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Adult Services

Too often, individuals with special needs may struggle to find their “home” within the library environment. Feeling out of place in adult programming where the topics may seem too complex, but also a sense of awkwardness in youth settings where their presence can be a distraction to other attendees, the struggle for fostering an appropriate setting continually challenges libraries everywhere. In seeking a solution to this dilemma, Warren County Public Library established our Adult Activity Hour. Working with dedicated organizations and facilities within the area as well as a special needs advocate, this monthly program has been extremely well attended and praised by area caregivers. We welcome the opportunity to share our insight, including trials and successes, with anyone interested in creating a similar program in your own library.
3/4/2021 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
Each year the Kenton County Public Library offers a popular free historic walking tour program. In this webinar, Cierra Earl will share tips and ideas on how to plan, research, and share the rich past of your community.
3/15/2018 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
Adults with autism are often drawn to the library as a safe place where they can explore their interests, develop their skills, and interact with others in their community. We will discuss some of the common joys and challenges of serving adults on the autism spectrum. With awareness and training library staff can ensure that autistic adults have positive experiences in the library and community. *This webinar is a repeat from SPOKcon2015*
2/3/2016 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
Mobile hotspot lending is a growing trend to provide Internet access through cellular data for patron use at home. If you aren’t sure how to start this service at your library, this webinar is for you! Learn about McCracken County Public Library’s Digital Toolbox pilot program to loan mobile hotspots & laptops outside the library and teach digital literacy skills for effective use of those devices.
1 hour | Slides (PDF), lending agreement (Word), staff procedures (Word), usage survey (PDF)
Have you ever noticed that some aspects of traditional library programming fail to meet the needs of people with dementia? Fear not! Using a creative/improvisational approach when working with people experiencing moderate to advanced dementia leads to a more relaxed and joyful programming experience for all involved. We will examine various techniques such as improvisational storytelling, using random ephemera, and sensory exploration. We will also discuss how to change the flow when things go awry and most importantly, how to take care of ourselves so that we can give our best to this unique population.
3/31/2017 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
This webinar highlights strategies for teaching technology to senior citizens who often lack basic understanding of the Internet or the Microsoft Windows environment. In recent years, devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones have made content available to library patrons who are unable to read traditional print sources. Meanwhile Web 2.0 technologies can reduce the isolation experienced by the homebound population. Technology has the potential to enrich older patrons' lives.
9/24/2015 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
Anne Basting, a 2016 MacArthur Fellow, shares plans for a bold inter-generational project across Kentucky to build partnerships between nursing homes and their communities. Working with her non-profit TimeSlips in partnership with Signature HealthCARE, the three-year project brings training and creative programming to foster collaborations between health and cultural institutions to foster meaningful relationships across the generations.
9/13/2017 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
With one in three seniors dying with Alzheimer’s or other dementia-related illness, providing resources for them and their caregivers is crucial, especially for rural areas that might lack other support systems. Learn about how the Effingham Public Library (Ill.) developed partnerships and low-cost resources to support this critical need. This webinar is a repeat from the 2016 Association of Rural and Small Libraries (ARSL) Conference.
2/21/2017 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
In 2014, the GED was converted to a computer-based version leaving non-computer users behind. This presentation outlines ways that public libraries can help GED takers prepare for the digital version of the exam. Learn how to apply the principles of digital inclusion to help exam takers overcome technological barriers to earning the GED.
11/8/2017 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
Instituting a GED® Testing Center in your library is low-investment way to have a high impact on your community’s educational needs. This webinar will review the steps and benefits to setting up a testing center, with real examples from libraries already offering the GED® test in their counties.
1/15/2020 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
Join us to learn about Kentucky Educational Television’s Workplace Essential Skills Job Search module, which contains videos and activities related to preparing résumés, cover letters, and for interviews. Find out how your patrons can utilize the Job Search module and templates within it to create their own career documents, like a résumé or job application.
7/26/2021 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
This Webinar provides librarians with information about how to help someone get started studying for and taking the GED® test. Information includes: directing clients to to set up an account, providing access to Learning Express and directing clients to GED® prep classes. Also, learn how to become a GED® testing center to serve your community.
10/22/2019 | 0.75 hours | Slides (PDF)
Join me in exploring LearningExpress Library, a KYVL resource that can help you achieve your educational and career goals.
3/22/2018 | 0.75 hours | Slides (PDF)
Instituting a GED® Testing Center in your library is a low-investment way to have a high impact on your community’s educational needs. Join Mark Adler, Director of the Paris-Bourbon County Public Library, and Ashley Wagers, Director of the Jackson County Public Library, as they share their experiences in setting up and running a GED® Testing Center. Natalie Cummins, Kentucky GED® Administrator with Kentucky Skills U, will also be joining us to provide information on the GED® test and how your library can get the process started.
7/1/2020 | 0.75 hours | Slides (PDF)
Join us for this Library Link Up webinar where we will discuss library programs geared towards men.
3/7/2019 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
So you'd like to offer podcasts to your patrons, but need help getting started? In this webinar, you'll get expert advice from Kentucky public library staff with podcasting experience. We'll pull back the curtain on podcasting to help you with this entertaining and valuable service!
2/4/2021 | 1 hour | Podcasting Slides (PDF)
In this webinar, participants will generate ideas to better serve the senior population in their community. Attendees will discover how to enhance relationships with senior patrons and staff at senior facilities; effectively market and increase awareness of their outreach program; better select, develop, and promote items of interest to senior patrons; effectively incorporate technology into their senior outreach program; and prepare for the growing senior population and demographic in their community. Learn from the experiences and successes of staff at the St. Charles Public Library.
4/13/2017 | 0.5 hours | Slides (PDF)
Skillbuilders is a series of educational and support programs designed for those who are going through life changes due to the loss of a loved one, aging issues, change in living locations or other transitions. Because of these changes, decision-making can be difficult. Skillbuilders programs provide practical information on financial and legal issues as well as personal subjects such as adjusting to singleness, medical fitness and family dynamics.
3/2/2018 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF), Handouts (PDF)​ is a free educational website that teaches older adults with limited computer skills how to use the most popular and trusted websites on the internet. A big part of the mission is to empower libraries and other technology training organizations by offering their free video and article tutorials to help them teach digital literacy. Libraries of all sizes find their educational content to be a great asset to build their programs around, as it saves them the time and effort of preparing training materials for websites that are constantly changing. can also be a valuable tool to encourage students to continue learning at home on their own time To help spread the word about this, has teamed up with the KDLA to run a webinar that will explain all the ways libraries can leverage free resource websites like to help them teach digital literacy.
10/18/2016 | 0.75 hours | Slides (PDF)
The Senior Wellness Series is one of Madison County Public Library's premier senior service programs. In this presentation, Outreach Services Coordinator Brandon Thompson will discuss the research and information-gathering that lead to understanding and developing wellness initiatives for the 'new senior,' and will offer lots of specific details about the development and progression of the ongoing Senior Wellness Series at MCPL!
8/22/2018 | 1.25 hours | Slides (PDF)


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