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Mr. Molecule

Contact Person: Great Shows for Kids

P.O. BOX 1165
MASON, OH 45040

Email: /

Phone: (800) 327-1878

Website: /


  • Library Contact: Becky Munoz

    Library: Woodford County Library

    Phone: (859) 873-5191


    Comments: We have hired Paul Adams for shows for several years. He has excellent crowd control, even in large noisy gyms. He combines puppetry, magic, tricks, music, comedy, and science projects to educate and entertain the crowd. Paul also includes kids from the audience in his act. He adjusts his show to each year's theme.

    Age Level:
    Family / All Ages
    Grades K-5

    Approximate Cost: $580 per show

  • Library Contact: Anastasia Cook

    Library: Morgan County Public Library

    Phone: (606) 743-4151


    Comments: Mr. Molecule was by far one of the best performers we've ever had, he did a fantastic job and interacted with the children and even the adults loved the show! I would highly recommend him for educational purposes and entertainment. We will have him back next year, they have a new show every year involved with the Summer Reading theme! I would even recommend to schools!

    Age Level: All Ages

    Approximate Cost: $400.00