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Discovery Dome - Living Arts and Science Center

Contact Person: Lucas Holloway

Address:>Lexington, Kentucky 40517

Phone:(859) 252-5222


  • Library Contact:Veronica

    Library:Warren County Public Library

    Phone:(270) 781-4882

    Comments:1/17/18 - We will be having the Discovery Dome visit our library for the second time this January. They provide several different shows depending on age range but be aware that the Dome will only fit 30 people at a time. You also need an indoor area at least 21 x 21 x 11 feet. We have scheduled showings back to back to accommodate people successfully. Katherine Bullock is very easy to work with and she or another LASC staff member presents the show for you!!

    Age Level:
    Family / All Ages

    Approximate Cost:Setup Fee: $125, Mileage: .46 cent/mi, Price per show: approx. $125