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Bringing together a wide array of exciting programming opportunities that will inspire and motivate you, this presentation is, at its heart, all about bringing the various departments and individuals within your library system together in concerted collaboration! Join us to reinvigorate, get new ideas, gain inspiration, and learn about collaboration!
4/12/2019 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
Our rural library is constantly seeking ways to expand our programming and outreach in our community. In this session, attendees will discover how a variety of community partnerships can help with fundraising, programming, and funding for various programs and events. We will offer an extensive list of our community partners and encourage you to brainstorm your own list to take with you. This session will cover how to enhance successful collaboration and simplify communication. We will also talk about various programs we have been able to offer by partnering with local organizations and businesses while stressing affordability, viability, and communication.
5/4/2022 | 1 hour | Slides​ (PDF)​
Learn all about KDLA’s kits, both book discussion and programming, for adults and youth. We’ll cover the types of kits available, as well as how to discover and schedule kits, and much more.
12/8/2021 | 1.5 hours | Handouts​ (PDF)
Library Community Campaigns are a great way to get involved in your local communities. Join us to learn more about successful library community campaigns such as Drop Your Drawers and many more!
2/1/2018 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
As the need for library outreach grows, librarians will have to reevaluate traditional programming models. Learn to design simple, low-cost, high-impact outreach programming for youth, from toddlers to teens.
1/21/2016 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
Reading is for everyone, even if you are blind, have low vision, a reading disability, or a physical disability that makes it hard to read regular print. Whether your patrons use audio or braille, prefer delivery by mail or by smartphone, the Kentucky Talking Book Library can provide free, tailored library service. Learn who is eligible, what is available, how it is accessed, and what might be coming in the near future.
2/22/2022 | 1 hour | Handout​ (PDF)
The Senior Wellness Series is one of Madison County Public Library's premier senior service programs. In this presentation, Outreach Services Coordinator Brandon Thompson will discuss the research and information-gathering that lead to understanding and developing wellness initiatives for the 'new senior,' and will offer lots of specific details about the development and progression of the ongoing Senior Wellness Series at MCPL!
8/22/2018 | 1.25 hours | Slides (PDF)
Learn about what Kentucky’s cooperative extension agents do, how you can partner with them, and what resources are available to you and your patrons. Presenters: Kimberly Henken, Director, Extension Engagement and Administrative Initiatives Mark Mains, Extension Director of Workforce and Equity Initiatives, University of Kentucky
4/28/2022 | 1 hour | Handouts​ (PDF)


If you need captioning or other accommodations, please email at least two weeks prior to the event.

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