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Children/Youth Services

KDLA is partnering with KY Saves 529 and the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA) again this year to offer a College Savings Summer Reading Sweepstakes. From May 16 to August 12, 2022, Kentucky children and young adults 18 or younger who participate in their library’s summer reading program can enter for a chance to win one of four $529 college savings accounts. Each winner's local library will also receive $500 for future reading programs. Join representatives from KDLA, KY Saves 529, and KHEAA to learn more about the sweepstakes and how your library can participate.
3/9/2022 | 0.5 hours | Slides​ (PDF)
Art workshops are a great way to build communities with and between teens! Our patrons want arts programming, but sometimes it can feel like we're doing the same craft over and over. Come chat about new ideas and new approaches to library crafts that also foster critical developmental assets and the social-emotional needs of modern teens. ⦁ Presenter: Jessy Griffith, Teen Librarian, Kenton County Public Library.
2/20/2019 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF), Jessy Griffith Art Club workbook 2018 (PDF), Art Book cover (PDF)
One-third of children in Kentucky enter kindergarten overweight or obese. Healthy habits early in life can build a foundation for lifelong health. This webinar will focus on the 5-2-1-0 toolkit developed by the Kentucky Department for Public Health, Prevention Branch: eat 5 or more servings of fruit and vegetables each day, limit screen time to no more than 2 hours a day, be physically active at least 1 hour a day, and avoid sugar sweetened beverages. Multiple tools and strategies for use in a library setting will be presented.
The website for the 5-2-1-0 toolkit has changed. Please visit:
1/28/2016 | 0.75 hours | Slides (PDF)
Directors, administrators, trustees, and managers – Join us for a crash course in early childhood services for public libraries. We will look at the need for early childhood services and the value they can add to our library and communities. We will discuss high quality library early childhood programs and highlight how your library can be a valuable community partner and stakeholder in state and local early childhood initiatives.
2/25/2015 | 0.75 hours
After-School Programs seem like a no-brainer when it comes to Youth Services, but what happens when what you’ve planned is not generating enough interest or participants? From the frustration of program fails comes an opportunity to think outside the box, and discover new ways to connect with the youth in your area when it seems like you’ve tried it all. We’ll go over how the Covington Branch of the Kenton County Public Library has partnered with local schools to present programs during their after-school programs as well as strategies and tips to increase in-house program participation. Presenter: Lauren Brandstetter, Children’s Programmer, Kenton County Public Library.
8/14/2019 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
Middle school and high school aged students deserve to have exciting and fun activities for them at our libraries just like the Elementary aged students that come through our doors. Keeping teens interested in library programming does not have to be all high spending and gizmos. All it takes is some brainstorming, some imagination - a little pixie dust if you have some handy - and a willingness to try, create, and have fun with it. 
*The Star Wars video mentioned in the recording had technical issues and was deleted. The YouTube mentioned at the end is available here:
3/11/2020 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
Self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible-decision making are vital skills every teen needs to navigate the adult world. This webinar focuses on how to design teen programming that supports the social and emotional learning skills as identified by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) and supported by YALSA’s new teen services competencies. Presented by Blayne Borden, Youth Services Librarian, Lexington Public Library.
2/6/2019 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF), Handouts (PDF), Competencies (PDF)
Join us for a fun and informative session all about Dolly Parton's Imagination Library. You will hear from Dolly's own Regional Director, Christy Crouse and library directors with Dolly's Kentucky program affiliates. The webinar will provide you with the practical tools to start a program in your community, such as identifying funding sources and partners. The Imagination Library is a unique opportunity to inspire a love of reading among your community's children. Presenters: Christy Crouse, Regional Director, Dolly Parton Foundation; Charlotte Keeney, Director, Pulaski County Public Library; J.C. Morgan, Director, Campbell County Public Library
10/9/2019 | 1 hour | Session slides (PDF), Pulaski County slides (PDF), Campbell County slides (PDF)
Ever wonder what other youth services library people do about policies and procedures around difficult topics such as disruptive unattended children or adults who frequent your teen space without accompanying children? How do other youth services staff keep up with cutting edge trends in programming, collection development, and outreach? We answer all your questions and more in this freestyle webinar driven by YOU!
5/3/2018 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
The National Center for Families Learning (NCFL) works with partners across the country to engage families in learning together. Through NCFL Family Learning, programs in libraries, schools, and community organizations help parents build their own skills to support their children’s learning, spend time learning with their children, and work together to address challenges they identify in their communities. This service of communities is accomplished through NCFL’s six-step Family Service Learning process. In this webinar, NCFL will share the process in conjunction with staff from San Mateo County Libraries, who will provide context for how they work with families in the library setting.
1/18/2018 | 1 hour | Brief (PDF), Slides (PDF)
The Cazenovia Public Library in central New York State has successfully teamed up with their local food pantry to provide early and adult literacy programs at the pantry. What started as a small outreach aimed at increasing early literacy ballooned into much more. The Library now provides adult GED tutoring, ESL classes, summer reading programs, Dolly Parton Imagination Library sign-ups, and health literacy initiatives - all on a small budget. Join Betsy Kennedy, Director of the Cazenovia Public Library, to learn how to turn your local food pantry into a center for family literacy.
5/4/2016 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
FRYSCs can be important partners for KYACers. Learn what FRYSCs are, what they do, and how they work with Public Libraries already; also, we'll dream about what more we can do together.
3/1/2022 | 1 hour | Handout​ (PDF)
The board gaming community spent 700 million dollars on games, cards, and merchandise in 2013. In the last five years, it has seen a huge resurgence in popularity among teens and adults in their twenties. This presentation looks at how to incorporate board gaming into adult and children’s programming. It will survey Clark County’s first “ALA International Game Day”, how to incorporate board games into book clubs, and resources for buying and starting your own board game programs.
3/25/2016 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF), Notes and Resources (PDF)
Learn about the growing movement to bring free after-school Girls Who Code Clubs to Kentucky public libraries. Hannah Simon Goldman, Regional Partnership Coordinator for GWC, will discuss the free, expanded curriculum available to help libraries facilitate clubs for grades 3-5 or 6-12—even for library staff with little or no coding background. She’ll also describe additional grant funding opportunities available to Kentucky public libraries. Shantel Richardson, the STEM Education Specialist for Jessamine County Public Library, will share how her library successfully started a GWC Club for teen girls earlier this year.

Topics included in this presentation:

  • How learning at home is different than learning in school. 
  • How new homeschoolers’ needs may differ from experienced homeschoolers.
  • Different approaches to homeschooling and how homeschool style affects resource needs.
  • Challenges faced by homeschool families including COVID related challenges.
  • Library resources homeschoolers need most.
  • Recommendations for different grade levels.
  • Creative, low cost, options for programming and other services to help homeschool families.
  • Internet resources for homeschoolers.

Presented by Barbara Hettle, an independent educational consultant who works with public, private, and homeschooled students from across the US.

9/2/2020 | 1 hour
Our rural library is constantly seeking ways to expand our programming and outreach in our community. In this session, attendees will discover how a variety of community partnerships can help with fundraising, programming, and funding for various programs and events. We will offer an extensive list of our community partners and encourage you to brainstorm your own list to take with you. This session will cover how to enhance successful collaboration and simplify communication. We will also talk about various programs we have been able to offer by partnering with local organizations and businesses while stressing affordability, viability, and communication.
5/4/2022 | 1 hour | Slides​ (PDF)​
If they can’t get to the library, how can a library still help its teen service population? Does the physical library need to be the center of teen services? Jessy Griffith, Teen Services Librarian at the William E. Durr Branch of the Kenton County Public Library, shares her methods and ideas for being the friendly neighborhood librarian and removing barriers to access for one of the most traditionally underserved populations.
9/27/2016 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
LGBTQ+ youth living in small, rural communities face different obstacles than their urban counterparts, as do the libraries that serve them. In this presentation, two former YA Librarians discuss building programs with open door policies that attract LGBTQ+ teens without upsetting the conservative majority.
12/2/2015 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)


  • Kathleen Pool, Kentucky Humanities Council
  • Shelia Stovall, Director, Allen County Public Library

PRIME TIME FAMILY READING TIME is a six-week reading, discussion, and storytelling program held at public libraries or schools. A university scholar and a storyteller (who act as discussion leaders) conduct weekly storytelling and discussion sessions based on award-winning children's picture books. Participants are elementary age children and their families.

What does PRIME TIME do? It reinforces the role of family as a major social and economic unit; it trains parents and children to bond together around the act of reading; it teaches parents and children to read and discuss humanities topics such as fairness, greed, honor, and deceit; it encourages low-literacy, low-income parents to enter or continue their own educational programs; it helps parents and children learn how to select books and become active library users. Prime Time is a powerful tool to stimulate communication between children and parents.

For more information and application,

9/11/2019 | 1 hour | FAQ (PDF), Sign Sheet (Word), Name Tag Labels (Word), Attendance Record (Excel)
Learn about the Kentucky Moms MATR program and how your library can partner with KY Moms staff to support the families in your com​munities.
5/12/2022 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF), Service Map (PDF), Referral​ (PDF)
Sesame Street, Downton Abbey, Doc Martin. Is this what you think when you hear “KET”? You’re right! But KET is so much more. With educational resources for preschoolers through adults, KET offers engaging, interactive learning experiences you can view, stream, and print. Join us for this webinar to learn how to find and use these materials at your location.
3/4/2020 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
Learn all about KDLA’s kits, both book discussion and programming, for adults and youth. We’ll cover the types of kits available, as well as how to discover and schedule kits, and much more.
12/8/2021 | 1.5 hours | Handouts​ (PDF)
This presentation will focus on the growing psychosocial needs of library patrons, such as needs related to mental health, substance use, and poverty, reasons for this shift in patrons' needs, and how these needs affect libraries and library staff. The role of the public library social worker will be discussed, including examples of social work and public library collaborations in smaller or rural libraries.
Presenter: Beth Wahler, PhD, MSW, is the Director of the School of Social Work at UNC Charlotte and founder of Beth Wahler Consulting (
6/16/2022 | 1 hour | Slides​ (PDF)
The possibilities are endless when you introduce loose parts play into your library programming! Learn about the importance of this type of play, what you will need to get started, and a chance to share experiences that will work for a library of any size. Presenters: Kate Schiavi & Erin Nevitt, Louisville Free Public Library.
4/15/2019 | 1 hour | Planning Guide (PDF), Slides (PDF)
As the need for library outreach grows, librarians will have to reevaluate traditional programming models. Learn to design simple, low-cost, high-impact outreach programming for youth, from toddlers to teens.
1/21/2016 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
Green Dot is a nationally recognized strategy focused on preventing power-based personal violence which includes sexual violence, intimate partner violence, child abuse, bullying, and stalking. Research has shown that Green Dot reduces perpetration of sexual violence by 21% and perpetration of intimate partner violence by nearly 40%. The Kentucky Association of Sexual Assault Programs (KASAP) has been implementing Green Dot in high schools and communities across the Commonwealth for over a decade. Attend this training to learn more about Green Dot and how your library can be part of the movement to create a violence-free Kentucky by becoming a Green Dot Spot.
Presenter: Astraea Howard (she/her) is the Prevention Coordinator at the Kentucky Association of Sexual Assault Programs (KASAP) and has been working to end sexual and intimate partner violence for over 7 years. In her role at KASAP, Astraea coordinates all statewide prevention initiatives and works closely with local prevention educators to ensure effective program delivery. Astraea received her Bachelor of Arts in Latin American Studies and Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies at William & Mary
3/24/2022 | 1 hour | Presentation​ (PDF)
The DCBS social service specialists, Sydney Lawson and Chelsea Harrod, will give an overview of information relating to how to make a report, the policy and criteria about what would meet the threshold for a child welfare intervention in Kentucky, and some different things to watch for on a virtual platform (as well as in person contact) with families. They’ll also give information about what happens once an investigation is completed. 
  • Knowledge and understanding for Kentucky Child Welfare dependency, neglect, and abuse reporting requirements
  • Knowledge and understanding of how to observe concerns and red flags of abuse and neglect through a virtual platform
  • Knowledge and understanding of the steps during CPS intervention
1/13/2021 | 2 hours
Child maltreatment is a serious problem in Kentucky, with an increase in cases of abuse and neglect up 55% since 2012. Through Child Abuse Prevention Month, and the Pinwheels for Prevention Campaign observed in April each year, we have the perfect opportunity to raise awareness and educate communities towards keeping all children safe. This webinar will provide an overview of the observances, as well as introduce training and promotional resources from Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky. Discussion will also include examples of community engagement opportunities towards educating library patrons. Presented by Laura Chowning, MPA, Community Engagement Coordinator, Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky.
Suicide is the second leading cause of death for youth and young adults in Kentucky. Learn risk factors, warning signs and behavioral clues around suicide risk, and how to reach out to help someone who may be considering suicide.
3/1/2016 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
This introductory webinar addresses how teens are affected by the issues of bullying, dating violence, and sexual assault among teens. It includes discussion of the issues, but the webinar’s focus is introducing and discussing techniques and strategies to incorporate into programming and partnerships that reduce rates of violence and change the culture around violence in our communities. Strategies and concepts include: Green Dot, developmental assets, social emotional learning, risk & protective factors, and youth leadership and empowerment.

4/30/2018 | 1 hour | Preventing Violence Together (PDF)
Tweens are one of the toughest demographics to reach in the library—between storytimes and teen programs they are often forgotten and slip through the cracks. Not to mention they can be daunting to work with for many children’s librarians! Jill Frasher, Children’s Librarian at the Erlanger Branch of the Kenton County Public Library, will discuss how she has implemented successful tween programming at her library. She will share development strategies, program successes and failures, and her tips and tricks for working with these often-underserved patrons. Presented by Jill Frasher, Children’s Librarian, Kenton County Public Library.
2/27/2019 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
Reading is for everyone, even if you are blind, have low vision, a reading disability, or a physical disability that makes it hard to read regular print. Whether your patrons use audio or braille, prefer delivery by mail or by smartphone, the Kentucky Talking Book Library can provide free, tailored library service. Learn who is eligible, what is available, how it is accessed, and what might be coming in the near future.
2/22/2022 | 1 hour | Handout​ (PDF)
Do you wonder what research really says about how to support school readiness? In a nutshell, it is so much more than just the BRIGANCE assessment. The Reimagining School Readiness (RSR) Toolkit is a suite of research-backed resources created for library staff to help families prepare children ages 0 to 8 for success in school and in life.
Through an interactive presentation with creative hands-on STEAM activities, this training will introduce library staff to the research, practical implications, and resources offered in the RSR toolkit. Participants will understand key findings from current cognitive and developmental psychology research, reflect on the implications of those findings for their daily work, gain practical ready-to-implement ideas for activities (designed by the Bay Area Discovery Museum), and receive resources for staff and parents/caregivers.
You will benefit from this workshop if you work with children ages 0 to 8 and their families and would like to learn more about how to offer research-backed programming in your library.
This training is offered free of charge through a generous grant from IMLS as part of a broader effort to disseminate the toolkit nationally. The toolkit was developed by the Bay Area Discovery Museum in collaboration with the California State Library and the Pacific Library Partnership.
Outcomes: Introduce library staff to the research, practical implications, and resources offered in the RSR toolkit.
4/20/2021 | 3 hours
Introducing teen programming? Join Laura Beth Fox-Ezell and Veronica Rainwater as they discuss their experience planning teen-driven programs including implementing a Teen Advisory Board! They'll share their development strategies, program performance, ideas for future teen program plans and more.
10/3/2018 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
The Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) bridges the summer nutrition gap for children who depend on school meals from September through May. In 2022, the SFSP shifts back to the pre-pandemic program which is familiar to many communities and families. This will include recognizable and trusted meal sites like the public library. We look forward to working with the public libraries again and hope for continued growth in meal and library services for children in need.
5/3/2022 | 1 hour
How is your interaction with homeschoolers? Are you doing too much, not enough, not sure? I homeschooled for 10 years before becoming a librarian, and even I tend to shake in my boots when they come in the door. This training session focuses on library services for homeschooled students within the framework of the K-12 population as a whole. In addition to discussing the sensitive topic of serving one student subgroup without alienating the others, I’ll cover root issues of librarians' negative perceptions of homeschoolers, identifying behaviors that enhance negative perceptions, developing proactive services and policies, and building win-win relationships with all students and parents.
5/11/2016 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
Womb Literacy is a cutting edge initiative at the North Liberty Community Library (Iowa) that encourages expecting families to learn about early literacy skills and develop daily literacy routines like reading to their child while they are still in the womb. Parents will feel more confident as their child’s first teacher and better prepared to continue those literacy habits after their child is born. Womb Literacy includes three programs: a Baby Fair, Stork Storytime Podcasts and Read to the Bump. Just as it’s never too late to develop a love of reading, it’s never too early either.
5/25/2016 | 0.75 hours | Slides (PDF)
This presentation is designed to help public library staff learn about why conservative youth may be hesitant about looking for materials in their own public libraries or might feel frustrated about the current materials available to them. You will learn what kinds of concerns these youth have in common with each other, strategies for building friendly displays for all youth, as well as strategies for conducting book clubs that are sensitive to the needs of conservative patrons but don’t turn off others.
9/4/2015 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF), Book List (PDF)
Are 21st century teen library services all about learning labs and maker spaces? Think again! Join us for a deep dive on Connected Learning, the service model at the heart of the latest YALSA Competencies, which shifts librarians from being an expert to a facilitator, mentor, and learner alongside their teen patrons. Hear how to empower staff, identify strategic partners, and design teen-centered library programs that embrace connected learning by creating spaces where teens are hanging out, messing around, and geeking out in the pursuit of their own interests while building skills for lifelong learning. Presenters: Kelly M. Hoffman, Doctoral candidate, College of Information Studies, University of Maryland and Mega Subramaniam, Associate Professor, College of Information Studies, University of Maryland.
2/27/2018 | 1 hour | Connected Learning Notes (PDF)


If you need captioning or other accommodations, please email at least two weeks prior to the event.

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