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Continuing Education

In order to help Kentucky libraries provide the best possible service to their communities, KDLA offers a variety of training opportunities for librarians, library staff, and trustees.

Calendar of Events
A calendar of Certification Renewal qualifying events recommended by KDLA for library staff and trustees.

KDLA Online Learning for Public Libraries
Self-paced online classes created by KDLA

Online College-Level Courses
Information about undergraduate and graduate level programs in Library Science.

Online Classes
Self-paced online classes that are available for Certification Renewal.

KYVL (KY Virtual Library)
KYVL provides live, online training on both the KYVL website and our research databases.  This training is free to all KYVL members. These trainings qualify for Certification Renewal.

Scholarships and Grants
Financial assistance for library and information studies.

Web-based seminars that are available for Certification Renewal.

​Questions or suggestions?

If you have any information concerning continuing education opportunities for Kentucky librarians or questions for the continuing education staff, call (502) 564-1727, or contact continuing education staff by email at

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