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Didgeridoo Down Under


Phone: (813) 961-4656


  • Library Contact: Christy Terry

    Library: Johnson County Public Library

    Phone: (606) 789-4355


    Comments: This was a fun and educational program. There was Australian culture, music, teaching on tolerance, and more. Raihan was our performer and he did a great job. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and we were inspired to make our own didgeridoo for the summer reading program. I think the only change I would make is to have more playing of the didgeridoo. Our crowd was young and a lot of the teaching went over their heads, but the music engaged them. I realize it's a fine balance, though, and the composition of the audience makes a big difference. I could see that the show was organized to alternate between listening and being active and Raihan handled the transitions very well. You can tell he is an experienced teacher. Everyone enjoyed meeting his pet Australian blue-tongued lizard! Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I would recommend the show to others.

    Age Level:
    Family / All Ages

    Approximate Cost: $450.00