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Don't let numbers get you down. Learn what you need for a library budget and how to stay on track so that you, your Board, and your community don't have too many money worries!
12/8/2017 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF)
The new year brings a clean slate – and major revisions to the state regulations governing certification of Kentucky public library staff! We’ll cover the new levels of certification, the requirements for each level, and how to determine which level you should hold.
Do you ever speak to a politician or community leader? Afterward, do you remember all the things that you wish you said about your library? Join Judith Gibbons, Library Advocate, for some tips and techniques to help you be prepared for those brief moments with local, state, and national leaders.
5/18/2015 | 1 hour
Homelessness is an issue that affects libraries throughout the country, and there are many different ways that libraries have been addressing it. In this session, learn how one library, over the last 17 years, has been working with those in their community who are experiencing poverty and/or homelessness. Learn tips for approaching and engaging customers, best practices for gathering resource information in your community, how to create your own resource sheets, and why this work is important.
9/24/2019 | 1 hour
The 2020 Census is fast approaching, and libraries can play an important role to ensure every Kentuckian is counted! By partnering with the Census Bureau, libraries can help get the word out about the benefits of an accurate count to secure Kentucky's fair share of over $875 Billion in funding. For the first time in history, households will be encouraged to respond to the census online from a smart phone, tablet, or desktop. Michelle Elison, Kentucky's Partnership Specialist, will highlight key dates on the 2020 Census operational timeline, discuss preparations that have already been made at the state and local levels, and provide information on thousands of good-paying census jobs that are currently available across the state.
6/3/2019 | 1 hour
Today, every library should have an auditor and an attorney – it just makes good business sense. However finding one which is suitable for the library is far from easy. This webinar will cover the qualifications you should seek in both an attorney and an auditor, and what you should expect from these two professionals.
9/26/2017 | 0.75 hours (Note: Technical difficulties with captioning beginning at 2:36 and lasts approximately 3 minutes)
Join the PR team at the Scott County Public Library as they describe their experience producing a library calendar that is mailed to every household in Scott County. The presentation includes facts on production, content, design process, and nonprofit mailing costs. All library budgets are different but join this session to find a plan that works for your library's size and budget.
10/2/2019 | 1 hour
According to the Disney Approach to Employee Engagement, "engagement is the extent to which employees commit to something or someone in their organization, how effectively they work, and how long they stay as a result of that commitment." Upon completion of this training, managers will be more informed as to:
  • How engagement is rooted in the culture of an organization
  • What motivates employees to provide desired behaviors
  • How desired behaviors are a sign of the organizational culture
  • The four elements of an organizational culture
1/2017 | 1 hour 
This training is an introduction to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Jennifer Hicks, the State ADA Coordinator, will cover sensitivity, employment, service animals, and other ADA topics.
9/22/2015 | 1.25 hours
The applicability of FMLA to the Kentucky public library is often a topic of conversation – and confusion. This workshop will cover the application of the FMLA to your library, who is covered, who is eligible, and what is required from you as a public institution. Time will be allowed for questions.
3/15/2016 | 1 hour
With support from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Visualizing Funding for Libraries is developed by Foundation Center to help libraries find funding opportunities, increase understanding of funding sources, and track funding trends. Susan Baier, Library Director and Funding Information Network Supervisor for the McCracken County Public Library, will share her experiences in identifying and applying for funding opportunities to support innovative projects and new services to benefit the community. Learn tips on how to find potential funders and prepare successful grant applications.
2/5/2019 | 0.75 hours | Slides (PDF)
Grant Writing 101 will focus on determining when, whether and how to submit a grant proposal. The presentation will address time-saving techniques for finding funding opportunities that fit your agency's priorities and determining the next steps in the process. In just one hour, participants will be able to think through the resources needed to be successful in raising funds through grants.
10/9/2015 | 1.25 hours
With the blessing of their board, the Marion County Public Library took on a reading garden project. With the backing of their Friends of the Library, they not only raised funds through a barn quilt project but also found out how much their patrons appreciate them! Through a community recycling project, a partnership with the Area Technology Center, and donations, the project has come to fruition. Planned by the library, designed and built by students, and funded by all, the garden belongs to everyone.
2/13/2017 | 0.75 hours
Do you or will you soon have a vacancy on your library board of trustees? Join us as we walk through the process of filling a board vacancy step-by-step. We’ll cover the nomination and appointment process and eligibility requirements for trustees. This webinar will be especially useful to library directors and trustees.
10/15/2019 | 0.75 hours
Do you have questions about staffing, benefits, performance management, or national and state law? This webinar will provide a practical overview where complicated concepts are made simple. There will be plenty of time for questions and shared resources to help with ongoing HR topics and needs.
5/12/2016 | 1 hour
Bugs, bugs, bugs! This webinar covers a wide variety issues and concerns related to handling bugs in the library. • What are the warning signs • What to do when they are discovered • How to prevent infestations • Catching bugs immediately • Inspecting and cleaning items • Tools for containing • Preventative monthly treatments • Creation of a Bug Policy • and much more!
4/25/2017 | 1 hour
Knowledge transfer is defined as the practical problem of transferring knowledge from one part of an organization to another. It seeks to organize, create, capture or distribute knowledge and ensure its availability for future users. This session will provide a general overview of current Knowledge Transfer practices and trends that may help you in your current work environment.
4/30/2019 | 1 hour
For small, rural library directors, salary negotiations can be one of the toughest parts of the job. How do you know what you are worth? How do you know what the library can afford? How do you advocate for higher salaries for your staff? One non-expert will tell you what worked and what didn’t in one small library and hopefully give you some tools to begin your own quest.
12/8/2016 | 1 hour
Public libraries across the country are considering eliminating fines. Find out how some Kentucky public libraries have approached going "fine-free" so you can learn some things to think about if your library is considering eliminating fines. This is not a pro vs. cons discussion. This is an informational discussion
3/13/2020 | 1 hour
The DCBS social service specialists, Sydney Lawson and Chelsea Harrod, will give an overview of information relating to how to make a report, the policy and criteria about what would meet the threshold for a child welfare intervention in Kentucky, and some different things to watch for on a virtual platform (as well as in person contact) with families. They’ll also give information about what happens once an investigation is completed. 
  • Knowledge and understanding for Kentucky Child Welfare dependency, neglect, and abuse reporting requirements
  • Knowledge and understanding of how to observe concerns and red flags of abuse and neglect through a virtual platform
  • Knowledge and understanding of the steps during CPS intervention
1/13/2021 | 2 hours
This presentation will cover how libraries must consider First Amendment protections when setting policies relating to meeting rooms, presentations, and content. We will discuss how libraries can provide an open forum for the free exchange of ideas while maintaining an appropriate environment where the community feels safe and welcome.
10/31/2019 | 1 hour
According to the CDC, Kentucky ranks 5th in the U.S. in drug overdose deaths, while the number of Kentuckians addicted to opioids grows every year. And although many may not realize it, Kentucky public libraries are deep in the trenches of the epidemic. But just how are we to respond? In this webinar, you'll get Kentucky-specific information and resources from experts in the medical, law enforcement, and substance abuse prevention fields. We'll hear why Kentucky is so affected by this epidemic, the pros and cons of administering Narcan, where to get assistance in your area, and much more. Our goal is to help you be more informed about all aspects of the opioid epidemic so you'll be able to make the best choices for your library and your community.
1/26/2018 | 1.75 hours
Sooner or later your library will face a legal challenge, stemming from a personnel issue, construction, patron injury, discrimination, or any number of different avenues. While the challenge may be inevitable, defeat is not - if your library is properly prepared. This presentation will help you prepare to face these challenges before they are presented, to place your institution on firmer defensive ground. Time will be allowed for questions.
4/22/2015 | 1 hour
Working with presenters and performers from your community is a great way to expand your program offerings. Learn the best way to work with your presenters and performers so they continue to return to your library year after year. A positive programming experience results in high quality programming your community will love to attend!
5/16/2017 | 1 hour
This session is a quick overview of the Notary Public service. Staff from the Scott County Public Library will discuss important points for management to consider before beginning the service, the impact it has on staffing, and the benefits it provides to the public.
2/28/2018 | 1 hour | Slides (PDF), Handouts (PDF)
Learn the basics of the voluntary Kentucky Public Library Trustee Certification Program.
6/18/2019 | 0.5 hours
This training provides an overview of records management within local government agencies, specifically public libraries. It includes a brief discussion on the roles and responsibilities of agencies, applicable Kentucky statutes, common questions about record formats, and how to determine record types. The training should serve as a basis to understand what public records are and how they should be managed within the local agency.
8/21/2020 | 1.25 hours
Kevin Becker and Rainey Tisdale will discuss how library staff can prepare - practically, mentally, and emotionally - for responding to a mass tragedy in their community. Tammy Blackwell, from the Marshall County Public Library, will share their experiences following the recent shooting at their local high school. Topics covered will include patron needs and libraries as "second responders," ad hoc collaborations with local organizations, managing a public memorial, and staff self-care.
4/25/2018 | 1.25 hours
Is your Library Board considering raising tax revenue but they're concerned about public outcry? Does the thought of being stared down by your County Judge Executive and Magistrates leave your legs wobbly like underset pudding? Learn how one Library was able to increase tax revenue and at the same time build deeper friendships with community members and local elected officials.
5/15/2018 | 0.75 hours
Join us for a discussion of techniques for managing time, space, and schedules geared specifically for library supervisors. Time management is a system and philosophy on how to approach your work tasks—one that can improve everything from workflow to personnel management. Different time management theories will be presented, but the emphasis will be on practical application.
3/28/2018 | 1 hour
Avoid duplicating the job hunting/job preparation services of other organizations in your community. Instead, find out where the weak links are with your community partners and educate them about library resources that can fill their voids. Learn how to help educate job seekers and career changers about resources available to them at next week’s webinar!
10/10/2017 | 1 hour
WorldShare Interlibrary Loan facilitates the sharing of resources between institutions locally, regionally, or globally. Learn how to create and manage requests for borrowing and lending. In addition, several options that can be used to streamline the process, such as constant data, custom holdings, and print settings will be demonstrated.
3/16/2018 | 1 hour


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