?

The Kentucky Talking Book Library is a free service paid for by your tax dollars.

Can I volunteer to help at the Kentucky Talking Book Library?

To learn about volunteer opportunities please call us at 800.372.2968 and ask to speak with our volunteer coordinator.

Can I share talking books with others?

Talking books and other materials offered by KTBL are intended for use only by our registered patrons.  Please do not give away or loan out our materials to others.  If you no longer use the service, please call us to cancel.  If you know someone who qualifies for talking book service we will be happy to send them an application to fill out and submit.

Do you have an audio Bible?

Yes, we have audio Bibles for our registered patrons.  These Bibles are on loan for thirty days.  If you would like to listen to the Bible, please contact your librarian.  Library patrons registered with our BARD service may download the Bible to play on their NLS approved machines.  If you are unable to use BARD but would like a talking Bible to keep we would be happy to refer you to an organization that provides audio Bibles for you to keep at home.

Do you have magazines and newspapers?

Yes – we offer magazines on digital cartridge, in Braille, and for download.  Please contact the library for a list of available magazines.  If you would like to listen to the newspaper, the Kentucky Talking Book Library partners with the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) to offer access to audio newspapers using your touch-tone phone or smartphone.  NFB Newsline has many national newspapers and ten newspapers from around Kentucky.  NFB Newsline also offers phone access to T.V. listings and magazines.  For more information about the NFB Newsline service contact your librarian at 800.372.2968.

How long are my talking books and Braille books on loan for?

The Kentucky Talking Book Library has a loan period of thirty days for our digital books and Braille books.  The date your book was checked out is printed on the left edge of the mailing card.  A one week grace period is extended before items are considered overdue.  The best policy is to return each book as soon as you finish it – this will keep you from accumulating overdue books at home. Talking books and magazines downloaded from BARD (Braille and Audio Reading Download) have no due date and do not need to be returned to the library.  Magazines that come in plastic mailing containers are on loan for thirty days.

How do I return books?

Digital books and Braille books are both mailed to you and should be returned by the United States Postal Service. To return a digital cartridge, remove the white shipping card that is tucked in the case and discard it. There is a permanent return label affixed to the case underneath. 

To return a Braille book, remove the white shipping card that is tucked in the case and turn it over. The back of the shipping card has KTBL’s address pre-printed on it.  Insert the card back in the case with the library’s address showing.  The top right corner of the card is notched when the mail card is in the correct position to return your book.

You do not need to pay postage to return materials to the Kentucky Talking Book Library; they ship as Free Matter for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. 

How long is my digital player on loan for?

You should keep your digital player for as long as you are using the service.  If you no longer use the service or your account is canceled the player needs to be returned.  If you decide that you want to download all of your books through the BARD service and exclusively use your mobile app or a third-party player to listen to them you can return the digital player for others to use. The player should be returned as Free Matter for the Blind so you will not have to pay postage.  Please keep the box your player comes in; you can use the same box to return the player.

How can I get a replacement player?

If your player is damaged or does not work correctly please contact the library.  We will be happy to send you a replacement digital player.  You will need to return the defective player to the library.  You will not need to pay postage to return the player – it can be returned free of charge by writing Free Matter for the Blind in the upper right corner of the shipping container.  If possible, please include a note explaining the problem with the defective player.

Can I drop off my talking books or player at my local public library?

No.  All materials must be returned directly to the Kentucky Talking Book Library by mail or in person.

What do I do if I get a defective book, damaged book, case missing a cartridge or a book with the wrong cassettes or cartridge in the case?

You can always call or email your librarian to let her know that a book you received has a problem.  If you would like a replacement copy we will be happy to send one. Do not put a note in with the returned book to indicate a problem.  We do not have enough staff to open the books when they are returned and we will not find your note.

Does the Kentucky Talking Book Library have books and magazines available for download?

Yes.  The Kentucky Talking Book Library offers BARD, the Braille and Audio Reading Download service, to our registered users.  To use BARD you need to be a registered member of the Kentucky Talking Book Library.  BARD books will not play on your computer, you must have a compatible player and flash memory device to listen to books you download, or you can use a free app for iOS, Android, and some Kindle Fire devices.  You will also need high speed internet access and a working email address.  For more information about downloading books from BARD contact your librarian or visit our information page: BARD: Braille and Audio Reading Download.

How do I change my address if I am moving, or hold my service while I am temporarily away from home?

Please contact your librarian and give her your new mailing address if you are moving.  If you need to temporarily stop service contact the library and let us know how long we should hold your service.  If you are moving to another state we can transfer your service to the talking book library serving the state you move to.

I don’t like the books I have been receiving – what should I do?

If your reading preferences have changed or you would like to request a specific title, please contact your librarian.  She will be happy to go over the reading interests we have listed for you and make any necessary changes.  If you would like to request a book by title or books by an author you enjoy, contact your librarian and she will search our catalog for you and add books to your request list.  You may also want to choose your own books.  Your librarian can offer book suggestions, take any requests you may have, or make your account request only and send only the books you specifically ask for.

How do I find books available from the Kentucky Talking Book Library?  I want to choose my own books - do you have a catalog I can search?

Click here to find talking books, Braille books and magazines to read

I have a Talking Book Topics request form - what should I do with it? 

If you have requested books using a Talking Book Topics request form please mail it to the library at:
Kentucky Talking Book Library
PO Box 537
Frankfort, KY 40602

If you would like a faster way to request books you can call or email your librarian with your requests.  Please provide the five digit book number listed in Talking Book Topics and your librarian will add it to your request list.  Be sure to specify if you would like the book in digital format (DB) or Braille (BR).

How do I change the number of books the library is sending me?

Contact your librarian.  Each patron has an individual circulation pattern set up to meet their reading needs.  If you want to increase or decrease the number of books you receive your librarian will work with you to find the correct circulation pattern for you.  Remember, to stay active you need to receive at least one book every six months.  Books are checked out for thirty days and we will send as many books as you can read and return on time.


Conta​ct Information

Kentucky Talking Book Library
PO Box 537
Frankfort KY 40602

800.372.2968 (in-state toll-free)
502.564.5791 (local)

We are available to assist you 8:00 am - 4:00 pm (Eastern Time Zone) Monday-Friday.


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