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​​E-rate, or Education Rate, is a federal program designed to ensure schools and libraries have access to affordable high-speed broadband to support digital learning and robust connectivity. E-rate funds provide discounted Internet access and subsidize the cost of eligible internal connections. Enacted by Congress under the Telecommunications Act of 1996, E-rate is one of four programs administered by the non-profit Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) and supervised by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Discounts for Kentucky libraries range from 40% to 90%, with the average library receiving a discount of 80% on their bills. Discounts are calculated based on two factors: the percentage of students in the local school district eligible for the National School Lunch Program, and the urban or rural classification of the county served by the library.  Kentucky libraries and schools have benefited from more than $628 million in E-rate funding since the program began in 1998.  More information about the program can be found on the E-rate website.​


Read the Education Cabinet’s press release: Kentucky public libraries break E-rate record with more than $2 million in funding.

Funding Years

E-rate Process - Dates to Remember.pdf (PDF)

Checklists and Walkthroughs

  • Form 470 - General ** New for 2017
  • Form 470 for Category Two​ - ** New for 2017
  • Form 471 for Category One - ** New for 2017
    • Before You File: Manage Connectivity Questions (slide 12-16)
    • Before You File: Adding Contract Records (slides 17-32)
    • Form 471: Basic Information and Entity Information (slides 41-48)
    • Form 471: Internet Access under a new contract (slides 49-67)
    • Form 471: Internet Access under continuing contract (slides 68-80)
    • Form 471: Voice Service paid month-to-month (slide 81-100)
    • Form 471: Bookmobile hotspot (cellular data) service paid month-to-month (slides 101-121)
    • Form 471: Review and Certification (slides 122-128)
    • After You’ve Certified (slides 129-137)
  • Form 471 for Category Two - ** New for 2017
    • Form 471: Basic Information and Entity Information (slides 38-45)
    • Form 471: Internal Connections – Cabling Upgrades (slides 46-66)
    • Form 471: Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections (slides 67-83)
    • Form 471: Managed Internal Broadband Services/Managed Wi-Fi (slides 84-100)
    • Form 471: Review and Certification (slides 101-107)
    • After You’ve Certified (slides 108-118)
  • Internet Filtering: CIPA Compliance – **New for 2017
  • E-rate Invoicing -- general information - ** New for 2017

Form 470 for FY 2017 – Examples

These example Forms 470 were created by the KDLA Technology Consultant to demonstrate possible ways to bid for some commonly-requested eligible services on the 2017 Form 470. The fictional library system listed on these forms has a main library, branch library, and bookmobile. Please note that multiple requests and categories may be listed on the same Form 470. The type of requests, quantities, and narrative should be tailored to your library’s specific needs. Kentucky libraries may submit draft Forms 470 to the KDLA Technology Consultant for review prior to certification.

KDLA makes no representations, guarantees or assurances that submitting a Form 470 with these or similar service requests or narratives will result in E-rate funding for your library. The E-rate approval process is complicated and the criteria for funding approval may be difficult to understand. These examples are provided solely for the use of libraries in the Commonwealth in crafting their own E-rate applications, and no warranty of suitability for any particular situation or purpose is expressed or implied.​


  • USAC, the organization that administrates E-rate, offers an Online Learning Library of short training videos on various E-rate topics. For a link to the new application portal, as well as user guides and training videos, visit the E-rate Productivity Center page of the USAC website.
  • KDLA offers training on E-rate forms and other E-rate issues.  Check the Continuing Education Calendar for training announcements.  Recordings of past trainings can be found on the KDLA Archived Webinars page.​


  • The Client Service Bureau of USAC can be reached at 1-888-203-8100.  The USAC website also includes a Submit-a-Question feature.
  • E-rate Central is an extremely helpful E-rate website run by the State of New York.
  • Webjunction, a free online training resource for librarians, offers many helpful archived webinars, including a few presented by experts from E-rate Central.

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