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KULS Reporting

KULS Reporting Options

​KULS staff at KDLA can receive updated holdings information in several ways. If the methods described below will not work for your library, please contact us for additional consultation.


Most participating libraries send their updates to the KULS office by attaching a Word or Excel document containing this information to an email message to

Printouts from local systems

Some libraries acquire and mail printouts from their system administrators. These are acceptable as long as they contain all the required bibliographic information, and list only those titles that have had holdings changes since the last update. This method is often used by libraries that are reporting their holdings to KULS for the first time.

Direct in-house updating in OCLC

Libraries may choose to process their own union listing records. This can be done by using the browser version of OCLC's Connexion. Union listing is done using OCLC cataloging authorizations.

Online tutorials can be accessed at: