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Collaborative Summer Library Program Resources

​​​​What is the Collaborative Summer Library Program?

The Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) is a consortium of state libraries and public library systems working together to provide high-quality summer reading program materials for children and teens.

KDLA distributes information from CSLP to all public libraries across the Commonwealth.   

For more information and updates from CSLP:

2021 Theme – Tails and Tales / Colas y Cuentos 

Every year the voted upon theme and slogan is integrated into an inclusive, literacy-based, summer reading program that is enjoyable for all ages, complete with a unified theme, program manual, artwork, resources, and professional support. 

Libraries are encouraged to use whatever materials may be most suitable for their branch/system, including anything that has been published previously by CSLP for the Summer Reading Program.  Please be aware of the CSLP Rules of Use when using the CSLP materials.

Every year KDLA provides a USB drive containing the CSLP manual free of charge to every public library in Kentucky.  If you have additional questions about CSLP materials, rules of use, or need assistance with your summer reading program, please contact Amy Olson, Youth Services Consultant, at (502) 564-1739 or

CSLP Manuals

All Kentucky Public Libraries will be receiving one (1) USB drive containing the 2021 CSLP Program manual which includes graphics, line-art, reproducible forms, and a .pdf copy of each manual. The USB drive also provides complimentary access to the online version of the manuals and graphics.  In order to access the online version of the 2021 CSLP Manual, follow the instructions below:

  • Go to:

  • You must have a CSLP login and password. If you are not registered on the CSLP website, please create an account by clicking on Login/Register in the upper right hand corner of the CSLP website.

  • Once you are logged into the site, click on Manual Downloads located on the tool bar.

  • The first time you enter this section, you must type in online manual access code for the 2021 manual.  You should have received this code with the USB drive. 

From here you will be able to see each of the four manuals. You may download the full manual or individual chapters, plus all the artwork and additional resources, same as on the USB flash drive.  If you have any problems with accessing your manual, including corrupted or broken USB drives, please contact:

Luke Kralik (CSLP) or (833)554-4700
Melissa Hooke (CSLP) or (866)657-8556
Amy Olson (KDLA) or (502)564-1739

Reminder:  One physical copy of the SRP Manual and Artwork DVD is available for checkout from the State Library.

CSLP Tutorials

The Collaborative Summer Library Program home office has created 4 quick-access tutorials for reaching content on the website.  They are:

30+ Years of CSLP – Past Themes & Slogans

Upcoming CSLP programs

2022 Summer Library Slogan:  Oceans of Possibility

  • The theme for all programs:  Oceanography
  • Artist:  Sophie Blackall

2023 Summer Library Slogan:  All Together Now

  • The theme for all programs:  Friendship & Kindness
  • Artist:  Frank Morrison

2024 Summer Library Slogan:  TBD

  • The theme for all programs:  Adventure
  • Artist:  Juana Martinez-Neal

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