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In 2018, Estill County had over 70 local candidates on the May Primary ballot. To encourage voters to make informed choices, the public library began working with local news media and other community partners to plan and host a series of candidate forums leading up to the primary. In this webinar, we will focus on guidelines and practical ideas for conducting political forums that allow candidates to outline their own platforms without trashing their opponents.
5/21/2019 | 0.75 hours | Slides (PDF)
We all remember Nike's motto, but by embracing it, our library opened the door for other community agencies and members to change their views and follow us. We have good relationships with our school staff, the tourism board, and many other agencies around the county. We have had 3 programs, in one year, with over 500 participants each in a county of 12,500 people. We have become the go-to place for partnership opportunities. By being flexible, we have changed how we look at programs.

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11/28/2018 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
With the recent proliferation of movies, TV shows, and video games, superheroes are at their most popular since the late 1950s and early 1960s. Comic books are an ideal medium to get kids interested in reading, but with more than 60 years of continuously published material, where does one even begin? Join Doug Wilkinson as he sorts through the piles of back issues and finds the ones that will get your kids’ eyes off the TV screen and into​​ a good book!

***This is a repeat session from the 2014 Summer Reading Programming Conference.***

4/22/2015 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
Too often, individuals with special needs may struggle to find their “home” within the library environment. Feeling out of place in adult programming where the topics may seem too complex, but also a sense of awkwardness in youth settings where their presence can be a distraction to other attendees, the struggle for fostering an appropriate setting continually challenges libraries everywhere. In seeking a solution to this dilemma, Warren County Public Library established our Adult Activity Hour. Working with dedicated organizations and facilities within the area as well as a special needs advocate, this monthly program has been extremely well attended and praised by area caregivers. We welcome the opportunity to share our insight, including trials and successes, with anyone interested in creating a similar program in your own library.
3/4/2021 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
Mobile hotspot lending is a growing trend to provide Internet access through cellular data for patron use at home. If you aren’t sure how to start this service at your library, this webinar is for you! Learn about McCracken County Public Library’s Digital Toolbox pilot program to loan mobile hotspots & laptops outside the library and teach digital literacy skills for effective use of those devices.
1 hour | Slides (PDF), lending agreement (Word), staff procedures (Word), usage survey (PDF)
Programs are a great way to get people to come to your library and raise the door count and attendance statistics. They also take time and money, which are precious resources. Passive programs are an additional method of engaging with your patrons. Done correctly, your library users will be delighted and looking forward to what they will find on their next visit. Gain practical ideas and useful tips on how to put together a selection of passive offerings that will deliver something for everyone.
5/18/2017 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
Patrons can chart a course to your library, where an ocean of titles are waiting. Adventurous true and fictional stories, seaworthy DVDs and lilting songs of the sea can provide the basis for programming ideas for older teens and adults. So, drop anchor and experience some high seas adventures!
6/6/2017 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
Our rural library is constantly seeking ways to expand our programming and outreach in our community. In this session, attendees will discover how a variety of community partnerships can help with fundraising, programming, and funding for various programs and events. We will offer an extensive list of our community partners and encourage you to brainstorm your own list to take with you. This session will cover how to enhance successful collaboration and simplify communication. We will also talk about various programs we have been able to offer by partnering with local organizations and businesses while stressing affordability, viability, and communication.
5/4/2022 | 1 hour | Slides​ (PDF)​
Learn all about KDLA’s kits, both book discussion and programming, for adults and youth. We’ll cover the types of kits available, as well as how to discover and schedule kits, and much more.
12/8/2021 | 1.5 hours | Handouts​ (PDF)
Do you need ideas to help get your community moving? Then check out this Library Link Up webinar where you'll hear about these successful exercise programs:
  • Book-a-Bike at the Hopkinsville-Christian County Public Library
  • Baby-Wearing Dance Parties at the Boone County Public Library
  • Chair Yoga at the Bell County Public Library
9/5/2019 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
Let's get those patrons out of the library! Outside of the library, that is. In this Library Link Up, you'll learn about great outdoor programs and events like hiking and biking clubs, ladybug releases, and even a BioBlitz.
2/7/2019 | 1.25 hours | Slides (PDF)
Join the Perry County Public Library as we present various ways to incorporate life skills in everyday programming. Programming can show your patrons how to make various items on a limited budget, how to demonstrate ways to cook homemade meals worthy of a restaurant, and ways to be frugal in the ever fluctuating economy; this will be a guide for you and your library. "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."--Maimonides.
11/1/2017 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
Do murders fascinate your patrons? Ours too! Murder & Mayhem has been a successful program at our library over the years. Gathering research from our local history collection as well as stories from our patrons, we have found a unique way to generate interest in our history, albeit a much darker side. We will discuss planning strategies, as well as the program's successes and failures, in hopes of inspiring you to bring a new adult program to your library community.
8/16/2018 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
So you'd like to offer podcasts to your patrons, but need help getting started? In this webinar, you'll get expert advice from Kentucky public library staff with podcasting experience. We'll pull back the curtain on podcasting to help you with this entertaining and valuable service!
2/4/2021 | 1 hour | Podcasting Slides (PDF)
Privacy is an ethical responsibility of libraries, but the rise of digital services has dramatically changed how libraries meet patrons' needs. This session provides an overview of the current privacy landscape and explore ways for libraries to support privacy, both in the use of library services and in everyday life, just in time for Choose Privacy Week (May 1-7).
4/16/2020 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
Campbell County Public Library, Parks and Rec., and Cooperative Extension partnered to provide summer learning opportunities at AJ Jolly Park in central Campbell County, basing their work on a successful program from Kenton County Parks. In our first summer we averaged 175 patrons in the park per event. Learn from our mistakes and successes and see how you can take the library outdoors, and take it to patrons outside your service area.
2/7/2017 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
Working with presenters and performers from your community is a great way to expand your program offerings. Learn the best way to work with your presenters and performers so they continue to return to your library year after year. A positive programming experience results in high quality programming your community will love to attend!
5/16/2017 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
Can you not tell the difference between Hawkman and Hawkeye? Do you not know what kryptonite or gamma rays are? Never fear! This presentation will give you the basics of the world's two most popular superhero universes as well as programming ideas for a variety of age groups. ***This is a repeat session from the 2014 Summer Reading Programming Conference.***
5/14/2015 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
"Live the full life of the mind, exhilarated by new ideas, intoxicated by the romance of the unusual."—E. Hemingway. Be inspired and intoxicated by new, outside of the box programming ideas. In a fast-paced world, where attention spans are shortening, it is imperative that we adapt and be creative. Reaching out to our communities, enticing new patrons to participate in programming requires creativity and innovation. Let's start a movement, romance the public, and travel into the unknown!
9/17/2015 | 1 hour | Follow-up document (PDF), Slides (PDF)
Learn about what Kentucky’s cooperative extension agents do, how you can partner with them, and what resources are available to you and your patrons. Presenters: Kimberly Henken, Director, Extension Engagement and Administrative Initiatives Mark Mains, Extension Director of Workforce and Equity Initiatives, University of Kentucky
4/28/2022 | 1 hour | Handouts​ (PDF)
Do you ever get asked, "How much do you think this old book is worth?" Or, "Do you know if this old painting is valuable?" If so, you might need an appraisal program at your library! In this webinar, we'll hear from a Kentucky public library with a successful, long-running, in-person appraisal program. We'll also hear from a Michigan public library with a new-but-still-successful virtual appraisal program. View this webinar and learn how to help your patrons discover the value in their "treasures!"
4/6/2022 | 1 hour | Appraisal Programs (PDF), Newspaper Promo (PDF), Flyer​ (PDF)​
Ever had a program that just didn't work? Or maybe you had a slam dunk that just fell apart and you don't know why. Part presentation and part therapy session; we'll focus on how to cope with an event that misses its audience, and how to avoid that situation in the first place. Participants will also have a chance to share some of their own trials and tribulations in library world.
8/25/2015 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)


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