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Silly Safari

Contact Person: Amazon John

12106 Southeastern Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46259

Phone: (317) 862-9003



  • Library Contact: Sandy Florence

    Library: Pendleton County Public Library

    Phone: (859) 654-8535


    Comments: We have had Silly Safari do a Summer Reading show for several years. We have had Amazon John and Coyote Chris. They both do a fabulous job! If you have not had them yet, you definitely should. The kids love the show and the animals they bring. After the show, the kids have the opportunity to pet some of the animals. Absolutely wonderful show!!!!

    Age Level: Family / All Ages

    Approximate Cost: $400


  • Library Contact: Becky Munoz

    Library: Woodford County Library

    Phone: (859) 873-5191


    Comments: The staff of Silly Safaris truly care about the animals they present, especially Amazon John, who is their veteran presenter. Many of them were raised by their handlers. Therefore the personalities of the animals shine because they seem comfortable with the people showing them. The presenters are funny and educational. Adults and teens enjoy some of the snarky asides worked into the comments. The show is clean and appropriate for all ages though. Call early because Silly Safaris books up and it is sometimes hard to get the date that you want.

    Age Level: Family / All Ages
    Grades K-5

    Approximate Cost: $400