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Kentucky Resource Sharing Program

KDLA supports all types of libraries in the Commonwealth in their missions of providing information to their customers: the citizens. This is accomplished by supporting basic resource sharing programs and partnering and working closely with the Kentucky Virtual Library.​

Component Services of the KY Resource Sharing Program

OCLC WorldShare Resource Sharing

Most libraries in the Commonwealth are part of a group which uses OCLC WorldShare resource sharing services under the auspices of KDLA. As the administrator for this group, KDLA has paid all fees associated with OCLC resource sharing activity for these Kentucky public libraries since 1990. These fees provide access to the OCLC WorldCat  Discovery system and the WorldShare Interlibrary Loan system.

For more information about this aspect of the Program, contact Bill Shrout at 502.564.8376.

Kentucky OCLC Database

When libraries are able to let each other know what resources they hold in their collections, libraries will be able to accurately target their interlibrary loan requests. This is foundational in resource sharing for all libraries. Most libraries in Kentucky are not cataloging members of OCLC. Since 1990, KDLA has enabled resource sharing by loading the local catalogs of these libraries into the OCLC database. What this means in fiscal terms is that KDLA coordinates work and pays for processing per record as these catalogs have been loaded into OCLC systems for analysis and profiling.

To contribute records or update holdings, contact Bill Shrout at 502.564.8376.

Kentucky Union List of Serials

For over thirty years, the Kentucky Union List of Serials, or KULS, has collected and shared detailed information about holdings of magazines and research journals in Kentucky libraries.

For more information about this project and how to contribute or update holdings information:

Resource Sharing Support

Staff at KDLA are available to provide support to all types of libraries in all aspects of interlibrary loan.

  • Questions about ILL lending and borrowing: 502.564.8306.
  • Questions ILL lending and borrowing from KDLA's collections: 502.564.8306.
  • Questions about WorldShare ILL usernames & passwords: 502.564.8306

Resource Sharing Training

For over a decade, KDLA has provided free of charge training related directly and indirectly to resource sharing activities.

Questions about this training and other continuing education opportunities should be directed to Beth Milburn at 502.564.​8325.