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Part-Time Certification Program for Kentucky Public Libraries

This voluntary program is available to library staff working less than 100 hours per month who are not already required to be certified under 725 KAR 2:060. The goal of this program is to assist public libraries in training their part-time staff on the most common areas of public library service. No fees are associated with this program, and there are no penalties for those who do not complete the requirements.

How Does it Work?

The Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives (KDLA) has created four (4) asynchronous, online courses as part of our KDLA Online Learning for Public Libraries program:

  • Customer Service Basics
  • Reference Basics
  • Solving Difficult Situations in the Library
  • Readers’ Advisory Basics

Staff will receive a certificate of completion and fill out a Learning Activity Report (LAR) for each course. Once all four (4) courses are complete, staff will fill out an Application for Certification of Part-Time Library Staff and submit it, along with the four (4) certificates and LARs, to Once the application is approved, staff will receive a certificate of achievement.

Certification Renewal

Part-time certification is valid for five (5) years and is renewable. To renew, staff must complete fifteen (15) hours’ worth of job-related training. These trainings may be from any provider and in any format. An LAR and documentation of completion (when available) is required for each training. When staff are ready to renew, they submit the LARs, documentation, and application to



If you have questions regarding this program, please contact us by email at or by phone at 502-564-1727.

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