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Workforce Development

Learn how to assist job seekers who are using your library! This webinar from the Kentucky Career Center that will help you navigate the many resources available to your job-seeking patrons.
12/19/2018 | 0.75 hours
Getting a job is no easy task. There's applications, resumes, interviewing...​and that doesn't even include finding one! It can be totally overwhelming for your patrons. So how can you help? Watch this webinar to get great ideas and tips on the best ways to help your patron land that job, while making the library look really, really good.
4/5/2018 | 1 hour
Public libraries have become a central location for patrons trying to find a job. Join us for this Workforce Development Library Link Up as we talk about how KY public libraries have held Job Fairs for their patrons and local businesses and how you can do the same!
9/6/2018 | 1 hour
Join the next Library Link Up to hear what other Kentucky libraries are doing! Get great ideas and tips on the best ways to develop and sustain workforce related partnerships, while making the library look really, really good.
6/7/2018 | 1 hour
Avoid duplicating the job hunting/job preparation services of other organizations in your community. Instead, find out where the weak links are with your community partners and educate them about library resources that can fill their voids. Learn how to help educate job seekers and career changers about resources available to them at next week’s webinar!
10/10/2017 | 1 hour