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Fairy Tale Fun Traveling Children's Theater

Barn Lot Theater P.O. Box 639
Edmonton, KY 42129


Phone: (270) 432-2276


  • Library Contact: Becky Munoz

    Library: Woodford County Library


    Comments: The plays we had presented were Little Bunny Foo Foo, The Frog Prince, and Snow White and the 5 or 6 Dwarves. The scripts were all original and had been adapted to go with the Space Theme. They were pretty funny and were definitely Fractured Fairy Tales. There was some audience participation, but the kids mostly stood there once they were on stage. The crew had inventive costumes for each play. The players acted and personified their characters in child-friendly fashion. The biggest issue we had was the microphones did not work well. We had the performance in an elementary school gym in front of over a hundred people. Not being able to hear the lines was a serious drawback to patron's enjoyment of the performance. The booking process was fairly simple. The staff were nice and seemed to enjoy children and their work. I would book them again but only for a smaller crowd or with the promise of working sound.

    Age Level:
    Family / All Ages
    Grades K-5

    Approximate Cost: $384.00