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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to be certified?

  • Improves library services in Kentucky
  • Encourages librarians to acquire, maintain, and develop skills through continuing education
  • Recognizes librarians who update their knowledge and skills to provide better library services
  • Improves the public image of librarians and libraries
  • Provides guidelines for public library boards to use in developing policies for hiring staff
  • Required when library seeks grant funding
  • It is statutory requirement per KRS 171.230-300

Who among public library staff is required to be certified?

  • All part-time and full-time Library Directors, Assistant Librarians (Directors), Branch Heads, Department Heads, and Bookmobile (Outreach Services) Librarians.
  • Full-time employees who provide library information services to the public.

Who governs the certification program?

The Kentucky State Board for the Certification of Librarians is the governing body. Members are appointed by the governor from a list submitted by the board of directors of the Kentucky Library Association.

Board membership consists of:

  • The State Librarian (ex-officio member)
  • Two full-time professional librarians in active public library work
  • Two public library trustees
  • One professional librarian from a department or school of library science in a state university

What are some sources of education for certification renewal?

There are several ways to obtain contact hours for certification renewal. Some of them are below. For more details, refer to the Certification Manual.

  • Taking job-related coursework or continuing education offerings from a college/university (class, institute, seminar, workshop, conference, or lecture series)
  • Holding an office in a professional library or job-related association, consortium, council, or board.
  • Participating in a seminar, workshop, conference, institute, or lecture series sponsored by KDLA
  • Attend job-related workshops, lecture series, or training programs..
  • Writing reviews of job-related materials, or editing a job-related publication, in a professional publication.

If you have other questions regarding the Kentucky public library certification program, contact continuing education staff by email at or by phone at 502-564-1727.


Information Updated: 7/12/2018

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