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Employee/Management Resources

Advocacy is telling your library’s story, making it real, making it easier for stakeholders – legislators, elected officials, school partners – to engage with all of the wonderful things you’re doing for your community. It’s also a way to make sure that libraries and the good work we’re doing is top-of-mind when it comes to decisions that affect libraries, at the state and local level. Advocacy is an integral part of our responsibilities as library employees, it’s not just the director’s job.
Join Dave Schroeder, director of the Kenton County Public Library, and Jean Ruark, director of the Paul Sawyier Public Library in Frankfort, to learn what issues may be on the legislators’ radar in the next legislative session, and the why and how of advocacy.
9/28/2021 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF), Handout​ (PDF)
Bad patron interactions happen to good librarians every day. In this webinar, we will explore the role of expectations in our dealings with patrons; how to turn a negative experience into a positive one; and what to do if, despite our best efforts, safety becomes an issue.
5/24/2017 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
The new year brings a clean slate – and major revisions to the state regulations governing certification of Kentucky public library staff! We’ll cover the new levels of certification, the requirements for each level, and how to determine which level you should hold.
Does certification make you want to pull your hair out, or maybe just bury your head in the sand? KDLA’s CE Section is here to help! We’ll calm your nerves and pique your interest with an overview of the certification levels, annual summations, and the application process. Learn tips and tricks from the certification pros, and bring your questions, too!
10/20/2021 | 1 hour | Slides​ (PDF)
Homelessness is an issue that affects libraries throughout the country, and there are many different ways that libraries have been addressing it. In this session, learn how one library, over the last 17 years, has been working with those in their community who are experiencing poverty and/or homelessness. Learn tips for approaching and engaging customers, best practices for gathering resource information in your community, how to create your own resource sheets, and why this work is important.
9/24/2019 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
Want to know how to attend a library conference the right way? This 30 minute webinar is for first timers and old-timers of library conferences, big and small. Join us for a quick tutorial on how to get the most out of your conference experience!
3/28/2017 | 0.5 hours | Slides (PDF)
This webinar will explain how to effectively interact with people who have various disabilities. It encourages people to see the person before the disability, and focuses on an inclusive mindset more than political correctness.
4/24/2019 | 1.5 hours | Slides (PDF)
Learn the basics of email etiquette in this fast-paced webinar.
9/25/2018 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
Louis Kelly, Boone County Commonwealth's Attorney, will discuss the legalities of handling troublesome patrons. What standards of behavior can a library enforce to protect its environment and patrons? What are the patrons' protected rights? How should libraries handle issues involving drugs? Patrons with bedbugs? Patrons with poor hygiene? Mr. Kelly will explain some commonsense applications of the laws surrounding these issues.
5/16/2019 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
Knowledge transfer is defined as the practical problem of transferring knowledge from one part of an organization to another. It seeks to organize, create, capture or distribute knowledge and ensure its availability for future users. This session will provide a general overview of current Knowledge Transfer practices and trends that may help you in your current work environment.
4/30/2019 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF). Knowledge Transfer (PDF)
A link between creative, effective employees and playfulness has been established, but our jobs are often pretty stressful. The presenter will share some low-cost/no-cost ideas that she has implemented at her library that keep the party going!
1/20/2017 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
Office etiquette is much more than just making a good first impression. It is an essential part of creating a productive and pleasant work environment. This training session will analyze various workplace situations as we review the do’s and don’ts of office etiquette. From basic pleasantries to romantic dalliances, this session covers it all!
1/17/2018 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
Research has shown that workgroups with positive to negative interaction ratios greater than 3 to 1 are significantly more productive than teams that do not reach this ratio. How does your library team stack up? Learn ways to increase positivity in your organization and work toward increasing productivity!
2/13/2020 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
You already provide outstanding service for your customers. But what if there were some basic things you could do on a daily basis to enhance your interactions with your customers? This webinar will cover some of these basic concepts, and show you how you can use them in your library.
11/16/2017 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
Join us for a discussion of techniques for managing time, space, and schedules geared specifically for library supervisors. Time management is a system and philosophy on how to approach your work tasks—one that can improve everything from workflow to personnel management. Different time management theories will be presented, but the emphasis will be on practical application.
3/28/2018 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)


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