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Paper Sails

914 Ohio River Road
Greenup, KY 41144


Phone: (606) 547-2931


  • Library Contact: Vicki Hughes

    Library: Greenup County Public Library

    Phone: (606) 615-3687


    Comments: We had Paper Sails for our Summer Reading Kick-off this year, everyone loved it! They kept the songs PG since it was a family event. Blake Roberts sings and plays and Chris Furst plays the drums. We have had several people, including board members bragging on them. I highly recommend them, Blake can also set you up with a professional stage and sound if your budget allows. We used the stage to make announcements and give out prizes, then they finished out the night singing again, they sang for about an hour.

    Age Level:
    Family / All Ages

    Approximate Cost: $400 for Paper Sails only, travel may apply