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2018 Youth Services Retreat

The 2018 Youth Services retreat has come and gone, but you can still view all the presentation slides here.

2019 Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) "A Universe of Stories" manuals have arrived!

Supported by LSTA funding & IMLS, KDLA will provide all libraries who completed the 2018 Kentucky Summer Reading Program survey one free manual, via USB drive. Distribution will be through the upcoming KDLA Youth Services Retreat, so please designate a library representative to claim your library’s manual. Alternate distribution plans for libraries unable to attend the retreat will be forthcoming.

FYI, all Kentucky libraries are members of CSLP because KDLA supports membership via LSTA funding, although you are not required to use the program.

Access to the online store to browse and shop for 2019 incentive items is now live, via the website (once you are logged in) or directly here:

P.S. Got a couple of extra minutes? If so, we would love your feedback: Survey: Value of CSLP Membership and Materials

KDLA is proud to offer this training event at no cost to Kentucky public library staff, thanks to funding by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.